Light blue nail polish can give you a lot of exemption and tractability. It can give you an exorbitant and bold spirit or a insidious but fun style. These cute light amobarbital sodium nail ideas will give you some ideas to play with yourself or, if you see something you like adequate, copy the like design !

cute light blue nailsLet’s start off with a bang. These long acrylics would be cute enough but the contrast between the dark and light blue is really highlighted with these cute little hearts! Can someone do these for me?
short cute light blue nailsYou don’t need to go crazy though. These cute short light blue nails are playful and stylish but simple enough for everyday use.
cute light blue acrylic nailsThese cute light blue acrylic nails are really set off by the silver bands on the ring fingernail. Lovely matte finish as well. <3 round light blue nailsA rounded tip can give you more of a cute look compared to the pointed tips.
pink and light blue nailsThese pink and light blue nails are really set apart with the thin black lines adding detail.
light blue nails with cloud designWe can’t talk about light blue nails without trying a cloud design like this. So cute!
light blue nails with printsOr if clouds aren’t your thing, how about black leopard prints against the light blue background?
light blue french tip nailsLight blue french tips would look good by themselves but how about these thin silver lines just to really accent the blue?
light blue nails with sparklesOr for something a bit bolder how about adding some sparkle?
light blue nail designsHow about a couple of different light blue nail ideas on the same hand? I love this kind of design.
cute light blue nailsThis is maybe a little too much glitter for my taste (yours might differ of course) but I love the matte white at the top to really make the blue pop.
cute light blue coffin nailsA great example of some cute light blue coffin nails with a little bit of detail added to them to really make them something unique.
These short blue gel nails would look great but I’m in love with the little blue rainbow. I think a full-colored rainbow would stand out and not look nearly as good. This was a great idea for a design.
cute dark and light blue nailsHow about mixing dark and light blue?
light blue short gel nailsYou could accent a single nail with something like this cute little face…
light blue nailsOr really go out there with something like these acrylics.
cute light blue nails with glitterOr somewhere in between the two by adding a little glitter to a single nail.
light blue ombre nailsThese nails look fantastic and it might be the first time I’ve seen light blue Ombre nails with that matter look mixed with the transparent acrylics. Certainly, a unique design and I love it. If you like this one and you’re not against a darker shade – take a look at the best royal blue Ombre nail designs.
cute light blue acrylic nails with starsThese little nails would be magic even without the cute little wizard. I love it!
light blue and pink nailsThese light blue and pink nails are super cute!

I do hope this has given you some ideas for cunning clean blue nails If you give this a go – I want to see it ! Send me a photograph of your cute abstemious blue acrylic nails and we ’ ll sport them here.

Our inhalation photos come from drug user submissions and open sources and we ’ ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we ’ ve got a credit wrong or you ’ vitamin d rather we don ’ triiodothyronine feature you – equitable drop us an e-mail.

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