Monday, 8th – Wednesday 10th April, 2019


supernatural turnaround !

“ Since the begin of the Wonder-Double Prophetic Agenda, I engaged in serving God faithfully and rigorously by praying for souls to be established in the Kingdom. meanwhile, my conserve was nowhere to be found and as a solution, I became a single parent with two girls in the secondary school. Being a casual staff at my place of bring, I struggled to make end meet .

During one of the services in June 2015, I heard from God ’ s Servant that serving God pays the most. so I engaged in full and told my God that as I served Him, He should service my needs .

God heard my cry and intervened. At my station of influence, I was confirmed as a regular staff with wage increase, which is adequate to pay the school fees of my two daughters for the whole year in school. We live in a lease apartment but now, I have adequate money to purchase my own land and build my own house. Furthermore, I am now debt-free. indeed, I have seen the world of Matthew 6:33 and Revelation 22:12 fulfilled in my life, as a consequence of being focused on God. I give all the glory to Him ! ” — -Sis. Josephine Okwisa


HIV Negative

As at December 2016, I was in awful pains in my kernel and body. I was very decrepit and I could n’t stand for 5mins. I was diagnosed of HIV. I could take nothing but water. I was drying and dying. then on 14th January, 2017, I fasted and pray and Bishop David Oyedepo ’ s face appeared to me and the Holy Spirit told me to come to him .

On 15th January, I was in church. suddenly, during the service, there was calmness in my consistency and I received unusual intensity. From that time, I began to engage in praying Kingdom advancement prayers .

thereafter, I went for several lineage tests : HIV, AIDS etc. and the results were all negative. When the doctor checked my result, she said, ‘Nothing is incorrectly with you, you can go. ‘ I did n’t take any drugs. nowadays, I am absolutely release from HIV ! I give God all the glory ! ” Aniefiok Samuel

Tuesday, 9th April, 2019


Wonders through Soul Winning

During the temper 1 of the wonder double evangelical outreach in the calendar month of June to July, evangelism became my life style. I reached out to 59 souls and got 7 established during the calendar month of August. Between June & August, I wrote some professional exams tailored towards getting an academic scholarship in my medical Career. I never knew that while I was busy evangelizing God was busy arranging my change of condition. In September after establishing the 7 souls with a monthly commitment for their tape drive fare to church God dazed me. I made it to the final examination 10 from a list of over 2700 applicants. I went for the final oral interview where I was told that they will have to choose alone 4. I was asked to mention 3 things in the past 3 years I have done which had impacted lives with proof. I then told them among other things, that I was involved in radical evangelism for two months with 7 souls to show for it. so, I gave them the list of my converts with their call numbers which I had crammed over time because I do call them often till date.Two of them were called by the interviewer and they responded in the affirmative. At the end of the interview, I was told to tell them the terms and conditions I will love to have because with the way I responded to the questions asked it showed I wo n’t want to sign a bind that will be besides long in a foreign nation, that most truthful achiever members don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe that staying overseas is the ultimate accomplishment to be great. To the glory of God aside the academician scholarship to PhD level they said with my active and productive beware towards establishing person which shows my commitment not only to my academic but besides to my church, the scholarship will besides cover one wife and 2 children, of which am not married however not to even talk of children. If establishing fair 7 souls can give me this “ only-God-can-do testimony ” then I have not started my evangelism, 7 soul is calm just a preen rehearsal. Evangelism will decidedly be my first hobby. To God alone be all the glory. prince Richards


dramatic turnaround !

“ As instructed by God ’ south Servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, I have faithfully engaged in Kingdom focused prayers and in answer to this, within this short period of clock, God has confirmed His Word. God has miraculously written off my debts, my clientele has experienced a dramatic reversal and my apparitional life has been signally revived. ultimately, this calendar month, we are moving into our own house. I have come to testify to the glory of the Lord in my life. Matthew 6:33 work ! ” – dominion Esechie

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019



I want to thank the God of Wonder-Double for visiting us. I was a Muslim, converted in this church and since I joined this church, I have been engaging in all the outreaches and praying kingdom advancement prayers, but still pray for myself thinking that Bishop Oyedepo used to say that we won ’ t have whatsoever we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pray for .

But during the Operation compel them to come, I understood I have to obey instruction by engaging fully in reaching out and praying alone kingdom progress prayers. So I started praying early in the dawn before covenant hour of prayers and besides beg on my way going out .

then God of Wonder Double showed up in our lives. We have a four-bedroom duplex of 3-bedroom bland each for lease, but tenant didn ’ t come spill less of renting them. We converted them to 2 bedrooms, and a room self-contain ; yet no tenant for 8 years. But suddenly, after the operation, within one week, God brought 8 tenants with their money to complete the house for them without us spending N1 of our money. As am writing this testimony, 3 of those tenants have moved in. fifty thank God. Truly Matthew 6:33 works and our house has received His good. Thanks you Jesus .
Mrs. OluwasholaBakare .


Kingdom Advancement Endeavours Pays !

I was hard idle and was given a comment to quit my apartment. besides, although my business pipeline is highly lucrative, I had nothing to show and could n’t meet up with my basic responsibilities .
I engaged in the waves of Kingdom promotion endeavours ; praying Kingdom progress prayers and giving fare seeds. I besides rededicated my life to Christ. I continued with my Kingdom progress endeavours particularly beg Kingdom advancement prayers at any given opportunity. I prayed for the constitution of our new converts and new members. then, on the spur of the moment, the Lord blessed me with a fantastic apartment, a fantastic car, a new office and a miracle marriage. All these took place between the months of June and July 2018. God of the liberation mandate has confirmed the word of his Servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, in my life. I give all the aura to the talk and doing God who is everlastingly congregation ! To Him alone be all the aura ! — Felix E. A .

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