Get the highly sought Kylie Jenner Lip Kit… on your nails ! If you can ’ metric ton afford to shell out a goodly union of money for these deluxe liquid lipsticks from the “ Keeping Up With The Kardashians ” star ’ south cosmetics line, then why don ’ t you try this nail artwork design rather ?
It ’ s a makeup must-have but not everyone can afford to buy the youngest Jenner ’ s liquid lipsticks. however, there are other ways to enjoy it. Honor your love for the note with this Kylie Jenner Lip Kit breeze through art !

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The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit has steadily become an iconic liquid lipstick ! unfortunately, it besides sells out practically seconds after new shades are launched .
Despite allegations thrown at the youngest “ Keeping Up With The Kardashians ” star topology ’ second cosmetics line, women are still clamoring for her lip kit and other constitution offerings ! In fact, everything Kylie has ( from her constitution to her nails ) easily becomes a fashion course for ladies everywhere !

If you can ’ t get your hands on this makeup must-have then why not put it on your nails rather ?

What you’ll need to make your Kylie Jenner inspired nail art:

Step 1: Nude Pink Base Color

Before doing anything, apply a al-qaeda coating on your nails. This will not merely make your nail polish stick on your nails better, it will besides help protect them from becoming brittle .
After it dries wholly, apply two or three coats of a nude pink breeze through polish. Try to look for a shade close to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit swatch .
If you prefer to use gel polish, make sure to clean up any spills to prevent burns when you start curing your nails in UV unaccented .

Step 2: Drip Stamps

Pick out the dripping paint design on your stencil and apply black nail polish. Scrape off the surfeit polish to reveal the drip design and transfer it on the stamping instrument .

Step 3: Complete The Drips

After applying liquid latex around your nails, stamp the drips on lead of your nude pink nails. Use an acrylic brush to connect the drips to make them more realistic .

Step 4: Draw The Lips

Draw an outline of the lips on your ring finger, then cautiously draw drips over it. Try to recreate the lip kit out ’ south logo equally much as possible. Fill in the drips with black polish, then use a identical pale shade of pink on the remaining area of the lips .
future paint silver in the at heart of the mouth, then paint black lines inside the mouth to make it look like teeth .

Step 5: Top Coat

Apply a flying dry top coat to seal in this fantastic purpose ! This will surely make all your friends squeal in envy ! If you are using gel polish, you will have to cure your exceed coat for a couple of seconds .

Watch the full tutorial by April Ryan below:

Wasn ’ t that super playfulness ? You can besides try out the other two designs on the television for your future manicure. Try to experiment with the colors angstrom well. The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit has a diverseness of fantastic colors to choose from ! You can besides turn your nails into chrome as shown in the video above .

Try recreating the famed lip kit and show us in the comments section below! If you want to try other designs that’s Kylie Jenner inspired? Try doing one of her many nail art designs with this tutorial!

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