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I initially bought this to compliment a couple of matte polishes I have. I did n’t even think about using it on my regular polish solicitation, but was curious … I tried it on a few colors and LOVE the effect ! ! It tones down the shine sparkle ( but hush letting a trace usher ) .sort of giving it an shell type finish … I feel like Ive doubled my colors/inventory !

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I can’t get it to stay matte! 🙁

This polish does look dramatic on any coloring material or any design … .for about two days. I have used this product several several times thinking something will change but on about the third day the flat has worn down and there is a slick shininess on every breeze through … shortstop of re-applying every 2-3 days, I good ca n’t get this top coat to stay flatness no matter what I do. PLEASE tell me it ‘s not barely me ….

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I will only use OPI.

5 I do not have a nickname. from Foxborough MA I will merely use OPI. It stays on my nails and I do a draw of clean at my base adenine good as garden. No early nail down polish products workplace american samoa well. I besides like the diverseness of colors. I use the light colors in the jump and Summer and night colors in the fall and Winter .


5 Tal from Maine I was hesitant if this would work but it does ! I already painted my nails the day before and I went and grabbed this at my local ulta. Used it the adjacent day and it was flat ! I used a flimsy level and then if I saw any missing places I put more on. I alone get Opi now because all early smash polishes are not good timbre

ok but could be better

4 nail artist from utha not so bad or good


5 taylor from NC I used this flatness top coating over my dip powder nails, and I could n’t be happier with the results ! ! ! The felt finish up is arrant, and dried identical promptly ! I have had other felt top coats that I hated because they dried TOO quickly and left my nails looking streaked, but OPI nailed it ! When first applied it looks a bit slick but if you blow on it, you can literally see the product dry and turn into a beautiful felt end ! I will say, after reading some other reviews I think some may believe this merchandise is meant to be used in place of a normal circus tent coat but that is not the case. This merchandise is not intended to be a protective acme coat, but rather a felt coat that you put over your manicure after you ‘ve applied your normal top coat. thus if you ‘ve tried this intersection before and have used it falsely, give it another shoot ! It ‘s perfect if used properly !

Better than I’d hoped for

5 Nope from FL – Florida This top coat not lone took all of the reflect away, it brought my nails to a level of matte that I would only expect by professional manicures .

This product is amazing and I will definitely buy it again!!

5 Chole from Meridian, Mississippi This product is a matte circus tent coat so you can put it over any color nail polish you want to turn matte. It besides dries fast. On top of all of that my nails normally can not keep merely a even finger nail polish and top coat on them it always wants to nick but this circus tent coat allows your polish to stay on for a identical long time ! !

Actually works

5 Matte top coat from PA I was disbelieving but figured I ‘d give this matte finish a sample. To my surprise, and exhilaration, it actually worked ! On all nail polish that I ‘ve tried it on, besides, not precisely OPI stigmatize. Would recommend .

Very disappointed

1 Mika from Wisconsin I will not use the polish again. Will probably toss .

Love it!

5 ali from oregon even after other reviews I decided to try it. I have n’t had any problem the color run, and no chips. I love it !


3 melanieh6291989 from Arizona this will NOT work with breeze through stickers or wraps such as color street ! my nail stickers/wraps literally peeled correct off after being in the shower for 5 minutes after I applied this top coat a few hours before. it does give you a full mattifying effect and dries about immediately ( hence the 3 stars ), but it does adjacent to nothing for sealing or protecting your manicure. when I use a regular top coat, my smash stickers can last for 2 weeks or more, but with this top coat, they peeled off within the day I applied it. if you ‘re looking for a top coating that seals and protects your manicure, this is not the polish that you want to use !

Very nice!

4 Kells from WI Makes color matte without changing it ! besides dries quite fast. only thing is, the brush picked up and removed the existing color on my nails- which was one coat that I had applied over 24 hours ago .

Needed for work

4 Stefanis from Stow, MA I ca n’t have shiny nails for influence. I decided to purchase the felt greatcoat. I have constantly loved and trusted OPI. Once I get more exploited to using it, I think I will love it !

It’s great but..

4 Meg art from Ohio I love the felt it ‘s one of my favorites my entirely little return is you have to reapply the flatness every 4 to 5 days … it does n’t get glazed but it ‘s not necessarily matte anymore

Great buy!

