These cool blends of polish matte-finish polishes with slick chrome details have been catching our eyes recently and we had to contribution. Sexy and sophisticate, the matte/chrome look is a must-wear any time you want to steal the limelight with a flip of your finger .

All That Glitters Is Chrome

This nail look blends both flatness and gloss black polishes with bands of glistening chrome in a copper stopping point. Metallic nail tape helps makes the lines perfectly crisp and hides any waviness between the black bands .

Neon Brights

For the perfective summer look, pair a bright color like this greenish blue with a super bright silver tip. If your darling polish doesn ’ t come in flatness, knock down the fall with a flat greatcoat before applying your chrome details .

Back to Black

This rich, blacken basis with gold tips is a classic matte-and-chrome pairing .

Reverse It

For a twist on the authoritative french mani, place the accent at the base of your nails, creating a ash grey half moon purpose against a flat black polish. Get our handy half-moon tutorial and tips here .

Pretty in Pastel

Pastels AND chrome ? This gorgeous one-half lunar month blueprint by Hannah Weir of the Nail Trail proves the jazz band works .

Talk Navy to Me

A dramatic attend for a dramatic girlfriend. Take the classic black matte up a notch with a stormy shade of navy. top half of each nail with a glazed chrome polish and take on the town .

Galaxy Gradients

Take gradient nails to the following flush by creating a bold half moon blueprint with your metallic ghost of choice. Master the ombre mani with this tutorial on five fabulous gradient nail styles .

It’s All Pink to Me

Rose amber is all the fury correct now and what better way to jump on the vogue than this pretty-in-pink mani that uses two shades of balmy pink for the nucleotide ( see the insidious half moon there ? ) and is capped off by superintendent glistening rose gold tips .

Strong Neutrals

A classy, soft gray matte polish pairs absolutely with the chrome gold polish in this nail design. This spirit is perfect for the boardroom AND the bedroom .

Color Blocking Beauty

Take a classical chevron design and upgrade it with the addition of skinny contrasting chrome stripes between the shades. Nail striping tape creates the crisp lines .

Coming Up Roses

attention deficit disorder interest to a nude mani by tipping with a rose gold chrome polish. Classy and simple, you can wear this look anywhere .

Flirty Florals

decidedly not for the meek, this glamorous floral nail down art takes the vogue to a wholly newly level. A black flat base accented with bright petal and leaf patterns in metallic polishes ; see the full tutorial here .

Sultry Goddess

These are decidedly a rival for the sexiest nails we ’ ve always seen. Chrome details in amber and flatware, stud, and rich flatness black polish make for a badly hot attend .

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