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Share your love of Minnie Mouse on your fingertips at your next Disney trip. What better way than to rock some Minnie Mouse nails!
Find inspiration here to make Minnie Mouse nail art with 30 designs .
This Minnie Mouse smash round-up is a capital compliment to our collection of best Mickey Mouse nails and Disney nails.

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Minnie Mouse Nail Polish

Let ’ s arrive started with colors .
For girls, Minnie has a rainbow of colors to use in her Townley set .
For us “ big ” girls, nail down polish brands like OPI have released Disney branded collections, including a F rench Minnie Mouse and Vintage Minnie stage set. Minnie Mouse Nail Polishes have come from extremist bubbling hot pinks to matte reds .
basically, if you grab breeze through polish in these colors, you ’ ll get the Minnie Mouse expect :

  • Cherry red
  • Fuschia or Hot Pink 
  • Black
  • White 
  • Glitters, shimmers, and everything in between

The sky ’ s the limit to make it your own. Find these colors and you ’ ll have what you need to make your own Minnie Mouse Nail Polish solicitation .

Minnie Mouse Nails Ideas

Below we have assembled the best Minnie Mouse nail ideas to provide ideas on how to put these colors to use .
With a little practice, you can create these breeze through designs on your own. Or, if it ’ s more practical, just save these ideas as inspiration and take to your local nail down salon and have a professional work some Minnie Mouse magic on you .

1. Iconic Minnie Nails 

( informant : @ polishedbeautybar, Instagram )
Cherry red, polka dots, black, and white is how to do Minnie Mouse nails the easiest means possible !

2. Ears, Bows, and Polka Dots Nails

30 Favorite Minnie Mouse Nails
( source : @ justnails.pl, Instagram )
These nails absolutely emulate Disney. Just add bows to the signature colors then your nails have “ Minnie ” written all over them !

3. Sultry Minnie Nail Art

( informant : @ carissavissa, Instagram )
stress on dark shades of red and go dense with the black to get a more sophisticate tone to your nails. Short and round will besides keep them from breaking on the rides at Disneyland .

4. Neutral with Minnie Accents

( reservoir : @ princessnini, Instagram )
Switch up the aglitter pink or bright red for a more nude-pink to get this coy Minnie look .

5. Primary Colors Minnie Nails

( source : @ decorateddigits, Instagram )
Get nails as cheerful and colorful as the Disney Magic Kingdom by adding jaundiced and blue to the pallette .
here ’ s some ideas you can take to the salon to get your own consummate crafted Mickey Mouse acrylic nails.

6. Pink Stripes & Polka Dots for Minnie Mouse Nails

Add some faith, trust, and pixie dust to your fingertips. Your nails will look magical with holographic Mickey Mouse ears and a pearl and ombre sheen!
( source : @ neonailpoland, Instagram )
Did you know that Minnie and Mickey Mouse were married in actual life ? Okay, the characters never wed, but their voice actors did. Minnie ’ second articulation actress, Russi Taylor, married Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey for 32 years .

7. Cable Knit Textured Minnie Nails

( informant : @ nailsbyabbeybright, Instagram )
Glitter and texture, yes please for these gel smash ! This cosy cable knit search is perfect for winter .

Minnie Mouse Nail Decals

Adding a large bow to mouse ears might need more than a Minnie Mouse nails tutorial to accomplish. specially if you ’ re working on small nails ! See how early used Minnie Mouse smash decals to make beautiful works of art .

8. White, Pink, and Gold Minnie Mouse Decal Nails

( informant : @ polishedlooksbymelissa, Instagram )
How cute is this one with Minnie and Mickey looking across at each early ?

9. Super Glitter with Minnie Decal Party Nails

( reference : @ la.vie_bylydia, Instagram )
Different glitter for every smash. Make Minnie pop by keeping her come on a normal shininess .

10. Wild Animal Print with Minnie Party Nails

( source : @ _patrycjakruk, Instagram )
Get these bombshell Minnie nails by adding leopard mark decals to the nails .

11. Swarovski Crystals and Minnie Nails

( source : @ hungarynails, Instagram )
With Minnie Mouse, diamonds, a Minnie touch, and polka dots, these nails feel perfect for a vintage-loving queen .

12. Pastel Bright Colorful Minnie Decal Nails

( beginning : @ nail4u_pilniki_kosmetyczne, Instagram )
change out the color pallette for brights and pastels and keep the polka dots to get this playfulness spin from normal Minnie Mouse nails .

