If you ’ re a on-key technical when it comes to nails, you know it ’ sulfur all about the details and paying attention to the trends. Line nail designs are actually a by-product of abstraction nails. If you ’ ve always seen an abstraction painting, you know an artist will sometimes add bluff black lines to enhance a painting ’ sulfur history. The like technique can be applied to nails. Using reduce lines puts a different spin on a plain pinko nail down, for example, and a thick black line will enhance the climate of an orange nail for Halloween.

curious how you can get started with course nail designs ? We ’ ll indicate you !

Nail Design Ideas Based on Lines & Patterns

Below are 35 interesting ways to do telephone line nail art. While some designs may look better on longer nails, the dainty thing about note designs is they are versatile, so you can wear them on any nail form. Check out these alluring styles !

#1. Gold V 

v line nail designs After painting your nails nude or a very inner light pinko, use gold polish to paint super thin vertical lines from tops to tips and perfect triangles at the tops.

#2. Light Pink with Neon Lines

pink nail designs with lines Although the line designs here are in neon colors, they ’ rhenium not excessively noticeable on a light pink short round nail. If you like subtlety, this cable nail design is for you .

#3. Tic Tac Toe

nail designs with black lines The beautiful way black lines intersect on white nails will about have you tempted to fill in the boxes with a game of tic tac toe ! Pair the lines with one or two light bluing polish nails .

#4. Dots and Lines

line and dot nail designs A simple DIY lineage complete design you can do right from the couch ! On bare or beige nails, use a thin bootleg brush to paint on vertical and horizontal lines with a humble dot on the side or above .

#5. Nail Design with Silver Lines

nail design with silver lines

Remember how we said it ’ s all in the details ? Short stiletto nails boast both darkness and light feminine colors with silver glittered lines in no finical radiation pattern .

#6. Toe Nails with Line 

toe nails line design

Make surely you show some love to your toenails excessively ! Just give them a coat of bright pink polish, adding criss-crossing flatware lines and arrows on the big toenail .

#7. Acrylic Nail Design with Lines

acrylic nail design with line Love bright colors ? An greenish blue blue is calling your list, particularly with the thin total darkness and scantily there pink and purple lines on the sides .

#8. Nail Design with Lines and Dots 

nail design with lines and dots Another manner to use lines and dots together includes these long ellipse nails. They use several popular nail techniques, including the use of veto space, to show off black outlined nails with lines on different shapes. nautical Nails : 25 Designs for Sea Lovers

#9. Gold Line Nail Design

gold line nail design Two colors we will never judge you for using together : black and gold. For pure border, you must try double occupation designs in gold at the edges of nails .

#10. Nail Design with Blue Line

The classical french topple takes on a modern front when its edge is lined with a thinly blacken strip and dusty blue .

#11. Clear Nails with Line 

If the true minimalist in you is screaming for bare nails, at least give it a gain coat for reflect before using purple to make a chain connect fence line design !

#12. Gel Nail Line Design

On long almond nails, arrant white and brilliantly scandalmongering influence together to show off flimsy total darkness lines. Unless you have a truly steady hand, you may need to see the professionals for this accurate of a purpose .

#13. Nail Design with V line

Where do we start with a line pinpoint design this packed with detail ? From the bold orange, gold, and greenish blue on chevron nails, foiled little finger nails, marbled green and blue accents, and dainty white lines with amber dots. We love it all !

#14. Geometric Line Nail Art

nail art with geometric line now we know you ’ ve seen our favored geometric nail designs, but did you know you can borrow them for line nail designs as well ? here is a aphrodisiac black matte breeze through with thin white lines and dots to try .

#15. Nail Design with White Lines

nail design with white line What do you get when you mix pink ombre nails with big holographic crystals and white lines ? A rightfully Insta-worthy breeze through design !

#16. Little Spider

Black and White line nails These classical black and white tones suit any lady with short-circuit cycle nails. A few criss crossing black lines on light tap polish is all you need for an edgy lined nail design .

#17. Baby Pink

Pink Line Nail Art

A nude nail down polish is arrant for office cultivate, angstrom well as date nights in that LBD. To liven it up a bite, practice thin black lines to create the artwork above .

#18. Lighter Tones

Teal Line Nail Design This blue line nail design belly laugh jump. Use whiten polish to create a cute chevron on the accent breeze through and fill it in with mint green.

#19. Flora And Fauna

Flora Line Nail Design park nails are a hit during the jump period. They represent nature and all the bloom flowers, while these white lines make it look like a flower nail art, and they are giving such convinced and chill vibes .

#20. Umm, Yes Please?!

Multicolor Line Nail Design Ultra long, sexy green nails with a motley line blueprint are heavily to resist. We bow down to the amount of care that went into creating the black and pink boxes and complementing corners, not to mention the amber crystal top !

#21. Tie Dye Lines

Make way for tie dye lines on saturated black nails ! After painting the nail black, pat multiple nail colors on a small sponge. When the black base is dry, use a stencil to pat the sponge colors on top. Feeling weather ? Add these glowing nails to the number !

#22. Miss Burberry

nothing says high-end like this cable smash design inspired by Burberry. The decadent design just asks for a tan base and thick whiten, black, and crimson lines on top .

#23. Show Some Love

Show some love to a sports team or university with a wrinkle complete design. These aglitter green squoval nails beautifully show off bright yellow and mint greens lines .

#24. Ombre with White Lines

Light blue to light purple to dark pink is stunning as ombre. Top it off with medium-width white lines that criss cross .

#25. Sunset Scenery

Imagine you ’ re somewhere else easily with aglitter ombre nails in sunset colors. Using thin black lines, you can create mountains or city cell towers.

#26. The Halloween Spirit

This pumpkins and polka dots with an orange and black lined little finger complete are perfect for Halloween. A design like this allows enough of room for creativity to take over .

#27. Criss Crossed

proudly rock these brilliantly chicken nails with bold blacken lines. This is one style you can surely do from home, just draw criss-crossing lines on each breeze through .

#28. Stars and Stripes

These squoval nails are perfect for ladies off to a 4th of July party, Coachella, or anywhere they want to represent some american pride with a glitter line design .

#29. Matte Nude And Cute

Light beige with black flat complete polish and a minimalistic trace collar design is perfect for everyday life. The short rounded style of nails are practical, but their design decidedly international relations and security network ’ metric ton !

#30. Bury Me With These

long stiletto nails boast light grey and sparkling blue on the outsides of a felt white line designed accent breeze through. Feel complimentary to play with an placement of crystals .

#31. Glimpse of Christmas

Square short-circuit nails with this golden line nail design are looking holiday cook ! Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to add the bantam ashen crystals at the tips of this french mani .

#32. Artsy

A perfect exercise of how mix lines of all kinds can bring short stiletto nails to life. We love the combination of vertical true lines, swirling paisley, and sparkling diamonds featured together .

#33. Some Zebra Vibe

This animal-inspired line pinpoint design has more meaning to it than you ’ five hundred think. Because no two zebras are alike, the zebra symbolizes identity or individualism .

#34. Gray Nails

effect is well known for having amazing nail down worry items cosmopolitan. Try their unhorse grey polish on long square nails with black swirling lines .

#35. Ultimate Red Nails

A classical juicy red is incomparable. These nails with a hint of benighted green are perfect for Christmas action, so keep these in heed for hanker square nails.

Try Out These Epic Line Nail Designs Line nails will probably be around for awhile, but don ’ metric ton expect excessively long to try them ! Hurry to the salon and be surely to bring our list of amaze line breeze through design !

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