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painted-nails_682_802362a1 painted-nails_682_802362a1 As crossdressers we love to emulate the things that women do, and wear what women wear. many women enjoy having long breeze through decorated with colorful ( or dark and predict ) polish, or even adorn them with designs and jewels. Those of us who cross the sex barrier regularly, spending time as ladies on the weekend and spending the exploit workweek in male modality, can find it difficult to indulge in long, painted nails. But it can be done .
There are two ways to enjoy femme nails without revealing to your friends and associates that you are a crossdresser : Wear your own nails or use fudge nails. ( Telling everyone you ’ re a crossdresser makes everything a batch easier but we understand not everyone is cook to be that open. )

Growing Your Own

If you decide to keep your natural nails long enough to work for your femme presentation you will want to be able to pass inspection when you ’ re in male mood. excessively long nail on a world cause people to wonder why those nails are then long. How do you keep your nails from making people wonder ? There is a length that is retentive enough for painting but not so hanker that they attract attention when you ’ re being a dandy. The shorter nail course is helpful to us as many women have adopted it meaning we don ’ t have to grow ours besides long. To find that perfective libra duration you need to let your nails grow out. Keep them more blunt than sharp or rounded and wait till anyone makes a gloss about the duration of your nails. When person last asks about them say, “ Oh, I guess they need trimming. ” Try to adopt an expression that says, “ immediately how did I not notice they were getting that long ? ”
The adjacent clock you meet that person and they see your nails be sure that you have filed them back barely a bite. Most likely they won ’ t say anything if your nails look a snatch short .

Behavior Modification

Some of your movement can give undue care to your hands. Most men don ’ metric ton talk with their hands. Some do like to gesticulate but in general male hand movement tends to be more grave. Try to keep your hands still while you are conversing in male mode. Waving them around to emphasize points gives people a better look at the length of your nails. If possible keep your fingers in your pockets. Don ’ metric ton do this sol much that people begin to get leery about it. You don ’ thyroxine want them talking about “ eldritch Dave in accounting. You know the guy who always has his hands in his pockets ? ” As a woman you want to use your hands to direct your conversation, much like a conductor directs an orchestra. In femme mode proudly show off your breeze through art. That ’ randomness why you want to paint them in the first place .

Fake Nails

For many years I kept the majority of my nails short. I say that because I kept my thumbnails longer. I used “ press on nails ” on all my fingers, but my thumbnail was excessively wide and I could not find a fake pinpoint that fit. I kept the other nails short since I played the guitar in a band and not knowing how Dolly Parton can play guitar with her superintendent long pinpoint I kept my nails trimmed .
If you can get fakes that fit your thumbnails by all means use them. I did find that having the thumbnail very made it easier to grasp things without having to worry about an opposable finger launching its nail across the board .
The big thing about forge nails is that you can pre-paint them. You can take a man of cardboard ( the kind that comes in a box of pantyhose works well ) and place rolled pieces of magnetic tape on it. The tape is rolled with the sticky side out so it sticks to the cardboard. After you have filed the forge nails to fit your individual fingers ( you want them to fit snugly against your cuticles so they look as if they ’ re growing out of the carapace ) you cautiously press them down onto the tape in the holy order they will be applied to your fingers. When they are securely attached you open your nail polish and slather it on. Two to three evenly apply coats should give you a master nail salon end. Allow each coat to dry throughly .
If you keep longer thumbnails all you need to do on the night you ’ re going out en femme is to paint your thumbnails, wait till they are wholly dry and then stick the pre-painted talk through one’s hat nails over your other nails .

Sticking Them On

Avoid collar glue. There are two reasons for this. First off it messes up your own nails. After using nail glue for awhile you will find your nails becoming thin and more brittle. If you are planning a long stretch of crossdressing such as a convention or a week ’ s vacation en femme then you may want to use pinpoint glue. You can besides visit a pinpoint salon and have tips done by a professional. They are more likely to last for your whole venture. Which brings us to the second cause to avoid nail down glue .
Nail glues are brittle. When you press the forge nail down onto the sink of glue the chemical bond that forms won ’ t give under ordinary blackmail. If you tap a complete on a hard coat with enough violence it will give — promptly and completely, sending your nail flying across the room. Or if you are pulling up your pantyhose excessively much violence can leave a nail down stick in the hose girdle .
wardrobe on pinpoint tabs are well. ( Be careful adjusting your hose, though. Press ons can pull off. ) They are basically an adhesive. You peel off the newspaper on one side of the tab key and stick the adhesive material surface onto your complete. ( clean your nail throughly before you start. ) then after smoothing it down you peel off the other side and press the juke nail down into target. Stick the edge of the smash that goes next to your cuticle in place first then press down on the rest of the nail. The advantage of an adhesive material is that it is not brittle. If you happen to knock a smash onto a hard open the bond doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate crack. It is likely to give a morsel but you can press the pinpoint back down. It should hold until you can take time to replace the pill. Be sure to have some spare tabs in your bag .
One disadvantage of the breeze through yellow journalism is that the adhesive material will lose it ’ s sticky nature if you get body of water under your juke smash. No hired hand washing. Keep them dry.

If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find adhesive material smash tab key in the smash caution section of your local drugstore you can get The Breastform Store ’ s Double Sided Tapes for Breast Forms and repurpose some of it for nail down adhesion. Cut out tabs to fit your fingers. It is made of the like type of adhesive as the nail pill ; a flat adhesive sandwiched between two strips of paper. not arsenic childlike as the precut tab but just as, or more, awkward .
If you don ’ metric ton want to bother painting your juke nails there are all kinds of pre-painted and decorated nails available in most smasher sections of your local drug shop. Whether you decide to grow your own and keep them at that arrant length for either sex or you go for press ons — have fun with your pretty nails !
Those are my complete tips for CDs who wish to have lovely nails when en femme but need to not have people wondering what ’ s up with their nails when they ’ ra being manfully. If you have any other tips on how you do your nails to easily pass back and forth across the gender border please share them in the gloss area below .

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