13. Mini Minnie on Simple, Clean Nails

( reservoir : @ elebeautycenter, Instagram )
This is a dim-witted Minnie Mouse breeze through invention you can even pull off from home with these decals.

Minnie Mouse Acrylic Nails

Take one of these ideas to the salon to inspire your artist to make Minnie Mouse acrylic fiber nails .

14. Glitter – Iridescent Minnie Acrylic Nails  

( informant : @ anais2625, Instagram )
Between the silver glitter and the pearl-iridescent shininess, these Minnie Mouse nails will have you seeing faith, hope, and elf scatter on your fingernails !

15. Neon Pink Acrylic Nails

( source : @ tones_mendoza, Instagram )
Make Minnie very pop by pairing her with a neon hot pink shade .

16. Pink Glittery Acrylic Nails

( source : @ nailsby.jbunny, Instagram )
Add some major Minnie swag with diamonds and bows glued onto the acrylic nails .

17. Bold Red, White and Black Acrylic Nails

( source : @ tiffani_msnailangel, @ Insta g ram )
There ’ s a lot of amazing details you can do with long coffin acrylic nails. Try one or all of these ideas from this bold look .

18. Baby Pink Baby Minnie Mouse Acrylic Nails

( source : @ home_of_deva, Instagram )
This all-things-baby-Minnie attend is merely excessively cute to not to put on your fingers .

19. Polka Dots & Bows Acrylic Nails

( reference : @ b_dazzledbeauty, Instagram )
Nails to absolutely match your Minnie Mouse base – not a bad idea !

20. Gemstones and Decal Acrylic Nails

( reference : @ priscillanails, Instagram )
Bedazzle your acrylic nails with Minnie Mouse decals, glitter, gems, and more .

Minnie Mouse Christmas Nail Art

Taking a Christmas Disney Cruise or visiting one of the Disney park in December ? Celebrate your approaching vacation vacation with one of these Minnie Mouse Christmas nail art ideas .

21. Shimmery Snowflake Minnie Mouse Acrylic Nails

( source : @ b_dazzledbeauty, Instagram )
just looking at these nails will get you feeling “ gay and bright. ” These acrylics are perfect for cozying up and streaming all the Christmas movies on Disney + .

22. Candy Cane Minnie Mouse Nails 

( beginning : @ plaamkaa, Instagram )
Make your nails look a delightful as sugarcoat with stripes and Christmas Minnie Mouse nail art .

23. Holiday Minnie Themed Nail Art

Perfect for Christmas
( source : @ katebudzinski, Instagram )
Wreath and Christmas plaid art all assorted in with Minnie Mouse ears. If these nails aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate gay, what is ?

24. Holographic Holiday Acrylic Nails

( source : @ nicoleroseartistry, Instagram )
Have your nails shine american samoa bright as the lights on the castle during Mickey ’ s Christmas Show with this sweetly holographic shininess .

Minnie Mouse Halloween Nail Art

Minnie Mouse looks great in every season ! here are more inhalation for a travel to Disney World in October .

25. Glitter Pumpkin Minnie Nails

( informant : @ mones_nail_polish, Instagram )
orange aglitter ears and a white bow should get your nails ready to go for Mickey ’ s “ not then chilling ” Party .

26. Frankenstein Minnie Nails

( source : @ mones_nail_polish, Instagram )
Switch up your colors to a charnel fleeceable and eerie grey to get your spoooooky nails cook for the Oogie Boogie Bash .

Additional Minnie Mouse Nail Ideas

27. Colorblocked Short Minnie Nails

( reference : @ bepolishedbymorgan, Instagram )
Mix up the Minnie Mouse collar polish colors with a pop of empurpled for an interesting twist .

28. French Tip Minnie Party Nails

( informant : @ hungarynails, Instagram )
hera ’ s a charming Disney twist to the classical french tip .

29. White Coffin Nails

( beginning : @ nails_bylola, Instagram )
Feeling a small playful ? Minnie Mouse sneaking up on your white coffin nails is a playfulness count .

30. Rose Gold Minnie Ears Nails

( reservoir : @ nails_by_erin, Instagram )

Rose gold lovers rejoice ! Check out this beautiful, aglitter Minnie Mouse nail down blueprint .


Hope you enjoyed these Minnie Mouse complete tutorials. When you learn how to do Mickey Mouse nails, it will completely change your nail choices and credibly how you look at your visits to Disney parks 😀
so, which of these Minnie Mouse pinpoint ideas excite you ? Post your favorites in the comments !

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