OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013
The OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 features eighteen newfangled shades including six newfangled Liquid Sand colors .
As you might expect, there are a heavy number of red shades hera ( six in all ), but they are quite different from each other. besides included are some gay glitters and a gorgeous trench bone tad .
The rule was in truth great with about all of these. I used two coats for most of them, with a few exceptions. There was only one of these where I had any issues and that was I Snow You Love Me. That one has big attack holo glitter suspended in a slurred clear base. The glitter decidedly wants to stay at the bottom of the bottle and it ’ s extremely hard to get even a couple pieces into the nail. This is one you will want to use with a toothpick or something to place the glitter on, otherwise it ’ s a thick mess.

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013-1
OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013-3
OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013-2
OPI I Snow You Love Me Bottle
OPI All I Want For Christmas (Is OPI)
All I Want For Christmas ( two coats )
OPI In My Santa Suit
In My Santa Suit ( two coats )
OPI Cute Little Vixen
Cute Little Vixen ( two coats )
OPI Sleigh Ride For Two
Sleigh Ride For Two ( two coats )
OPI Underneath The Mistletoe
Underneath The Mistletoe ( three coats )
OPI Visions Of Love
Visions Of Love ( three coats )
OPI Ski Slope Sweetie
Ski Slope Sweetie ( three coats )
OPI My Favorite Ornament
My Favorite Ornament ( two coats )
OPI All Sparkly And Gold
All Sparkly And Gold ( two coats )
OPI Wonderous Star
Wonderous Star ( two coats )
OPI Warm Me Up
Warm Me Up ( two coats )
OPI I Snow You Love Me
I Snow You Love Me ( one coat and I had to place the glitter where I wanted )
OPI It's Frosty Outside
It ’ mho Frosty Outside ( two coats )
OPI Silent Stars Go By
Silent Stars Go By ( two coats )

OPI Make Him Mine
Make Him Mine ( two coats )
OPI Baby Please Come Home
Baby Please Come Home ( two coats )
OPI Kiss Me At Midnight
Kiss Me At Midnight ( two coats )
OPI Emotions
Emotions ( three coats )
OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collage
Overall: Nice collection and it decidedly gives off a gay holiday vibration. I do have some favorite shades that I just think are more matter to than others .
Sleigh Ride For Two is so pretty, it ’ second rich, velvet and it glows .
Underneath The Mistletoe is in truth pretty and bubbling. It ’ randomness different looking than many early crimson shades .
Ski Slope Sweetie is indeed reasonably ! It ’ s this beautiful shimmery gold/white with so many sparkles .
Wonderous Star is another one I like because of the accession of the black glitter specks. much better than good plain gold .
Warm Me Up is another one I actually like. It might be my darling one here actually. It ’ s a in truth unusual brown/grey shade and it ’ s super smooth and rich .
Make Him Mine is a very nice rose gold Liquid Sand ghost .
Kiss Me At Midnight is a vivid amobarbital sodium Liquid Sand and I don ’ t think I have another textured polish in this shade .
Availability: October 2013 at Ulta, Trade Secret, Pure Beauty, Dillard ’ second, etc .
Pricing: $ 9.00 .
thus now I want to hear from you ! What do you think about the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 collection ? What do you love hera ?

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013

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