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personal style is all about showing off your true self. And today, this construction goes manner beyond clothe. The men ’ randomness smasher diligence is exploding, as people of all genders embrace the wide spectrum of clothe, makeup and cosmetics. Just head onto any social media platform and witness a swerve of guys sporting full faces of makeup for men, painted nails, dresses and skirts. Gender-bending in terms of men ’ mho fashion is a boldface statement that all guys need to experience in their fashion choices .
If you ’ re looking to dip your toes ( or fingers ) into the universe of gender-forward smasher, there ’ s one product that ’ s a must-try :
Nail polish for men.

An at-home manicure is a great means to show your nails, and yourself, some beloved. You can add color to your nails with a traditional breeze through polish or give to a shade for weeks at a time with a gel product. however, if discolor international relations and security network ’ t your thing, you can besides try out a renewing polish. many of these protective products leave a minimal shine behind .

No topic your overall aesthetic, complete polish for men can be a fashionable accession to your everyday look. You might find that your outfits look incomplete without it. To get you started on your men ’ second beauty travel, we ’ ve browsed the virtual shelves to round up the best breeze through polish for men. From more neutral options to brighter picks, here are the best nail down polishes for men to incorporate into their look .



1. Essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish


If you ’ rhenium looking for something that ’ second both statement-making and insidious, consider this option from Essie. It ’ randomness available in a range of muted and deep shades of blue, green, and grey. This polish provides a high-gloss finish. Better however, it paints on extremely smooth and won ’ thymine thicken up if you leave it sitting on the ledge for an extend period of time. An add benefit is that it ’ randomness barren of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. While some polishes are designed to go on easily without the manipulation of a root or top coat, these polishes are designed to be used with a base and clear coat, so that will need to be purchased individually adenine well .
Pros : available in many muted but high-gloss shades. durable finish .
Cons : polish is reasonably thin, so it may take extra applications. Additional coats will be needed .
Essie Nail Polish, Glossy Shine Finish courtesy of Amazon

Essie Nail Polish


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2. ZOYA Men’s Starter Manicure Kit


This option is specifically marketed toward men who are looking to take concern of their nails with a home manicure. It ’ mho designed to provide a natural and neutral look. This order consists of three bottles — there ’ s a naked base, perfector, and satin varnish. It ’ sulfur designed for restoring and protecting nails. Vitamin B5 improves tractability and reduces brittleness, and vitamin E supports cellular reclamation. In summation to substantively improving nails, it besides improves the look of them by reducing discoloration .
Pros : specifically designed for restoring nails with vitamins, proteins and botanicals. Each regulate consists of three bottles, making it a reasonable value .
Cons : Can take a while to dry .
zoya nail polish men amazon

ZOYA Men’s Starter Manicure Kit


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3. Barielle No Bite Pro Growth


Calling all breeze through biters — this is the nail polish you need so you can ultimately stop biting your nails. This odorless, invisible smash polish is an excellent blame for dudes who chronically bite their nails because it tastes disgusting. The taste will stay in your mouth long after you ’ ve made contact, so you ’ ll never want to bite your nails again. It has no glitter any, therefore even feel dislodge to put this as a coat over your newly painted nails, excessively. It will even help your nails grow fast !
Pros:  It does the whoremaster, it will make you stop biting your nails .
Cons:  It doesn ’ t come in any arouse colors, so you ’ re going to have to purchase something else if you want a pop .
Barielle No Bite Pro Growth courtesy of Amazon

Barielle No Bite Pro Growth

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4. Frank Nails Mood


Frank Nails specializes in gender neutral colors that can work for either men or women, and are made with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. The polish bottle comes with an outsize, textured crown that ’ sulfur extremely easy to grip and hold while applying coats. The polish is besides formulated to dry promptly, so you don ’ t need to wait around before heading out and showing off your new manicure .
Pros: Oversized polish bottle capital that ’ sulfur easy to grip, gender neutral colors, fast-dry recipe .
Cons: More expensive than other polish options .
Frank Nails nail polish, nail polish for men courtesy of Frank Nails

Frank Nails Mood


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5. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


sortie Hansen ’ s gel nail polish is a great salon alternative. The durable coating is solid and glossy for guys that aren ’ t afraid of a small shine. Unlike other gelatin polishes, this product doesn ’ t need a UV ignite to set. It stays on your nails for at least a week. This nail polish is on the thick side, but it glides onto your nail without clumping. You can purchase this product in over 20 bold colors. This polish works best when used with a top coat, but the top coat international relations and security network ’ thymine included in your order .
Pros: Has a deep color that lasts. easily to take off. Tons of capital tinge options .
Cons: not wholly flake-proof .
best nail polish for men amazon

