How to Clean an Enail: Best Practices for Quartz vs. Titanium Nails
How to Clean an Enail: Best Practices for Quartz vs. Titanium Nails

Functional, reliable, and designed to endure, an eNail for your tap fishing gear is an investment that will last you a life – if taken concern of by rights. The magic trick of the MiniNail is that it ’ second designed to stay durable and functional throughout many years of use, sol learning how to clean a tap rig by rights will keep yours sparkling clean will go a retentive way in giving it a long and felicitous life .
In this post, we ’ ll go through a few tips and tricks that ’ ll break down best practices for micro enail scavenge and maintenance .

Why Should I Clean My Enail?

While the frequency at which you clean your enail will vary across exploiter preference, first and foremostly, we recommend developing a habit of coherent and hindrance care. This is actually a fortune simpler than it sounds : if you lightly and promptly clean your MiniNail after each use, you ’ ll save prison term and attempt doing trench cleans in the farseeing melt .
Keeping a hoard of Q-tips on hand is a big habit to get used to : using a wet cotton swab after each dab will help prevent residue build-up and harden. When you wipe off the surfeit oil after each use, you ensure a much cleaner enail that will give your petroleum a better taste and drum sander reach .

How to Clean Your Titanium Enail

Enails can be a bite far-out to clean, so there are a few things to keep in thinker to make certain yours doesn ’ metric ton unintentionally get damaged in the process. For example, many sources suggest avoiding using rubbing alcohol as a clean solution for cleaning a titanium smash since the material is holey .
When it comes to cleaning quartz nails, you should avoid getting them to extremely high temperatures – believe it or not, you can actually risk burning the quartz glass to the compass point of devitrification. This is when the crystal in your quartz actually undergoes a change in its atomic structure and loses its lastingness and glow, and can risk undergoing a stress fracture .
now that we ’ ve provided a few pointer guard tips, we ’ ll outline a few alternative tried and tested methods .

The Cotton Swab/ Q-Tip Method

When you ‘re done with each dab, give your e-nail a swipe with a besotted q-tip dipped in purify water system. We have found this to be the best method acting to keep your dish/buckets clean. We have found there to be no devitrification of the quartz with this method either. The q-tip method may sound simple, but trust us this method works .

The Scrape Method

When you want to take caution of some minor buildup in your MiniNail, merely use a sharp dabber creature or sharp metallic object like a paper clip to get into all of those nooks and crannies. This method acting is a good first step for cleaning your titanium collar of carbon, but won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in full take care of any residual stickiness .

The High Heat Method

By far the quickest and most low-maintenance method acting, torching your enail to clean it just mimics the motions of setting up to take a hit. All you do is apply a morsel of extra heat to your nail so that any residue liquifies, and then plainly wipe it clean .
Since MiniNails don ’ thyroxine require an actual torch ( adieu, butane ! ) we recommend heating your pinpoint to 1100 F and leaving it on for about 20 minutes to burn off any remainder carbon. We recommend an optimum cleaning time of 2-3 times a workweek, depending on the frequency of consumption.

How to Clean your Quartz Enail

Although we typically want to avoid cleaning titanium nails with an alcohol-based solution, that ’ s not the encase for a quartz glass pinpoint, which can benefit from a miniskirt rubbing alcohol bath. Simply soak your quartz glass collar in a solution of ISO alcohol + a pinch of salt and shake the container to loosen any haunting remainder .
If you choose this method acting, make certain to take a few minutes after soaking to burn off any alcohol traces that might remain by seasoning it. This is done by heating up your quartz nail with bantam amounts of condense in them to burn off any chemical residue .

How to Set your Enail Kit to Cleaning Mode

last but not least, getting your MiniNail into cleaning mode requires noting a few authoritative details .

  • Cleaning manner is started and stopped manually in the same way as you would manually set your MiniNail temperature .
  • To activate the scavenge manner, bid and hold the ^ button until the display reads approximately 1100 F – there ’ s some leeway in going up or down 50 F .
  • Cleaning time – if you ’ re sticking with the traditional “ torch ” method, should not go over 15 minutes .
  • once you ’ re done heating the pinpoint and have scraped any leftover remainder, you can return your MiniNail set temperature to the nonpayment of 600F by pressing the V push button.

For more tips, tricks, and MiniNail best practices download our handy MiniNail User Manual. It ’ s an excellent resource to have on hand that will cover anything and everything you might need to know when it comes to taking the best care of your device .
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