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Loving these!

I am a nail biter – I decided to try some iron on nails to let my natural collar turn. I wasnt actually looking to add any crazy sum of distance with the weigh ons and snce I am not used to longer nails, I actually ended up trimming these nails down. I like that these are simple and one color so you cant even tell I hacked off 1/4 of the length. I think the self adhesive material is a cool estimate, but before flush putting it on my nail, I could tell it was like a jelly adhesive and would n’t stand up to my wear and tear. I decided to besides used brush on nail glue to help with the longevity. so far so adept !

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Weak Adhesive

I use impress for press on nails, and I was in truth excited to try the OPI colors. .. the nail down themselves are gorgeous, but the adhesive is not potent like the regular drug storehouse kits. impress nails normally last a workweek or longer for me without any lift. When I applied these, 2 nails came right off within an hour of application, and by the end of the following day the stay came off. This was highly disappoint as these OPI impress are a higher monetary value than the traditional affect styles.

Reviewed by 28 customers

Loving these!

5 bkfay from Michigan I am a breeze through biter – I decided to try some imperativeness on nails to let my natural nail grow. I wasnt actually looking to add any crazy amount of length with the compress ons and snce I am not used to longer nails, I actually ended up trimming these nails down. I like that these are simple and one color so you cant even tell I hacked off 1/4 of the distance. I think the self adhesive is a cool idea, but before evening putting it on my pinpoint, I could tell it was like a gelatin adhesive and would n’t stand up to my wear and tear. I decided to besides used brush on pinpoint glue to help with the longevity. thus far so good !

Stays on great! Love this product

5 sarah from Michigan These nails are amazing ! I ‘ve had this set on for about a week and a half and they however look capital. I ‘m a server, so my hands are in sanitizer water and getting washed constantly, so I ‘m truly impress these stay on so well. My friends all thought I got my nails done at a salon- nope just compress ons ! seriously print and I ca n’t wait to try the other colors. Just make sure you follow the homework correctly to get the best wear !

stayed on for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

5 minmins from texas if you follow the directions and actually file down your nails and wash your hands before you apply them, they ‘ll stay on for at least two weeks. one was very impress specially since they ‘re then brassy. AND they come with multiple sizes, indeed if you do happen to incidentally pop one off besides soon, there are extras you can choose from that you can reapply. i regard you could reuse these ( and i guess you could if you had glue, but i do n’t think iodine personally would want to ), however, i still plan on buying these alternatively of going to the salon to pay for an overpriced manicure equitable to ruin my real nails in the long run. these are decidedly worth it !

Needs a better adhesive

2 Esme from New York They literally fall off very quickly. The color is beautiful but I wo n’t be buying them again

Need longer and pointier shapes

4 Lauren from Scottsdale The nails are besides short and much besides square. I ‘m hoping Lincoln Park After Dark will soon be available in long, pointier nails .

Love the idea- self adhesive needs work

3 MissRis from KCMO Love the theme. Either the adhesive needs work or to be wholly removed. I was disappointed in how they felt

New Favorite!

4 Lulu ‘s ma from Rhode Island I have tried early Impress nails and they normally only final 3 days. These are going on 6+ days ! I did have to glue down the the little finger nails on both hands, but I normally do. These are so far the longest lasting, they ‘re still glazed and I am placid getting compliments !

No good

1 lp from Bloomsburg I typically do not leave reviews. I ‘ve been using impress press on nails for years. I had two packs of these and the first they popped off after I washed my hands and then precisely continued to pop off. I prep my nails and never had this problem with the even affect colors and designs. I love opi but was disappointed with this product .

I am in love

5 The Morningstar from Nashville, TN Make sure your nails are clean, dry, and rough them up with a nail file. start with pinkies and end with thumbs. take your time, pressing them into space for about 3-5 minutes a piece. wholly worth it !

So disappointed…

1 Kati A from Florence, KY I loved the color and was so excite to try these. They literally started popping off within an hour. Such a pine away. Please pay back !

Not horrible, but not good.

2 Nicole from NY If you prep your nails correctly, the adhesive does stay on. I had mine on for about a week. however, I did have to replace a couple but not from them falling off : but because the tips would tear. If they were a little thick, they would be arrant .

