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This number is for 20 fake nails in the design pictured above. Since we hand make each put, the designs may not be an demand equal.


Your order will include :
20 fake nails in full. This means you will receive 10 pairs of nails in 10 different sizes ( 0-9 ) to ensure that you will find a perfective match. detailed instructions and tips are besides included. We do not provide nail glue, adhesive material check, or any other tools required.

To see the different pinpoint styles PolishedThirteen carries, see the last photograph in the list. approximate measurements are in millimeters.


-Each pinpoint is coated in a strong and durable, high gear quality and high gloss top coating to prevent quick nick. normal wear on the nail tips is to be expected depending on your activities. The state of your fake nails and the break time will vary for each individual.

-When selecting a finish ( if the option is available ) please be aware that the Matte top coat may alter the tinge of the polish.

-For Holographic sets : These nails have scattered holo flakes all over and will reflect a rainbow of colors in the light. Holo colors depend on the polish used.

-For Rhinestone sets : These sets have rhinestones secured to accent nails. Just like the fake nails, the wear time for all rhinestones depend on how they are handled.

-I personally hand paint each rig of nails in this shop indeed every nail design is unique and will not be identical to another.

-Colors may differ from the pictures posted. Computer and cell phone screens display shades differently.

-The fake nails may discolor or lose their finish if they come in contact with chemicals or aerosol sprays. ( ex-husband : acetone, hair atomizer, sunscreen )

-Orders do not come with smash glue or adhesive material tabs. If you use breeze through glue, the nails are merely a one time use. If you use adhesive material tab key and take dependable concern of the nails, you can use them multiple times.

-If you would like this set in a different color, stylus or if you have an idea of your own, please feel dislodge to message me.


Processing takes up to 7 days. If you have a custom order or a larger decree, excess days may be required. Processing begins when full payment is received.

reference : https://nailcenter.us
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