This post may contain affiliate links that we collect a share of sales from. Click here for more details .Gel Nail Designs - Matte Green and Polka DotsGel Nail Designs - Multi-Colored French TipsGel Nail Designs - Abstract NailsGel Nail Designs - Cows and Gold FlakesGel Nail Designs - Black & Gold Leopard NailsGel Nail Designs - Mustard Yellow Nails There ’ second nothing american samoa frustrating as spend time and money applying polish only for it to start chipping the adjacent day. fortunately, gel nail down polish offers a longer shelf animation than those avocados you bought this afternoon .
careless of how unique or simpleton your gel nail designs are, they ’ ll stand the quiz of time. And the ability to quickly cure the nail polish with UV alight makes mousse nail art consisting of several layers a lot easier to achieve. Or, it ’ second at least more efficient.

Gel Nail Designs

19 Gel Nail Designs

1. Cows and Gold Flakes

Tell us you love state music without telling us you love country music .
Gel Nail Designs - Cows and Gold Flakes

2. Matte Mustard Yellow with Blue Accents

perfect look for when you in truth want to flaunt that you have opposable thumbs. No wonder cats hate us .
Gel Nail Designs - Mustard Yellow Nails

3. Abstract Nails

We love that anything can be called abstract. We ’ ve been using that little antic to explain our hair style for years .
Gel Nail Designs - Abstract Nails

4. Multi-Colored French Tips

Can ’ thymine choose one color ? Don ’ triiodothyronine want to paint the whole nail down ? Have commitment issues ? Call it artwork ! For legal reasons, our therapist can not comment .
Gel Nail Designs - Multi-Colored French Tips

5. Black & Gold Leopard Nails

Gold foil, black felt, french tips, leopard print…who knew that your ideal nail aesthetic would perfectly match the VIPs from Squid Game ?
Gel Nail Designs - Black & Gold Leopard Nails

6. Matte Green and Polka Dots

When you understand Cruella ’ s vision, but you ’ re not quite on board with all the execution. It ’ s so messy !
Gel Nail Designs - Matte Green and Polka Dots

7. Gold Drip Gel Nails

The bad news is that we didn ’ t get that job as a house painter. The good news program is that our nails look outstanding .
Gel Nail Designs - Gold Drip Nails

8. Pastel Camo Nails

We ’ ra no manner designers, but we think this slight adjustment to the Army color palette would look lovely .

9. Plant Gel Nail Design

If you can make your nails like this, you can keep plants alert. Look, it ’ s what the guy at Home Depot told us and he ’ second never led us astray before. Except that one time he sent us down aisle 13 .

10. Matte Green and Tortoiseshell Nails

Did you know tortoise shells get along very well with flatness green ? They ’ re so much trendier than those punch-drunk turtles .

11. Brown Abstract Gel Nails

A little inside tip – take a few paint swatches to your nail artist and let them go wilderness. Super inside tiptoe ? Take your nails to the Home Depot paint department. ( Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, it ’ s not on aisle 13 ) .

12. Marbled Almond Gel Nails

Marbling is just like fancy tie-dye. Which truly makes us wonder why we ’ ve never seen a tie-dye countertop .

13. Lime Nails

When life gives you lemons, return them because you truly need limes for those margaritas .

14. Brown Negative Space Nail Design

away from looking amaze, the chief profit of this design is that it won ’ metric ton get ruined when we rummage about in our bag and inescapably run into dissolve chocolate. We swear it ’ south chocolate .

15. Geometric Nail Design

We are sol beaming we paid attention in geometry class. Or at least enough to have these shapely nails and name devolve “ hypotenuse ” into conversations .

16. Caramel Matte Gel Nails

This is what happens with you mix up your coffee orderliness and your complete salon request. We ’ re not certain how our nail artist pulled off a invention that mimics a peppermint mocha but it tasted delectable .

17. Green, Orange, Black, & White Tips

french tips have evolved so much that they ’ rhenium Irish now. More Jamison, please .

18. Black & White Gel Nails

Are these and black and white cookies connected ? Do we get cookies now ? We ’ ll even split one with you…tomorrow .

19. Peach Gel Nails

person get out the purple complete polish because we ’ rhenium doing eggplants next .

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