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel



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6. OPI Nail Lacquer, Long Lasting Nail Polish, Nude


Another entrance on this number from OPI is this set of neutrals. The popularity of the brand is owed to the fact that they produce tons of great shades that survive long. This option comes in many muted blush tones, and some are designed to have a “ bare ” front. That means that the polish won ’ t make as much of a affirmation ; they will blend in more with your natural collar color while still having some radiance and luster. These polishes are actually lacquers, which are broadly thicker, more protective, and give a glossier expression than traditional polish .

Pros : thick lacquers in dull bloom shades .
Cons : It can chip slightly easily .
OPI nail polish men amazon

OPI Nude Nail Lacquer


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7. ILNP Eclipse Holographic Ultra Chrome Nail Polish


The worst case scenario with a newly manicure ? That you ’ ll get all your coats absolutely applied and immediately chip it the adjacent day. This pinpoint polish rule is made to avoid that destine and wear like iron with durable coverage. It ’ mho made of agio ingredients that are 100 % vegan and cruelty-free, and the formula is easy to remove angstrom well. This stunning chrome color is aglitter and shimmery, perfect for a particular occasion or night out .
Pros: Glittery polish that ’ s easy to remove, chip-resistant formula, made of premium ingredients .
Cons: The chummy recipe may cause the brush to wear down immediate .
ILNP eclipse nail polish, nail polish for men courtesy of Amazon

ILNP Eclipse Nail Polish


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8. Sally Hansen – Good. Kind. Pure Vegan Nail Polish


Throw your maleness in the dumpster with a couple of breeze through polish colors you typically wouldn ’ metric ton see men rocking. Coming in a number of respective shades of pinks, reds and creams, these gorgeous vegan colors from Sally Hansen will give your nails the upgrade they need by ditching gender stereotypes and feeling yourself in a room you thought you never could. Each shade is enormously durable and the recipe is 100 % nature-forward. even the applicator ’ s brush bristles are plant-based !
Pros:  Totally vegan and comes in a variety show of colors to choose from .
Cons:  Some guys might feel some of the colors are a bite besides feminine .
Sally Hansen - Good. Kind. Pure Vegan Nail Polish courtesy of Amazon

Sally Hansen Vegan Nail Polish


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9. Revlon Nail Enamel Nail Polish


available in a choice of pink and inert shades, Revlon ’ s enamel nail polish is immune to chips and fades. This is particularly true when you apply it with a nucleotide and top coat. You should only need two coats to get the results you want, but this will depend on the particular discolor you choose. Keep in judgment that this polish may take a while to dry. however, the streamlined results are well worth it .
Pros: Has a great shine. Wide color choice .
Cons:  Actual colors might not match the product photograph. Prices vary by discolor .

REVLON nail enamel, nail polish for men courtesy of Amazon

Revlon Nail Enamel Nail Polish


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10. Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish


Another gel polish option, Revlon ’ mho ColorStay product promises weeklong wear and salon-quality results. The nail polish has a creamy texture, and it ’ s pretty easy to apply with the fisheye brush. Revlon recommends applying this polish under their Diamond Top Coat, which is included in your order, to add protection and shine. This nail polish may bubble after it dries, but using a base coat can help prevent this .
Pros: Colors are bluff and opaque. circus tent coat is included .
Cons: Might not last angstrom long as some early gelatin products. Brush can be catchy to maneuver for manicure beginners .
nail polish for men amazon

Revlon ColorStay Nail Polish



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11. essie expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish


This smash polish from essie is designed to dry in about a moment, so it ’ second great if you need a agile coat on the fly, or don ’ t have the patience to wait until your polish is wholly dry. It comes with an fish brush for slowly application using either hand, including your non-dominant one, and it comes in a huge selection of colors. There ’ second besides no foundation or top coat needed with this breeze through polish .
Pros: Dries very cursorily, comes with a brush designed to be used by either hand, vegan recipe that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate incorporate any animal-derived ingredients .
Cons: Some users noted that the second and third base coats of this polish wear ’ t dry as quickly .
essie expressie nail polish, nail polish for men courtesy of Amazon

essie expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish


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