Metallic chrome or mirror nails look ultra-futuristic, ready to instantaneously elevate even the simplest look. If you ’ ra intrigued, we ’ ve got everything you need to know about chrome pinpoint polish. We give the details on how you can achieve the perfect chrome collar manicure for an attention-getting and durable manicure, along with some tips on how to pull it off .

Mirror Nails Tutorial

These are the instructions for the smoothest, longest-lasting mirror nails.

  1. Prep First things first, wash your hands, and wipe away any old smash polish you were wearing with some collar polish remover.
  2. Shape Your Nails once your hands are dry, file your nails into a supreme headquarters allied powers europe that you like, and then brush away any nail gunpowder .
  3. Apply a Base Coat Apply a clean basis coating to your nails. Ridge-filling base coats are ideal, because mirror nail polish can sometimes highlight any unevenness in the pinpoint. Allow at least 2 minutes for the base coat to dry.
  4. Apply a Metallic Polish future, apply your first base coat of metallic nail polish. First, make sure there is precisely the correct measure of polish on the brush by wiping off the surfeit on the lip of the nail down polish bottle. Next, working in quick motions, swipe the first coat on starting as close to the cuticles as you can get without actually covering them in polish, and pull the brush upwards. You might want to do this in two parts, specially for the wide-eyed pinpoint on the finger. Don ’ thyroxine concern if the beginning coat international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine wholly opaque.
  5. Apply a Second Coat Wait two minutes for the first coat to dry, and then apply a moment coat in the same manner. This is besides your opportunity to fill in any gaps and build up the opacity.
  6. Work on the Tips For a more durable manicure, wrap the color around the nail down by lightly coating the point in chrome collar polish .
  7. Apply a Top Coat Allow the smash polish to dry for two minutes, and then finish the look off with a high-shine top-coat.
  8. Let It Dry Give it at least 10 minutes to in full dry, and then find a luminosity source so you can admire the complexity and shininess of your mirror nail polish !

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Getting Chrome Nails Using Mirror Nail Powder

For the shiniest mirror nails, you can besides use mirror nail gunpowder rather of your regular chrome complete polish. If you choose this path, here are the steps to follow :

  • Repeat the same first steps as outlined above, filing your nails and applying a base coat, waiting for it to completely dry.
  • Now, apply the mirror nail powder either using a special applicator or a foam, eyeshadow brush. Tap the powder on your nails making sure to cover the nail bed entirely.
  • Using the foam brush, buff the surface of the nail to remove any excess powder and make it all appear smoother.
  • Dip a soft brush or a Q-tip into rubbing alcohol and gently remove any powder leftover from your nails with it.
  • Seal things with a water-based top coat. A regular top coat isn’t recommended here, since many people complain it cracks.
  • Once it’s completely dried, apply a regular top coat too to increase the longevity of your sparkling mirror nails.

How to Pull off Metallic Nails

Rocking metallic nails is 99 % attitude. attention-getting manicures are in, and you don ’ t need to worry about offending anyone with an unusual nail polish nuance .
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  • The only time when you should stay away from chrome nail polish is when your work environment explicitly forbids it, like in certain corporate offices or in situations where you handle food and all nail polish is forbidden.
  • The easiest and most noticeable route, of course, is to paint all of your nails in the same astounding chrome nail polish.
  • If you would like something more playful, select an accent nail or two to color with a metallic nail polish, while painting the rest of your nails in a more restrained color.
  • Mirror nail polish is great for adding a fun twist to a French manicure. You can use the metallic nail polish to paint the tips of your nails, or reverse it by having the base of your nail mirrored with white tips.
  • You can use manicure tape to create all kinds of geometric metallic nail art looks, especially if you’d like something more futuristic.
  • If you prefer to go in a more vintage route, consider using metallic nail polish and floral stamps over a shiny white base to mimic the metallic designs you can find on old porcelain dinner sets.

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