2 ginger from Colorado please do some timbre operate so these quell on longer than 5 minutes. thanks !

The bend and peel

1 EGraham from VA I had it on for a day and the tips bend, and than start to peel back. It ‘s awkward not like a nail poser or a bogus nail .

Please make a glue on nail

1 Kate from Chicago I would buy these over and over again IF you removed the adhesives. I get some people like them but I prefer to glue. If you make it optional and provided the adhesives in the box NOT attached to the complete I ‘d literally wear these 24/7. obviously with the pandemic we have all tested new ways of doing things and I rather do my nails myself ! Expand on some colors and shapes like almond or round .


5 Aparker from Washington state I honestly have the hardest clock time understanding how some of these reviews are bad ? ? I have been using the nails for a few months and they have been a bet on changer ! ! ! ! The homework oeuvre is everything, I make sure to rough up my nails with a mild file ( not need to go besides crazy ) and dry them out with rubbing alcohol before application. I besides learned you can not get them wet for several hours after application or else they will pop right off. once I figured these things out my nails final up to 3 weeks and I would have to remove them myself. I have closely made a complete switch from doing my own dip nails to by and large using these. The work is so fast to apply and they last a hanker time ( if you do your homework correctly ! ! )

Uhhh no!!!

1 Jen from Noblesville, IN The glazed black is absolutely beautiful but they tend to fall off with in a couple of days..

Terrible Adhesive

1 LC from SoCal The adhesive material was frightful. Within a few hours the nails were popping off. lay waste to of money .

My favorite polish and my first try with nails

4 fifty from East Coast The merely reason I bought these was because LPAD is my favorite shade of all time. I normally equitable get my own nails done with dip, but I did n’t feel like the trip to the salon. I purchased these and gave it a hear. First off I knew the adhesive would not work because I am rough on my hands. Dishes, type, clean, etc. I have friends that use ace glue so that ‘s what I did. Once I found the sizes they were easy to apply. They lasted about a workweek for me. One did come off in my theater because it was besides big but I found a better fit and they were good as new. I ended up buying some light colors for the summer if I do n’t feel like the salon trip .

I would buy this again

5 rachel from pittsfield complete glue helps

Horrible adhesive

1 rachel from Seattle, WA These are atrocious. exhausted 25 minutes to size, apply, and file. then not even 5 minutes late I had 2 nails come off. I immediately took them all off. The adhesive material does not sick well adequate, even after prepping the nails like instructed. Such a waste of money .

Pretty and Easy! I ❤️ OPI and the shade LPAD!

5 Jill S. from Los Angeles, Ca. I never thought of trying press-on nails, like ever ! But I love OPI polish and specially the iconic ghost, Lincoln Park After Dark. At this here and now my nails are brittle and dry from all the hired hand moisten and sanitizer, so I thought permit ‘s give this a try because it may offer some type of pinpoint protection and I do n’t want to deal with polish chip. To my surprise this product is great ! The fit, application and shaping took a total of 20 minutes and my nail attend great ! It took me longer to write this follow-up, JK. I will decidedly use these again and I ‘m buying them in all my darling OPI shades ! ❤️

Smooth finish but not noticeable gaps

3 Cin from Philadelphia The stopping point and color is amazing and does n’t get scratched at all ! Application was easy and only took me 10 minute to measure each feel, apply, and file. The nails WILL catch onto your hair when you shampoo and/or move your hair. I constantly push my hair behind my ears or move it out of the way during the day and they get stuck at the free-base of the nail everytime. If the adhesive at the bottom of the collar is more flush to the complete layer, then it ‘ll be more bearable .

Weak Adhesive

2 Seaglass from Wells, Maine I use impress for crush on nails, and I was truly excited to try the OPI colors. .. the breeze through themselves are gorgeous, but the adhesive is not strong like the regular drug store kits. impress nails normally last a week or longer for me without any lift. When I applied these, 2 nails came good off within an hour of application, and by the end of the stick to day the lie came off. This was extremely disappointing as these OPI shanghai are a higher cost than the traditional impress styles .

Lovely black

5 Kitty from New York This color is gorgeous and looks capital for a vampy style.

Great product!

5 Lmcbreezy from North Carolina Super easy to apply with helpful instructions on homework. Did not take long at all and lasted a while without coming off !

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