If you ’ re on the lookout for some nail purpose inspiration, look no further than Louis Vuitton. The luxury brand has come up with some perplex designs over the years, and we ’ ve put together a collection of Louis Vuitton-inspired collar designs for you to try. From insidious to statement-making, there ’ s something for everyone in this collection. thus take a count and get inspired !
louis vuitton nailsHand-drawn Louis Vuitton logo on pink and white nails with a little glitter for good measure.
louis vuitton nail designsElegant Louis Vuitton French Ombre style on coffin nails. I like the light tones and medium size to these.
louis vuitton nail designsThese acrylic Louis Vuitton nails are on a whole other level. While there’s just one logo here, the style just says luxury. I really like the index finger design. Very unique.
louis vuitton nailsSome longer LV nails but that colorway is just fantastic.
louis vuitton nail art If stiletto is more your style here we have a more intricate design idea. We’ve got the logo used in different ways, the curving snake which just looks stunning and the LV name itself. On the pinky, you also have a minimalist line with the name in gold that I really like.
louis vuitton nailsThese transparent gel nails with the LV logos look great if that’s your style.
louis vuitton nail designsI really like the minimal look with the Loud Vuitton logo. Nude nails with a single logo would work even.
louis vuitton nail artMatte french ombre with the LV logo.
louis vuitton nailsA little subtle use of gold with the LV logo and the name itself.
louis vuitton nailsThese Louis Vuitton coffin nails go the extra mile with a unique design on each finger and a cool frosted flavor on the middle finger.
louis vuitton nail design ideasNow here we have an interesting one. Gel polish on stiletto nails with an interesting mix of Louis Vuitton logos in color against black (very unique looking) and even some tripy Warner Brothers characters. Some full black backgrounds and some v French tip designs too. Highly unique. I really like this.
louis vuitton nail artA couple of stones on these transparent ones.
louis vuitton nail designFull set (Long) square shape all white. The gold and black really pops against this background.
louis vuitton nail artThe gold also really works against the black background.
louis vuitton nailsSome classic LouisV nails 🤩
louis vuitton nail designsThese coffin nails take a more subtle approach. A single logo on each hand with a different color to really set it apart.
louis vuitton nail designsSchort acrylic nails with French tips and a single LV design on each hand.
louis vuitton nail design ideasJust a little bit of glitter used here really sets them off. I like the detail on the ring finger.
louis vuitton nail polish designI’m a sucker for a matte white background.
louis vuitton nail designsSome nude nails with a little bit of gold and some LV logos.
louis vuitton nail designA bitof a combination with GUCCI nail designs here. That’s quite a luxurious combination.
louis vuitton nail design ideasShort nude nails with a little white french tip highlight and glorious looking gold Louis Vuitton logo. For sheer style and simplicity, these might be my favorite yet.
louis vuitton nailsBut I do love yellow nail designs and we’ve seen the LV logo so often in gold, it’s nice to see it here in black. Plus, that thumb really makes it pop.
louis vuitton nail designLouis Vuitton press on Ombre’s.
louis vuitton nail polish designSome glorious looking red and black LV nails. I’m in love with that deep glittery red. This must have taken some time.
louis vuitton nailsBrown and nude LV coffin nails.
louis vuitton nail design ideas
louis vuitton nail designRose poly gel nails with a single LV logo on the ring finger. Lovely polished look. Simple and stylish.
louis vuitton nail designNice detail on the logo, flanked by a few stones.
louis vuitton nail design ideasDamn. Alright if you’re going to do Louis Vuitton you might as well go all out. Black and gold is never not going to look good and this has some liberal rhinestone use. These will stand out.
louis vuitton nailsThen again, you can use the stones without the need for the logo on every finger.
louis vuitton nail artPossibly the most fun and playful design on this list. I really like the color combination.
louis vuitton nails💖💖💖💖😍😍😍Another fun one! I love the white and pink combination with the colorful LV logos.
louis vuitton nail designSome glittery gold and a love brown background. Yes please.
louis vuitton nail designsInstant style from these almond nails with a little black LV style for good measure.
I do hope this has given you some ideas for Louis Vuitton blue nails If you give this a go – I want to see it ! Send me a photograph of your Louis Vuitton nail designs.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and exposed sources and we ’ ll constantly give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we ’ ve got a credit wrong or you ’ five hundred quite we don ’ thymine feature you – just drop us an e-mail.

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