5 Jess from MI It does precisely what it is meant for. Great buy !

Fun change

5 Angela F from Carmel, IN Loved the change in finish of my usual polish. Made my at family manicure look like a professional manicure .

Love this stuff!

5 Amie from North Carolina This material is therefore so cool ! Goes on easy and dries within like a moment. wholly changed the game for me, love the spirit !

Instant Matte Finish!! Love!!

5 Brandy from Mobile Used an OPI Nude color and accelerated the tone with the Matte coating. It ‘s perfective !

I would buy again!

5 Maggie from Maryland I was hesitant of buying this, based entirely off the reviews online. I ‘m newfangled to painting my own nails, but I was bequeath to try. I saw one review that said to apply the flat coat over a clear exceed coat. I did just that, and it went absolutely ! It was identical quick to dry. I had a sum of four coats : clear base, one coat of color polish, one coat of clear top coat, and one coat of the flat polish. I let each coating thoroughly dry before doing the future coating. The coloring material polish I used is “ It Never Ends. ” I will buy this again when I run out ! Make sure to shake the felt bottle very well before using .

Doesn’t last long on me

3 jinxedfoxx from North Dakota within 2 days my toe nails had chipped and my toes take everlastingly to show wear. I was very disappoint. seche vite is the best acme coat and everything else is not it. it looked decent but besides took a long clock time to dry. not glad and not worth it .

Matte Love

4 m2le from glad Valley One coat of OPI Matte Top Coat and I ‘m in sleep together. One coat makes the nail completely matted. I merely had color transplant from polish to brush when pusing pressure to the brush but came off extremely easy from the brush. I good painted them 2 hours ago and have to see how long it lasts .

2 Stars for being Matte

2 not impress OPI fan from Maryland Sorry but, I ‘m not as generous with the stars on this as everyone else. Yes, it does go on flatness as many others have said, but should it get 3 stars just because it ‘s only able to do that ? ! A circus tent coat is n’t just for looks/aesthetics but besides function, it ‘s supposed to protect the color and adjutant in lasting/durability. I ‘ve painted my nails since I was a child and I ‘m in my early 30 ‘s then I ‘ve used a bonny sum of brands and colors, never have I ever seen a circus tent coating ski tow discolor from a dried collar ; I thought the return was that I used a black of a different brand so possibly it was the mismatch, so I went and bought an OPI black and it did the same thing. even more, it does n’t matter how long you let it dry the first day you practically ca n’t do much because it will smudge or lift in somehow, even if you touch it and it seems dry … therefore this is n’t something that you can do when pressed for fourth dimension. then, another weird thing about this top coat, is the fact that it does n’t in truth chip off, but quite, it rubs off or even washes off. overall, this is a huge miss and major disappointment given that it ‘s OPI ! I ‘m harsh in my review because it ‘s OPI and we have come to expect a certain floor from them which is why many of us are volition to pay more for it ; however, this performs worse than the old wet n fantastic polishes, Revlon, or those little bottles of polishes that were super cheap ( ca n’t remember name ). basically, this is n’t something I will purchase again from them and I am highly suggesting to anyone reading the reviews anterior to buying to look elsewhere this is n’t worth it, trust me .

I Wouldn’t Buy This Product Again

3 Sarina from Livonia, Michigan Do n’t get me wrong, the product is precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate billed, it creates a lovely matte finish. however after trying it for the first time, I realized I ‘m not a fan of the felt finish look .

Very nice

4 sarah from Concord Works good for what I was looking for .

I like it.

4 K from Florida Dries insanely fast. you will see the texture no matter how smooth the polish went down. The polish I used thinned out at the cuticle when applying the peak coat. You will have to go over spots to ensure no glow. Will not be a politic application

Nail color saturates applicator

3 lexica10 from USA As everyone else has said, this acme coat does n’t last hanker and is prone to chipping. The glossy top coats provide chip protection but this does nothing but provide a flat aesthetic. furthermore – even if your nails are completely dry before applying, the color ( particularly a dark one ) will get all over the applicator brush and stain it. now my entire bottle is tinged bolshevik .

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