What nail polish semblance will look best with your gloomy dress ?

It ’ s a big doubt !
But for those of you with parties to get to, then hera ’ s the agile and childlike answer :

The best color nail polish is going to be one that compliments the specific tone of blue that’s in your dress.
But if you want a quick, easy, foolproof nail polish idea that will work with any shade of blue dress then go for a neutral color like white / black / gray / nude or any other shade of blue.
There are a few key things to think about when you ’ re choosing the best nail polish color for your blue dress.

The nuance and style of the dress, the juncture, the temper, your skin tone, and your own personal style all component in .
ready to find your perfective meet ?
Let ’ s dive into blue !

table of contents :

What shade of blue is your dress ?
What color nail polish goes with a light blue dress ?
What discolor nail polish goes with a dark blue dress ?
What tinge nail polish goes with a dark blue gloomy dress ?

What color nail down polish goes with a royal blue sky dress ?
What color nail down polish goes with a cobalt blue dress ?
5 things to consider when choosing a polish color :
What color collar polish goes with everything ?

Should your nails match your full-dress ?
Should you match your pinpoint polish to your outfits ?
Final thoughts and tips for choosing a complete polish color .

What shade of blue is your dress?

There are a long ton of different blue shades ranging from inner light seafoamy and child blues to dark indigos and deeply sapphires.

So the first thing you need to do is to figure out what shade of blue sky your dress is .
Some people have a better bent for matching shades than others .
If you can identify the accurate shade and undertones of your dress then that ’ s fabulous !
But if not, don ’ t fret it, because we ’ ra gon na keep this simple.

We ’ ll start with some goofproof breeze through color recommendations for luminosity blue and dark amobarbital sodium dresses, and then we ’ ll look at some of the most democratic shades of blue like navy, cobalt and royal blue .

What color nail polish goes with a light blue dress?

The best polish colors to match a light blue dress are :

Pure whites

Examples :
OPI – Alpine snow

Zoya – Purity
Essie – Blanc


Examples :
OPI – Tiramisu for two
Zoya – Jane

Essie – Urban hobo camp

Sandy beiges

Examples :
OPI – Samoan backbone
Zoya – Avery
Essie – Mindful meditation

Tan / light browns

Examples :
OPI – It never ends
Zoya – Spencer
Essie – Low tide high cunt

Darker shades of blue

Examples :
OPI -Correctamundo
Zoya – Neve
Essie – Midnight cami


Examples :
OPI – Machu peach-u
Zoya – Tessa
Essie – Peach side baby


Examples :
OPI – Lucky golden lavender
Zoya – Abby

Essie – Nice is nice


Examples :
OPI – Do you lilac it ?
Zoya – Vee
Essie – Lilacism

Dusty roses

Examples :
OPI – Rosy future
Zoya – Joss
Essie – Everything ’ s rose-colored


Examples :
OPI – Coral-ing your spirit animal
Zoya – Cassi
Essie – Coastal couture

Soft yellows

Examples :
OPI – Don ’ thymine tell a sol
Zoya – Bee
Essie – Atelier at the bay

Soft pinks

Examples :
OPI – Baby take a vow
Zoya – Joey

Essie – Matter of fiction

3 tips for choosing the right color nail polish for your light blue dress:

  • Baby blues look great with grey, peach, white, pink and darker blue shades.
  • Sky blues look fantastic with jewel tones, creams and white.
  • If you are pairing blues, try to match the undertone of the color because that will look harmonious. – So, for example if your dress is a light bluey-green or turquoise then you could choose a darker bluey-green polish (like teal) to compliment it.

What color nail polish goes with a dark blue dress?

The best polish colors to match a dark blue dress are :

Bright corals

Examples :
OPI – Live sleep together circus
Zoya – Virginia

Essie – Sunshine submit of mind

Pale yellows

Examples :
OPI – Suzi ’ s slinging mescal
Zoya – Bee
Essie – Sunny business

Bright yellows

Examples :

OPI – Don ’ thyroxine tell a sol
Zoya – Darcy
Essie – Avant-garment


Examples :
OPI – Sun sea and backbone in my pants
Zoya – pippa
Essie – Fall for nyc

Mid to light grays

Examples :
OPI – Made your look
Zoya – Carey
Essie – Press hesitate

Lighter shades of blue

Examples :
OPI – To be continued
Zoya – Blu

Essie – Pret a surfer

Bright hot pinks

Examples :
OPI – La paz-itively hot
Zoya – Dacey
Essie – Secret floor

Marigold or burnt oranges.

