What is Magnetic Nail Polish?

When I first heard about charismatic smash polish, besides known as big cat ’ randomness center polish, I was intrigued. I mean, who wouldn ’ t be ? I imagined sticking myself, magnetically, to the cable car, or being able to find my keys via a magnetic pull. however, when I discovered that my imagination overuse was wrong, quite than being defeated, I was overcome with excitement !
The amazing effects achieved by this polish are caused by the reaction between iron filings and magnets – in truth ! Whoever think of that should be crowned manicure royalty !

How to Get Magnetic Nails

With such a great final examination resultant role, the steps to get there are unusually simple :

  • Remove any old polish with polish remover
  • Trim and file your nails
  • Buff the nail bed to provide a slight surface for the polish to adhere onto
  • Wipe over with the polish remover to take off any oils and filing debris
  • Allow time for the remover to evaporate
  • If you wish, apply your acrylic tips, cover-alls, or wraps as normal
  • Brush on a base coat
  • Cure thoroughly
  • Take your magnetic polish and roll the bottle gently between your palms to spread the filings throughout the liquid
  • Apply one coat as with standard polish
  • Let that coat dry completely
  • With the second application of magnetic polish, apply more than you would normally as it needs to be a thicker layer to allow the magnet to do its magic. However, be careful not to let the polish drip or pool
  • Before it has any chance to dry, take your magnet and hold it close to your nail, but not touching it, for 10 – 15 seconds. You need to try and keep the hand holding the magnet as still as possible during this process. I used my other hand to hold it steady. The iron filings in the polish will react to the magnet, creating gorgeous effects.
  • Repeat this process on all your nails. If you want a uniform look across your nails, hold the magnet in the same way for all of them. If, however, you’re after a more random look, you can vary the time you hold the magnet close.
  • You’ll have to wait longer for the polish to dry due to the thicker than normal application.
  • But once it has, either under a lamp, or naturally, apply two top coats, allowing each to dry completely before adding the next.
  • Lightly wipe off any sticky residue with polish remover.

Some polishes come with the attraction set into the cap, but you can buy the charismatic wands individually, and there are a variety show of magnet shapes available – stars, chevrons, stripes, and so on. besides, many polishes have a ridge molded into the cap, which makes holding the attraction placid much easier .
experiment with the angle you hold the magnet at, how close you hold it, and for how hanker. I managed to create a match form by using a series of horizontal lines held diagonally. It took some bring, but the effect was awesome. Have fun and play around – anything goes !
The keep up is my very favorite magnetic polish !
9D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set, Galactic Effect Magic Gel Nail Polish Kit, 6 Colors UV LED Auroras Gel Polish
What Makes it Great
This set of six magnetic polishes from Homost comes in a great stove of colors, all with amazing glitter effects. They went on well, and despite the thick second coat, didn ’ thymine carry or pool, and cured cursorily. The magnetic wand was easy to use, with the iron filings having quite a mighty reaction to its lotion. I could ’ ve watched them slip and slide about on my nails all day ! once I ’ five hundred found a blueprint I was happy with, my breeze through went under the cure lamp to dry, before I added a pair of top coats. The polish kept its immaculate appearance for fair over two weeks.

Where it Could be Improved
For such a well-designed located, I was surprised not to see instructions on how to apply the polish and use the baton, but as with all things, experiment and find what works for you .


Expert Score

The Final Verdict

This set is perfect for creating slam on-trend magnetic nails. Stuffed with batch of iron filings, the effects achieved are plainly dazzling. Everyone should have these polishes in their mani kit !

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