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adjacent prison term you ’ ra treating yourself to a relaxing resort hotel chew the fat, take the time to have a attend about at the staff. You ’ ll see respective specialists, from massage therapists and skin care specialists to talented pinpoint technicians .
Nail technical school aren ’ metric ton just employed at spas – they work at a variety of locations, including salons, airports, and flush cruise ships. It ‘s a firm grow diligence – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for manicurists and pedicurists are expected to grow by 13 % by 2026, which is about double over the average U.S. caper growth rate of 7 % .
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This page will explore the daily tasks, educational requirements, broadcast costs, job prospects, and other details related to becoming a nail technician .

What Does a Nail Technician Do?

There ’ s a set more to a smash technician than merely painting nails. Technicians besides need to have skills in safety and sanitation, sales, and customer overhaul. here are a few tasks nail techs are responsible for while on the job :

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Nail applications
  • Cleaning, trimming, and filing nails
  • Polishing or buffing nails
  • Moisturizing hands and feet, and providing light massage
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Customer service
  • Maintaining a sanitary work environment
  • Sharing information on available services
  • Promoting and selling nail and skin care products
  • Keeping management informed about product needs

To be successful, you ’ ll need to develop your complete art abilities while honing ace interpersonal and customer serve skills. Most of your time will be spent interacting with clients in person. As with any problem, there are pros and cons to consider .

  • It’s a growing industry.
  • Training programs are generally affordable and quick to complete
  • By being personable and offering good service, you have the potential to secure repeat customers and earn more money
  • You can learn about the industry and eventually use that knowledge to open your own business or continue your education
  • Flexible scheduling and work environments


  • Muscle strain can develop from sitting most of the day
  • You may encounter broken skin and be exposed to infections
  • You’ll be near various chemicals
  • Many of the tools used for manicures and pedicures are sharp – techs need to use them responsibly to avoid hurting themselves or their clients
  • Your pay can be influenced by customers and whether your salon does a lot of business

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Vee NailedIt’s Top Tips for Nail Technicians

According to YouTube pinpoint artist Vee NailedIt, there are five things incoming students and holocene graduates need to know about building their nail business. These include :

  1. Practice regularly to get better and improve your skills
  2. Self-advertise by always having great nails so people will ask you where you got them done.
  3. Surround yourself with people who support you and your passion.
  4. Listen to criticism and take it seriously so you can improve.
  5. Try to have a positive attitude every day.

Nail Tech School: What to Expect

good newsworthiness : If you ’ re looking to become a nail technician, there are hundreds of programs to choose from across the nation. here ’ s some information about registration requirements, breeze through schools, and costs .

Nail Tech Program Enrollment Requirements

To enroll in a nail technician program, you typically need to :

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete the application process and pay any appropriate fees
  • Potentially visit the school and/or have a personal interview with a program representative

Aspiring nail technicians need to complete a state-approved cosmetology or breeze through technician program, then pass a state examination ( normally a written and a virtual test ) to become license. A modest handful of states allow apprenticeships to get started, but this path typically requires more training hours .

Nail Tech Program Costs

broadcast costs broadly depend on course of study and location. early factors include :

  • The hours of instruction required by your state
  • Whether you attend part-time or full-time
  • The facilities and equipment available
  • If the school is private, for-profit, or an established brand institute

Programs that focus entirely on training pinpoint technicians normally cost several thousand dollars to complete. Listed below are a couple examples from schools across the area. All prices are as of 2019 .
Paul Mitchell The School in Logan UT
$ 100 application fee +
$ 2,400 tuition +
$ 1,478 equipment, casebook, kit, and supplies
Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy in Tampa, FL
$ 2,932 tuition and fees +
$ 387 books and supplies
Baldwin Beauty Schools in Austin, TX
$ 100 adjustment fee +
$ 4,300 tutelage +
$ 500 books and tools
individual programs normally offer scholarships. You can besides visit the federal student help web site to review the loans, grants, and fiscal aid available to you .


How Long Does It Take to Complete a Nail Technician Program?

Most nail technician programs take an modal of 300 to 600 hours to complete. Program start times and lengths vary, but you can typically complete a collar technical school broadcast between three to nine months depending on your ability to attend school part- or full-time .

What Do You Learn in a Nail Tech Program?

For the most region, you ’ ll memorize about the basics of breeze through care and design, and information on safety and sanitation. many schools detail their naturally information on-line – you can besides visit in-person, call a program example, or commune with a chatbot on-line to get more clarity on what each plan offers .

Nail Tech Courses

You can expect to learn about the follow :
Skills Taught

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Nail art and design
  • Tips
  • Sculptures
  • Wraps
  • Gels
  • Calf and foot massage
  • Safety and sanitation

Areas of Study

  • Anatomy and disorders
  • Chemicals and products
  • Hygiene
  • Public health
  • Sterilization and disinfection
  • Massage theory
  • Nail technology

For model, at Shear Excellence Hair Academy in Tampa, FL, nail down technician students learn the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of nails and skin, a diverseness of breeze through smasher techniques, and the professional nail products used. They besides learn about salesmanship, state laws, and advanced skills such as sculptures, overlays, and collar art .
Before successfully completing the program, students need to complete a certain number of hands-on trail hours. then, graduates will take a country license examination. Once students pass and earn their complete technician license, they can begin practicing professionally .
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Nail Tech Training Hour Requirements

Students are required to complete a certain phone number of train hours in accession to completing their coursework. The numeral of trail hours required will depend on the state in which you attend school, as each has different requirements. For model, you need 250 hours of training to qualify in New York, but 600 in Arizona .
These train hours combine theory and practice, so students can expand on what they ’ ve learned in the classroom and get hands-on experience before entering the sphere. Students will drill salon services on real clients, including manicures, pedicures, and advanced collar techniques .