Examples :
OPI – My chihuahua doesn ’ t bite anymore
Zoya – Marigold
Essie – Yes I canyon

Olive Greens

Examples :

OPI – Olive for green
Zoya – Arbor
Essie – Precious cargo-gol

Emerald greens

Examples :
OPI – Suzi-san climb fuji san

Zoya – Giovanna
Essie – Night owl

Rich purples

Examples :
OPI – Let ’ s take an elfie
Zoya – Liv

Essie – New class new imbue

Cherry reds

Examples :
OPI – Big apple red
Zoya – Sooki
Essie – Cherry on top


Examples :
OPI – This amber sleighs me
Zoya – Kerry
Essie – Million nautical mile hues

3 Tips for choosing the right polish color for your dark blue dress.

  • Midnight blue looks great with baby blues, oranges, and gold.
  • Royal blue looks amazing with coral, peach, blush pinks, pale yellows and light grays.
  • Navy blue really pops next to mustard, hot pink, cherry red and mint green.

What color nail polish goes with a navy blue dress?

Navy is one of the most versatile shades of blue.

Technically navy is a neutral color, s o you can pair it with any other neutral (like gray, white, black, brown or beige) as well as a whole load of fun colors like mustard, hot pink, cherry red and orange.
If you wan na see a entire list of nail polish colors that go with everything, ( because some of them might surprise you ) check out our “ 14 smash polish colors that go with any outfit ” post .
here are some of the best nail down polish colors to match your dark blue dress :


Pure white

Examples :
OPI – Alpine Snow

Zoya – Purity
Essie – Blanc


Examples :
OPI – I can never hut up
Zoya – Tove

Essie – Cocktail bling


Examples :
OPI – Let ’ s be friends
Zoya – Presley
Essie – Go go geisha


Examples :
OPI – The beige of reason
Zoya – Chantal
Essie – Buns up


Examples :

OPI – Shellabrate thoroughly times
Zoya – Jaqueline
Essie – Going firm

Non neutrals:


Examples :
OPI – Sun ocean and sandpaper in my pants
Zoya – pippa
Essie – Fall for nyc

Cherry red

Examples :
OPI – Big apple red
Zoya – Sooki
Essie – Cherry on top

Hot pink

Examples :
OPI – La paz-itively hot
Zoya – Dacey
Essie – Secret story


Examples :
OPI – Stop it I ’ m blush
Zoya – Agnes
Essie – Crush and blush

Silver or gold

Examples :

OPI – Silver on ice
Zoya – Seraphina
Essie – Good as gold


Examples :
OPI – Relentless crimson

Zoya – Carmen
Essie – Rock the runway

Sage green

Examples :
OPI – S- ageless smasher

Zoya – Sage
Essie – Sage you love me

Mint green

Examples :
OPI – This price me a mint
Zoya – Dillon
Essie – Mint sugarcoat apple


Examples :
OPI – Como se llama ?
Zoya – Toni
Essie – Ace of shades


Examples :

OPI – Coral-ling your intent animal
Zoya – Clementine
Essie – Tart deco


Examples :
OPI – Teal the cows come family
Zoya – Talia
Essie – Turquoise and caicos

What color nail polish goes with a royal blue dress?

Royal blue is lighter than dark blue and is a thick and graphic eye catching shade of blue .
A royal blue dress will look great with coral, peach, hot pink, blush pink, emerald, lime green, off white, gold or a yellow nail polish. You can also pair it with neutral colors like black, gray and white or with any other blue shade.
Many red nail polish shades can look too intense with royal blue, so it’s better to opt for oranges and yellows instead.

here are some of the best breeze through polish colors to match your navy dress :

Light gray

Examples :
OPI – I can never hut up
Zoya – August
Essie – Master plan


Examples :
OPI – Coral-ling your emotional state animal
Zoya – Clementine
Essie – Tart deco


Examples :

