metallic tip nails
One of the hottest ways to wear a manicure is with a metallic topple. This look is good a stripe of metallic nail polish correct around where the smash would naturally turn white under the polish. It ’ s a highly versatile spirit that pairs great with high shimmer bases, matte bases and everything in between. Below are several ways to wear this eye-grabbing tendency .

Metallic strip

best metallic tip nails
One extra creative expression with metallic nails is to have a natural, glossy manicure with the whites of the nails showing. On the line between the whites and the rest of the breeze through, there ’ s a flimsy stripe of silver .

Gold tips

best metallic tip nails
A classy count for a gold lean is to pair it with a natural tan nude shade. It draws the eye to the metallic tips.

Silver tips

best metallic tip nails
This is a alike look as the manner above, but it uses silver metallic tips. It ’ s a good alternative if you prefer silver jewelry, as the two would match well .

Silver tips and stripes

best metallic tip nails
A great idea for a cohesive front is highly reflective silver tips with an stress nail that has horizontal upright stripes in the same reflective silver. The base of the nail in this attend is besides a nude shade .

Gold with glossy base

Best metallic tips
Another way to wear gold tips is to combine them with a base polish that has a glossy complete. Gold looks particularly alluring with a deep red.

Chrome with matte base

best metallic tips

Another idea is to combine a silvery chrome tip with a matte gray as a base. It makes the metallic tip pop all the more.
Metallic ombre tapered nail

best metallic tips
For a strike fashion statement, a tapered lean complete with a metallic tip starting at where the nail goes past the finger is an eye grabber. The metallic tips start gradually, creating an ombre look .

Gold tip with pink base

Best metallic tips
Another theme is to combine gold with another bright semblance as the infrastructure. In this sheath, aureate and pink work surprisingly well together. They complement each other ’ s affectionateness.

Doubled-ended gold tip

Best metallic tips
Another theme is to have a thin aureate tip with another thin line of amber at the basis of the nail by the pinpoint seam. This pairs well with a felt base to make the thin gold strips pop .

Gold tip with glitter accent nail

Best metallic tips
For a substantial alluring search, combine metallic tips with one glitter accent pinpoint matching the shade of the tips. This is another one of those looks that creates a cohesive spirit across the whole handwriting .

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