scandalmongering nails are something not every girlfriend will be brave enough to try, right ? There are indeed many more common nail polish shades ! But. You may try not good a regular yellow color, but besides yellow nail down art designs in such shades as “ canary yellow ”, “ corn ” “ pineapple ” “ lemon ”, “ daffodil ” and even “ sand dollar jaundiced ”. Intrigued ? Check the photos below ! Advertisement-Continue Reading Below

All Possible Shades of Yellow for Your Nails

First of all, as constantly in our articles about collar colors, we ’ ll show you the most democratic yellow tones. Yes, yellow is not so simple. Check the comply palettes :
various shades of yellow nail color

yellow nail design shades
yellow nail polish colors
therefore, your yellow nails may be not just ordinary “ yellow ”, “ banana chicken ”, or “ neon chicken ”. They can be painted with “ gold yellow ” nail polish, “ dijon mustard ” lacquer, or “ Tuscan sun ” gelatin polish. Choose the shade you liked the most and move on to the best designs from the internet !

70 Hottest Yellow Nail Art Designs

merely in case you want to add a fiddling pastime to your manicure. We are going to show you yellow manicure on different pinpoint shapes ( coffin, square, ellipse ), nail down distance ( from very unretentive to long stiletto nails ), made with respective materials ( gelatin, acrylic fiber ), and with every possible designs ( flowers, leaves, rhinestones, butterflies, etc. ) be ready to get badly inspired !
1. Gray and yellow nails .
gray and yellow manicure 2. scandalmongering and brown smash artwork .
brown and yellow nail art
3. yellow and brown university plus rhinestones .
yellow and brown manicure with stones

@ zhannanails 4. long stiletto acrylic fiber purple and neon yellow nails .
stiletto purple and yellow manicure
5. Moon nail down design – yellow+nude+a bit of silver glitter .
perfect yellow and silver moon nails 6. yellow marble nail art ( with black ) .
yellow and black marble nails
@ misteromilano_official
7. Feminine pastel chicken manicure with stress matte nude nails, stars and moons .

@ want_nail_studio 8. jaundiced + Floral Print .
floral yellow nails
@ kira_sweet_nails
9. Neon yellow leo pinpoint art .
yellow leopard nails 10. Bright chicken almond nails + several silver glitter drops .
almond nails with silver glitter
11. Blue to pink to yelow ombre on longer squoval nails .
tri color yellow ombre nails with pink and blue

@ cubbiful 12. tall mallow and mouse pinpoint art – two variants .
cheese and mouse nail design on sharp nails
yellow nails with cheese and a mouse

@ thepolishlist 13. Minion yellow smash art .
yellow minion nail design
@ clairelofthouse
14. yellow cactus nails ( aka lush manicure ) .
yellow succulent nails

@ kangannynails 15. Nail art with jaundiced and green lemons .
yellow nails with lemons
@ mari_girl2203
16. Banana yellow butterfly breeze through design .
yellow butterflies on nails

@ luxury_nail_lab 17. Pink and yellow flower nail design .
pink and yellow nails
@ kns_studio
18. Greean and yellow ombre on nails .
green and yellow nails 19. hanker yellow crylic nails with white chamomiles .
chamomile yellow acrylic nails
20. chicken smash design with a fish .
yellow nails with fish

@ katanaeva_nails 21. Orangy scandalmongering nails with white flowers .
orange and yellow nails with chamomile
22. ellipse orange-yellow nails with black leaves .
orangy yellow nails with leaves design

@ one.more.nails 23. Black and yellow nails .
black and yellow geometric nail art
24. ALmond jaundiced nails with iniquity blue center stripes .
dark blue and yellow nails

@ teanokti 25. Polka-dot yellow-brown-white-blue plan ( proper for Easter, international relations and security network ’ thymine it ? ) .
Easter yellow nails
@ sensationails4u
26. unretentive ellipse yellow ombre-ed nails with green cactus .
short oval yellow ombre nails with cactus design

@ staypolishednails 27. Geometric jaundiced ’ n ’ ashen design on squoval nails .
yellow and white nail art with black geometric lines
@ nails_irinamarten
28. Short yellow nails with moon design .
short yellow nail design 29. yellow nail down polish+pearl complete .
almond yellow mani with several nails covered with pearlish finish
30. Minimalistic ignite yellow nail art .
pastel yellow manicure
@ 31. Summery yellow collar invention with white stripes and gold glitter stars .
summer yellow nail design
@ selenadee_nails
32. Purple and chicken manicure with bounce flowers .
purple and yellow nails