OPI – Machu peach-u
Zoya – Tessa
Essie – Peach english baby

Hot pink

Examples :
OPI – La paz-itively hot

Zoya – Dacey
Essie – Secret floor

Blush pink

Examples :
OPI – You ’ ra blush again
Zoya – AJ

Essie – In a blush

Emerald green

OPI – Stay off the lawn
Zoya – Honor flatness velvet
Essie – Jade to measure

Lime green

Examples :
OPI – To the coating lime
Zoya – Tilda
Essie – Chillato

Off white

Examples :
OPI – Suzi chases portu-geese
Zoya – Adel
Essie – Urban hobo camp


Examples :
OPI – Suzi ’ s slinging mescal
Zoya – Ziv
Essie – Million nautical mile hues


Examples :
OPI – Exotic birds do not tweet
Zoya – Daisy
Essie – Sweet provision


Examples :
OPI – Endurance raceway to the polish
Zoya – Kylie
Essie – Geranium

What color nail polish goes with a cobalt blue dress?

With a cobalt blue dress, you can wear a neutral nail polish color like navy, white, black charcoal gray and camel because these colors go with anything. Or you can pair it with a wine, grape, pastel blue, blue-green, coral, bright yellow or orange shade.
here are the best complete polish colors to match your cobalt blue snip :


Examples :
OPI – Russian navy
Zoya – Ryan
Essie – Caviar browning automatic rifle

  • White

Examples :
OPI – Pearl of wisdom of solomon
Zoya – Purity
Essie – Blanc

  • Silver and gold

Examples :
OPI – Silver on ice
Zoya – Alicia
Essie – Caught on tape

  • Camel

Examples :
OPI – Barefoot in Barcelona
Zoya – Spencer
Essie – Low tide eminent slit

  • Pastel blues

Examples :
OPI – Gelato on my mind
Zoya – Lillian
Essie – Bikini sol bitty

  • Wine

Examples :
OPI – Malaga wine
Zoya – Veronica
Essie – Bordeaux

  • Grape purples

Examples :
OPI – Grapely admired
Zoya – Lael
Essie – Sweet not sour

Charcoal grays

Examples :
OPI – Strong coal-ition
Zoya – Tieran
Essie – On dumb

  • Coral

Examples :
OPI – Coral-chroma
Zoya – Virginia
Essie – Feelin ’ poppy

  • True reds

Examples :
OPI – Coca colon red
Zoya – Tanya
Essie – Really red

  • Emerald, kelly and mint greens

Examples :
OPI – Stay off the lawn
Zoya – Josie
Essie – Mint sugarcoat apple

  • Bright bold yellows

Examples :
OPI – Exotic birds do not tweet
Zoya – Daisy
Essie – Sweet supply

  • Vibrant oranges

Examples :
OPI – Suzi needs a loch-smith
Zoya – Thandie
Essie – Meet me at sunset

5 things to consider when choosing a polish color:

1.   What style is your dress?

Ok, so you know the shadow of your dress and you have your number of polish colors that match from the options above .
The next mistreat is to think about the vogue of your snip and the look you are going for because that ’ s going to influence your choice of color .
Let ’ s say that you have 2 dresses in the claim same shade of navy aristocratic .
One is a buoyant strappy summer full-dress and the other is a ball wrap dress .
The polish colors on your shortlist will go with both dresses, but the nail down polish color you choose might be different depending on the style of each dress and the general climate that you want to create .
For example, you might pair your blasphemous buoyant summer dress with a playful color like hot pink or bright scandalmongering because those are bright cheery shades that work for summer .
But you might prefer to pair your dark blue wrapping attire with a impersonal like white or inner light grey because that ’ s going to create a more sophisticated and minimal look .

2.   What’s the occasion?

The occasion is going to play a huge function in what coloring material pinpoint polish you choose because some colors are fair faulty for sealed occasions .
Think about it. You can wear a united states navy aristocratic dress to either a marriage or a funeral .
A gold, silver, chicken, cherry red or hot pink polish might be arrant for a wedding, but most of those colors are wholly inappropriate for a funeral !
The nail polish tinge you choose might besides differ for a first base date and a speculate interview for example .
Because on a go steady you want to appear flirty, quixotic an fun, but on a occupation consultation you want to seem put together .