Differences Between Nail Tech and Cosmetology Programs

Nail technician and cosmetology programs may be like, but there are besides clear-cut differences. On a basic level, nail technical school programs focus entirely on nails, whereas cosmetology programs feature nails but besides include other specialties, like hair. Cosmetologists are trained to do smash make and develop early skillsets, whereas nail technical school can entirely legally work within their setting .

How to Pick a Nail Tech Program Near You

once you decide to pursue a career as a breeze through technician, review these five tips in order to pick your arrant complete technical school program :
Some states require breeze through techs to complete an accredited program to work professionally. It ’ sulfur essential to choose a technician course of study that matches the requirements for your state ’ sulfur license examination .
Financial Aid, Scholarships and Loans
not all programs are eligible for governmental fiscal help. If you need fiscal aid, review different programs and see what aid and scholarships are available. If you borrow money to complete your studies, make sure you understand the loan-repayment terms .
License Renewal and Continuing Education
Be certain to review the license reclamation and continuing education requirements of your submit since they can vary. There is a boastful difference in the costs, schedules, and continuing education rules .
Program Structure
Choose a course of study that fits your life style. Some programs might take home entirely on campus or run Monday through Friday, and that might affect your ability to work while in school .
Job Placement Services and Networking
See if your school offers opportunities to connect students with mentors or helps station graduates in jobs .


Advanced Training and Supplemental Education

Additional Nail Tech Certifications and Trainings

Nail technicians might want to receive advanced prepare for several reasons. aside from brushing up on your skills, nail art is featured everywhere, from celebrities in fashion magazines to dedicated Pinterest communities. A democratic nail vogue might inspire you to learn a raw, advanced technique so that you can take on more clients .
Nail Camp organizes annual countrywide meetups for professionals and those presently enrolled in a complete technical school program. Attendees can network, accede competitions for prizes, and go to workshops to learn unmanageable techniques, such as mastering watercolor nail artwork. Certain professional organizations and salons besides offer advanced education courses. MediNail offers advanced courses with a healthcare cant, for breeze through techs who might be interested in working in a chiropodist ’ mho office .

Continuing Education

Nail technical school in some states are required to continue their department of education in the form of extra train hours to renew their license. The requirements will vary based on each submit board .

Hot US Cities for New Nail Technicians

Starting your career as a nail technician is stimulate, but it could be even more exciting in one of the hottest places for newly nail down technicians—like the cities below .
There are dozens of nail salons in and around Austin, making it a democratic place to become a collar technician. From the rainbow-colored cute smash studios to the multitasking Coffee N Nails, you could likely find the perfect place for you to begin your smash technician career .
The mean wage for breeze through technicians in Austin is $ 28,010 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
Austin beauty scholar ‘s guide
After Hour Nails and Spa and Enchanted Nails and Spa are just a couple of the smash salons calling Baltimore “ home plate. ” Thanks to the city ‘s alone offerings, Baltimore is a popular place to become a nail technician .
The mean wage for nail down technicians in Baltimore is $ 23,480 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
Baltimore smasher student ‘s usher
Historic Charlotte could be a bang-up place to begin your career as a complete technician. Just two of their many nail salons include Urban Nails Bar and Anthony Vincé Nail Spa .
The beggarly wage for nail technicians in Charlotte is $ 21,980 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
Sunday Nails Spa and ZaZaZoo Nail Studio are just a couple of the smash salons in Chicago. many nail technicians are happy to call Chicago home ascribable to the many beauty shops and bustling city liveliness .
The bastardly wage for smash technicians in Chicago is $ 23,990 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
Chicago smasher student ‘s guide
Detroit may be known for cars, but it should besides be known for collar caution. It has a short ton of beauty and smash salons available, including Situation ‘s Hair & Nail Salon and The TEN Nail Bar .
The beggarly wage for collar technicians in Detroit is $ 27,790 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
The Miami / Fort Lauderdale area is often party cardinal, and who does n’t want to look their best going out for a night on the town ? many find this kind of environment a great fit for beginning a complete technician career at salons like Luv Nail Shop ( Miami ) and Moon & Stars Spa + Nails ( Ft. Lauderdale ) .
The mean wage for collar technicians in Miami / Fort Lauderdale is $ 25,700 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
Miami beauty scholar ‘s guide
Nashville is another city known for its nightlife, meaning people want to look big head to toe—something breeze through technicians could use to their advantage. They have many alone salons, such as Music City Nails and Poppy and Monroe, which uses polishes that are as condom and natural as possible .
The mean wage for complete technicians in Nashville is $ 25,310 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
A quick glance over the nail salons in Phoenix tells you one thing : “ unusual and colorful ” is the name of the game. From Stash House to Herbal Nails & Spa at Paradise Valley Village, Phoenix may be perfect for you if you want to be extra creative with your nail artwork .
The mean wage for nail technicians in Phoenix is $ 28,860 ( BLS, 2019 ) .
No matter what type of breeze through studio apartment environment you want to work in, chances are Tampa or St. Petersburg has a salon for you. For example, in Tampa, you can find the Minimalist Salon, while St. Petersburg has the humorously-named Nail Me Good .
The mean wage for breeze through technicians in Tampa / St. Petersburg is $ 28,010 ( BLS, 2019 ).

Tampa beauty student ‘s steer
The non-toxic complete salon The Nail Saloon and the very artsy Mimosa Salon are just two of the fun nail salons you can find in Washington DC. This bustle city could be a fantastic place to begin your complete technician career, as it has been for many others .
The think of wage for collar technicians in Washington, DC is $ 24,330 ( BLS, 2019 ) .

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