@ freya_nails 33. lily and chicken ombre-ed mani with “ sugar ” stress nails .
lily and yellow nail art with ombre
@ kns_studio
34. Perfect jaundiced and white manicure with rhinestone affection on dialect collar .
yellow and white nails with a rhinestones heart

@ vika_nogti_minsk 35. bolshevik to yellow ombre nail art .
red to yellow nails
36. simple yellow manicure with several green rhinestones .
easy nails yellow with stones 37. Yellow nails with black and white stress nail down & gamboge design .
yellow nails with lemons
@ svetlana_naileva_nails
38. yellow gradient nails looking like french manicure .
yellow gradient nails

@chalkboard nails
@ blackboard nails 39. One more jaundiced leopard nail design ( with a pinpoint decal ) .
yellow leopard nails with a nail sticker
@ adegadeesmaltes
40. Neon yellow stiletto nails with black french tips .
sharp stiletto long black and yellow nails

@ chaunpnails 41. Yellow acrylic ballerina nails – felt and ombre-ed .
ballerina acrylic yellow nails
@ daijahjanae
42. Coffin yellow nails ( ombre+glitter stress nails ) .
coffin acrylic yellow nails

@ lollos_naglar 43. ellipse nails with yellow french tips and a slice of lemon design .
perfect oval shaped nails with french tips and lemon drawing
44. chicken ballerina nails with dots .
minimalistic yellow nail design with dots

@ weronika_hybrydy 45. White ’ nitrogen ’ yellow manicure with black triangles .
white n yellow nails with geometric design
46. Silver striping tape on yellow nails .
yellow mani with striping tape 47. yellow and purple violet nails .
violet and yellow special event nails
48. Extra long jaundiced mani .
extra long yellow nails

@ simonelovee 49. Square yellow ’ newton ’ black manicure with stripes and a flower .
black and yellow cute nails
50. ellipse nails with yellow butterflies .
oval butterfly yellow shade nails 51. Yellow nails design for marry .
wedding yellow nails
@ zhannanails
52. cute girlish yellow nail art with colored flowers and leaves .
bright yellow manicure with two accent matte nails and colorful leaves and flowers 53. yellow and gols striped nails .
gold and yellow nails
@ zigiztyle
54. Yellow fall nail design with leaves .
yellow autumn leaves nail art

@ podsolnuh.nails 55. Coffin-shaped, felt, and with cycle sequins on dialect nails – this mani looks perfect !
light yellow manicure with pink accent glitter nails
@ beauty_n_roses
56. french yellow tips nail design with shimmering gold leaves .
yellow french mani with golden leaves 57. Yellow nails with hearts ( great for the Valentine ’ s Day, international relations and security network ’ thymine it ? ) .
oval almond shaped manicure with white accent nails and yellow hearts
nails i z
58. Gray ’ n ’ yellow mani with respective crossed geometric lines .
gray and yellow manicure 59. Stiletto yellow mani with accent nails covered with embellishments .
long yellow stiletto manicure
Blossom Beauty Lounge
60. yellow mani with floral print .
flower print yellow manicure 61. shortstop ellipse flatness nails with rung sequins .
matte yellow oval nails
@ belochka_nails
62. very light yellow nails .
extra light yellow mani

@ mz.nailart 63. Geometric flatness yellow design .
matte pastel yellow manicure with black lines
@ aksiutsina_nails
64. Bright yellow manicure with bee blueprint .
bee nail design

@ thenailtrail 65. Yellow nails with glamorous pink lemon slices .
yellow and pink lemon nail design
66. Long acrylic scandalmongering and grey nails .
acrylic grey and yellow nails

@ vo.tino 67. long yellow acrylic manicure ( coffin shape ) with sunflowers on clear nails .
clear acrylic yellow nails with sunflowers
@ alecantu82
68. jaundiced stiletto pinpoint art with sunflowers .
stiletto yellow sunflower nails

@ rpinzaru 69. Square nails with yellow 3D sunflowers .
squoval sunflower yellow manicure
@ home_of_deva
70. Short sunflower manicure .
short sunflower nail design

so, trying scandalmongering nail design is a pretty dependable idea, international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine it ? And you may wear it all year round, not merely during summer months. Add a piece of sunday to your winter days ) Have fun, and stay tuned for more !
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