3.   What season is it?

Shades and tones of collar polish are much seasonal, so the best polish color for your favored blue dress might change depending on when you are wearing it .
With that in mind, here are some of the best polishes for your gloomy dress based on the seasons :

What’s the best nail polish color for a blue dress in spring?

spring is a bang-up prison term to bust out the baby blues, soft yellows and ballerina pinks – so go crazy.
Think pastels and bright bracing colors like mint green and turquoise.
Whites, off whites and nudes are besides great for pairing with a blue dress in bounce because they work with everything else in your wardrobe, excessively .
spring collar polish colors that work with a blue full-dress :
OPI – It ’ s a boy
Zoya – Dot
Essie – Mint sugarcoat apple

What’s the best nail polish color for a blue dress in summer?

summer is the perfect clock for bluff colors like hot pink, bright orange and vivid yellow indeed don ’ metric ton be afraid to go loudly and gallant !
You might want to choose impregnable, playful, bright or even neon colors that very make an impact so you can draw attention to your amazing nails that you spent ages doing !
Cherry reds, cobalt blues, bright corals, fuschias and grape purples are all perfect choices to match your blue dress in summer because they are firm and impactful .
Or you could go for soft peaches, muted corals, lilacs and blush pinks for a softer summer expression .
Summer nail polish colors that work with a aristocratic dress :
OPI – Do you lilac it ?
Zoya – Juvia
Essie – Sweet supply

What’s the best nail polish color for a blue dress in fall?

Mustards, bluey greens and burnt oranges will look amazing with a blue full-dress in fall .
You might besides wan na try dark teal, olive, orangey reds, wine and burgundy shades and gold.
Camel is a great achromatic shade for fall excessively because it works with so many of the colors we associate with fall .
Fall nail down polish colors that work with a gloomy full-dress :
OPI – Raisin ’ the bar
Zoya – Danica
Essie – Star studded

What’s the best nail polish color for a blue dress in winter?

For winter, I ’ five hundred recommend pairing your blue attire with dark, moodier and edgier shades .
Think deep purples, metallics, dark vampy reds and black .
In winter, I love to wear a blue dress with icy cool blue nails, hunter and emerald greens, and batch of sparkle because you got ta have sparkle in winter !
Winter nail polish colors that work with a gloomy dress :
OPI – Bling it on
Zoya – Lidia
Essie – Wrapped in rubies

4.   What’s your skintone?

You probably already try to match your makeup and clothes to your skin tone, but do you ever think about your skin tone when you ’ re choosing a nail polish color ?
You should, because the veracious nail polish color for your skin will help you achieve a harmonious overall spirit with no clashing tones – tres chic !
For a broad explanation of how to choose the mighty nail polish for your clamber tone, check out this post.
But on a basic level, you just need to know if you ’ rhenium affectionate or cool toned so you know which color group works for you .
The quickest way to check this is to look at the veins in your wrist in natural light .

  • Blue means cool
  • Green means warm
  • If you can’t tell – maybe you’re a neutral

If you ’ ra cool, you should go for cool toned collar polishes like these because they will harmonize best with your color :
INSERT ZOYA PICS cool filters
If you ’ re warm or olive skinned, then go for warm tones like these as they will look best against your hide :
INSERT ZOYA PICS warm filters
trouble spotting the difference between ardent and cool tones ?
Check out this handy ocular guide .

5.   What’s your personal style?

My final tiptoe when choosing a nail polish color is to consider your personal style because everyone is singular !
Like things clean, crisp and minimal ? – go for a impersonal .
Edgy, rock chick aspirant ? Vamp it up with a deep empurpled or oxblood crimson .
Like a boldface colorful expression that will get you noticed ? indeed bring on the luminosity and bling !
Before you settle on a breeze through color, it ’ second besides a good theme to think about the accessories you have because you can pick up on a color in an bag for exemplify and create harmony .
You may want to match or harmonise with a color in a bag, scarf joint or piece of jewelry you own as an dialect color .
For exemplar, I have a blue sky trim that I love to pear with a teal and pink udder ( lambert adore teal and pink together ! ) .
Can you guess what my run to polish shades are ?
bluish green or pink of course !
In fact, I ’ d go with bluish green in fall and winter and pink in summer and give .
When it comes to color and personal style, there are no rules, entirely guidelines .
so the most important question you should ask yourself is Do I like this discolor jazz band ?
knead with your style, taste and what accessories you have and you ’ ll rock ‘n’ roll it .

