Ladies should welcome your allude, not flinch from it. But if you have hanker nails, frayed cuticles, or gnarled hang nails, that ’ s precisely what could happen. “ A guy ’ sulfur hands don ’ t have to be perfectly smooth, but they should be houseclean and well kept, ” says manicurist Angel Williams. “ It shows he cares about all aspects of his hygiene. ” But you don ’ t need to accompany your gal to the nail down salon, a farseeing as you have the right equipment—and these experts tips—to make your hands adenine presentable as they are potent .
1. Don’t Clip Too Low
Start by resting the clippers—don ’ t push inward—on your pinpoint and clip no more than three to four times per collar following its natural swerve, says Williams. This model from Tweezerman has guards on the sides so you won ’ thyroxine have to chase after clippings ( $ 12, ). But don ’ thyroxine annoyance trying to make them perfectly round, she says. The next pace will take care of that .
2. Smooth The Edge
Next, smooth out your complete with a file. No, not that big pink thing your daughter uses. Use this metallic interpretation ( $ 12, ) to even out the edges until you have a slenderly rounded shape—keep it squared off near the edges if you get ingrowing nails easily. That same creature is handy for cleaning under your nails and pushing back your cuticles .
3. Push Your Cuticles
The tissue at the back of your nails, or cuticles, connects it to your bark. But when they creep out excessively far, they can fray and become abrasive to the touch. dry cuticles are besides more apt to get caught on invest and bleed—something she besides won ’ triiodothyronine find cute. Soften the weave for a few minutes with a dab of oil—your pre-shave petroleum works barely fine ( $ 25, ) —and use the multitool to push back the tissue toward your nail bed, says Williams.

4. Don’t Play Hangman
That annoying man of hide that sticks out between your pinpoint and skin near the tip of your finger is a awful hang nail. And the reason they hurt like hell and bleed when you pull them out is because they ’ re still attached to the dilute skin around your nail. rather of yanking them, use a hangnail clipper ( $ 12, ) to remove surfeit bark at the basis properly after a shower when they ’ re inactive soft, says Williams .
5. Buff Those Cracks
Your nails are resilient—they wholly regrow every four to six months—so you don ’ t have to live with bumps or cracks in your fingernails. After you ’ ve used vegetable oil on your nails, rub a buffer ( $ 4, ) flat across the inconsistency until it feels smooth to the touch. Over the course of months, your nails will become perfectly polish and your hands will become her modern favorite toy.

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