There ’ sulfur something enchanting about mermaids and something fabulously fun about mermaid smash art. Maybe it ’ s their ethereal beauty or the mystery of what lies beneath the waves. These mermaid designs can add a little tint of charming to your manicure and help highlight your fun side with a unique look .
Whether you want a simple design or something more detailed, we ’ ve gone through thousands of different designs to bring you a range of unlike ideas for inspiration or styles to try for yourself. For the kids or the kids at heart, these designs will make you feel part of a charming worldly concern.

mermaid nail design ideasA little bit of a different design on each finger but they tie together really well.
mermaid nail design ideasIf you look very closely there’s a subtle scale design on the ring finger here.
mermaid nail designSome simply fantastic detail on these nails. I don’t know what I love more, the artwork or the background colors.
mermaid nail polish designSome subtle use of glitter and this stamp to create a mermaid tail design. Bonus points for the blue to purple ombre style.
mermaid nail artWe couldn’t do this list without a Little Mermaid design. These decals and a few stones work well on the pink acrylics. This was on our nail ideas for kids list but I think they’re so cute I’d do this set myself.
mermaid nail polish designAnother take on the mermaid tail with a purple to pink ombre colorway but the subtle use of glitter here wins it for me.
mermaid nailsI’m in love. Seriously. Another Little Mermaid design with these cute little stamps over a subtle silver scale background.
mermaid nail design ideasI’m a sucker for bright and multicolor nail designs so this might be my favorite so far. Reverse stamped to create this cute mermaid scale design.
mermaid nail polish designA bright colorway, a fantastic yellow to orange ombre background silver scales and a whole lot of rhinestones.
mermaid nail polish designThe blues, glitter and seashell design is cute and the artist named this set ‘Unicorn Meets Mermaid’. I can see that.
mermaid nail designThe detail is stunning in the mermaid and shell stamps and they work really well again this glittery blue.
mermaid nail artA very lush nail set with a unique twist. It doesn’t have a specific mermaid design but the 3D bubble charms give a very underwater vibe and the pierced nail on the middle finger is a nice touch.
mermaid nail artThe sheer power of nail decals. These transparent gels would look cute but the mermaid hair flowing over the other nails is just perfect.
mermaid nail polish designThis design has a mix of a stunning sea shell and a mermaid tail pattern.
mermaid nail design ideasA similar style with a different colorway.
mermaid nail design
mermaid nail artA range of blue shades, a little rhinestone on the cuticle and that mermaid pattern on the ring finger make a great combination.
mermaid nailsPink, baby blue and some glitter for good measure. A fun ocean and mermaid design to this set.
mermaid nail design ideasIf you like something a little extra some cute starfish charms and rhinestones work with this design.
mermaid nail polish designThese press-ons have a similar idea but go into some real intricate detail. I love the bubble effect on the middle nail.
mermaid nailsIt’s hard to go wrong with pink and glitter against mermaid scales.
mermaid nail polish designFour pastel shades blended together and gold scales were stamped on top. Fantastic.
mermaid nailsThis set has a bit more of a subtle mermaid design to it. Some pinks, blues and a little glitter but it isn’t as overt.
mermaid nail designsA different take with a transparent background and some colorful polka dot tips.
mermaid nail polish designOr how about this similar take with the glitter at the cuticles? I love that the pink and blue alternate between fingers.
mermaid nail designsGel nails with some gold charms to give you that ‘under the sea’ vibe. Incredibly cute.
mermaid nail design ideasYou don’t need to have a mermaid look on every finger. The mermaid scales were stamped on the middle accent finger and it has an ombre colorway of the green and pink nails. Fantastic idea.
mermaid nailsIf mermaids had nail art (maybe they do?), this is what it would look like 👀
mermaid nail polish designBe a mermaid and make waves! Liquid metal polish to stamp the tail and the pink to blue ombre shell looks great.
mermaid nail polish designIf these nails don’t say “seas the day,” I don’t know what does.
mermaid nail designsIf 3D nail art is your thing how about this set? This one is pretty extra.
mermaid nailsThis is a new one. The entire tail design on the ring finger with a pink metallic against a deep blue looks like a tail swimming in the water.
mermaid nail polish designLong coffin acrylics with some blue beads create a bubble design at the top. The little silver charms are a nice touch.
mermaid nail designsSome light glitter and a matte finish over this amazing set. These sparkling mermaids were stamped on and the open clam with the gold pearl is a great touch.
mermaid nail designs
mermaid nail artInteresting colorway on this design. A hand-painted Ariel looks fantastic but is such a contrast with the rest of the set.
mermaid nailsI’m a sucker for a matte white background and the blue and white design go well together. Maybe more of an ocean vibe than mermaid but they’re just too cute I had to include them.
mermaid nail polish designA cute profile of a mermaid with a unique outline of the tail on the pinky. I love how these are done in a lighter shade of blue than the scales.
mermaid nail artA stunning holographic mermaid tail. Fantastic artwork.
mermaid nail designsIf you’re looking for me, just check under the sea 🌊
mermaid nail polish designHow about this chrome-plated manicure? Strong, sleek and utterly beautiful.
mermaid nailsSometimes less is a little more. A French reverse mermaid nail design gives us this very unique look.
mermaid nail designThe slight temperature change on the purple as it fades to matte white is perfectly done. Don’t miss the little bit of glitter on the index finger tail.
mermaid nail polish designRather than drawing the scales or accenting the shell with rhinestones, this design is a lot more subtle but still screams mermaid.
mermaid nailsA darker style with some incredible detail on these mermaid silhouettes. I think sometimes we overuse the term ‘nail art’ but this is just stunning.
mermaid nail design ideasAptly named ‘Mermaid Scales’. This cute set is mostly natural nails with this unique almost marble blue style and just a hint of glittery color. 🧜🏽‍♀️
mermaid nail designsShort almond mermaid nails. Blue is such an easy choice for this style and it highlights the gold stars really nicely.
mermaid nail design ideasThese bubbles are just so incredibly cute. And Flounder from the Little Mermaid as an accent nail is a big plus on this design. This set could double as beach nail art in general but maybe I just want an excuse to wear these colors.
mermaid nail design ideas
mermaid nail design ideasA single Ariel on each hand goes well with the pink and purple glitter vibe.
mermaid nail designThis might be my favorite on the entire list. Check out the subtle glitter specks on the middle fingers giving us that mermaid vibe but the ombre color shift is expertly done.
mermaid nail artIf subtle isn’t your thing then this design has a little bit of everything.
mermaid nail designsAnother take of the Little Mermaid Disney nail design. How did we not have Sebastian already? Hand-painted with a little bit of glitter and a whole lot of rhinestone.
mermaid nail design ideasUnder the sea where the water glitters and the animals glow!🐙 💜

I do hope this has given you some ideas for mermaid nails If you give this a go – I want to see it ! Send me a photograph of your mermaid nail artwork and we ’ ll feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from drug user submissions and unfold sources and we ’ ll constantly give citation. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we ’ ve got a credit wrong or you ’ five hundred rather we don ’ triiodothyronine feature of speech you – barely drop us an e-mail .

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