What color nail polish goes with everything?

great news program ! There are some breeze through polish colors that will not only go with your bluing dress, but with everything else in your closet excessively !
In my collection, the 14 nail polishes that go with any outfit are the ones I use the most because it precisely makes biography easier .
sol what polishes should you reach for when you want your nails to work with whatever you ’ ra wear for 2 to 3 weeks or more ?
well, beginning you have your neutrals.
Neutrals are technically “ colors with little to no tinge ” and they are highly versatile .
No matter what you ’ ra wear, you can ’ t go incorrect with a neutral nail polish .
here ’ s a list of neutral nail polish colors that will work with anything and everything in your cupboard :

Pure black

A pure black ( like OPI ’ s bootleg onyx ) can truly anchor any outfit. But it can be besides stark if you ’ rhenium picket .
Fair skinned beauties – unless you want the goth look – go for united states navy rather .

Pure white

A pure white ( like Zoya ’ s Purity ) works for everyone and in every season, go crazy !


Some things will go slightly better than others depending on the shade because gray often has another coloring material as an undertone .
therefore, if you ’ ra cool skinned go for a blue based grey like Zoya ’ sulfur Tommy and if you are warmly choose for a warm based grey like Essie ’ s Binge worthy .


Navy polish is sophistication in a jar !


Pinky nudes work well for fair skin, beigy nudes are best for medium hide tones and creamy brown nudes work well for darkness skin .


If beige seems a little bore you can wholly jazz it up with a equal of gold or a few gems and it will inactive work with anything !


Another capital choice for class round of golf manis that won ’ thyroxine lawsuit any clashes .


bone is white with a elusive chicken tone so it will work for anyone, but it ’ sulfur peculiarly adorable on strong clamber tones .
You can wear a impersonal polish with any coloring material and you can mix and match impersonal colors together excessively .
See, told you they were versatile ! ;
Before you do your happy dance, hold on a second, because there are a few more breeze through polish colors that go with everything !
Listed below are 5 more colors that are not technically neutrals but that work like neutrals.
You can wear these colours with any outfit, besides !

  • Sage green
  • Olive Green
  • Brown
  • Classic red
  • Blush pink

crimson might seem like it doesn ’ metric ton belong in this list as it ’ s a fully on discolor .
But thanks to the french red has become a classic semblance, so you can wear red polish with anything .
Fun fact – french women don ’ t like to change their polish color, they find a shade of red they like and stick to it ! same thing with lipstick – oh la louisiana !

Should your nails match your dress?

Of class, you want your nails and your snip to get along, and you surely don ’ thymine want them to clash !
But changing your nails so that they match every trim you wear absolutely precisely isn ’ t realistic .
That ’ mho why achromatic complete polishes are my run to .
Choosing a color that goes with multiple dresses or outfits gives you the exemption to wear any dress you like to that especial event, and it means that you can change your mind if you want, besides !
Wearing neutral complete polish colors like those listed above saves you time and money and allows you to look pull together in anything you choose to wear .

Should you match your nail polish to your outfit?

rather than matching each outfit to a different nail polish, why not try coordinating your wardrobe and your polishes ?
here ’ s how :
Go through your wardrobe and note down the colors you like to wear most .
then find a color that works for most of your clothes .
Do you have a water closet full of neutrals ? If sol, you might want to wear complete polishes that add a pop of color because it will add matter to .
Closet broad of bluff prints and potent colors ? then neutral polishes will work with most of your clothes .

Final thoughts and tips for choosing a nail polish color.

Choosing the correct shade of polish for your blue dress can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple or adenine complex as you want it to be .
If you want to keep it chic and simple you can play it dependable by going for any other shade of blue or by choosing a inert nail polish color that goes with everything, blue sky dress included !
And if you want to go deep into it, then analyse your peel shade and spirit for a polish that matches the undertones in both your peel and your dress .
You can besides look at your accessories to find an dialect color that you can duplicate on your nails and you can even get inhalation from your front-runner lipstick or eyeshadow shades excessively ( matching nails and bold brim anyone ? )
I hope this post has given you some inspiration and that you feel extremely confident that you can choose the perfect shade of polish to go with your blue dress !
glad paint 🙂
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