Milani Gold Label Specialty Nail Lacquer for Spring 2014
Milani Gold Label Nail Lacquer for spring 2014 is hera and is identical arouse !
There are two “ collections ” within the give 2014 course. One features six bright cream shades. The other includes six textured shimmers. All are new and coming out in February to a drugstore near you ( hopefully ) .
The brilliantly shades have a nice creamy formula and were identical opaque with precisely two coats. They are brilliantly, fun, very spring-like and gorgeous ! The textured shimmers are all aglitter shades, with diverse shapes and sized glitter. Most aren ’ t full-coverage, so they look best layered over another shadow, which I have shown you below.

Milani Gold Label Specialty Nail Lacquer-2
Milani Gold Label Specialty Nail Lacquer-3
Milani Gold Label Texture Nail Lacquer
Milani Gold Label Texture Nail Lacquer-2
Milani Popping Pink Popping Pink is a bright pink cream. This is two coats .
Milani Sugar Coated Sugar Coated has by and large green and holographic glitter pieces. This is two coats alone .
Milani Popping Pink and Sugar Coated Two coats of Sugar Coated over Popping Pink. I love a pink and green jazz band, it makes me SO READY for spring !
Milani Splendid Strawberry Splendid Strawberry is a medium bright pink cream. This is two coats .
Milani Sugar Cane Sugar Cane has largely purple and pink bar glitter with some small, medium and big white glitter. To be honest, I hated this matchless. I am not a fan of bar glitter to begin with because it barely looks messy to me. But besides the big chunks of flannel glitter didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go with it, and they barely seemed awkward. This is two coats .
Milani Splendid Strawberry and Sugar Cane Two coats of Sugar Cane over Splendid Strawberry. It doesn ’ t expression any better layered in my opinion .
Milani Colorful Coral Colorful Coral is a bright coral cream. This is two coats .
Milani Sugar Burst Sugar Burst has pale tap and holo glitter pieces. This is two coats .
Milani Colorful Coral and Sugar Burst This is two coats of Sugar Burst over Colorful Coral. I can handle the smaller amounts of legal profession glitter in this one. 😉
Milani Showy Sea-Green Showy Sea-Green is a bright eatage green. This is two coats .
Milani Sugar Rush Sugar Rush has pale k, pale orange, white and gold glitter all in the same size and shape. I in truth love this one because the colors go bang-up in concert ! This is two coats.

Milani Showy Sea-Green and Sugar Rush Two coats of Sugar Rush over Showy Sea-Green. Probably my favorite jazz band here .
Milani Power Periwinkle Power Periwinkle is a graphic periwinkle blue sky. This is two coats .
Milani Sugar Rim Sugar Rim is a by and large opaque glitter featuring lots of blasphemous, black, red and yellow small glitter. besides in this one are pieces of amber glass shard-like glitter, but it ’ randomness rather sparse. This was three thin coats and it ’ mho about wholly opaque. Love this one !
Milani Power Periwinkle and Sugar Rim Two coats of Sugar Rim over Power Periwinkle .
Milani Vivid Violet Vivid Violet is a bright purple purple with very, very insidious shimmer. This was two coats .
Milani Sugar High Sugar High features small glitter in faint blue, medium blue, crimson, gold, yellow and spill the beans. All the glitter pieces are the like size, which again, I love. This is two coats and one of my favorites hera .
Milani Vivid Violet and Sugar High Two coats of Sugar High over Vivid Violet. Love this jazz band !
Milani Gold Label Spring 2014 Collection
Overall: Well I in truth love the convention of the cream shades particularly. They are very bright and cover absolutely in two coats. The glitters are fun besides, but some didn ’ thymine completely “ wow ” me. They can be a morsel thick to work with so I suggest waiting in-between coats and possibly dabbing them on quite than brushing them on. My darling, and I think the most singular ones of these, are Sugar Rush, Sugar Rim and Sugar High .
Availability: Drugstores starting in February .
Pricing: $ 4.69 .
See anything here you will be stalking your drugstore for ?

Milani Gold Label Nail Lacquer for Spring 2014

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