When picking a shade for a bluff nail expression, scandalmongering may not be your inaugural option ( or your second, or third ). But yellow nail designs in 2021 have shown that the semblance is more clothing than smasher lovers in the first place thought. From soft pastel buttercup to electric neon to warm mustard, different shades of chicken nail polish can be worn all year circle. not alone is yellow a sunshine-inspired climate booster ( something you ’ ll decidedly appreciate as the weather gets colder and cold ), but it ’ s besides a versatile shade that you can wear solo or subtly incorporate into a design. “ My favorite ways to incorporate yellow in a manicure would be brushstrokes of yellow or dots of yellow, ” nail artist Canishiea Robinson tells Bustle. “ Those small accents bring so much to the mani. ” yellow can besides take your patterned nails to the next level. Celebrity complete artist Jessica Tong loves to use the color in anything from animal print to flames. “ however, ” she notes, “ I love using yellow largely with any kind of glad face print. I love the pop art quality. ” Whether you always like to rock bluff nails or you ’ ra looking for a fresh shade to test out, here are 10 yellow complete designs that will have you running to your manicurist.


Yellow French Tips

If you ’ rhenium feel hesitant about trying chicken collar designs, test the hue on your tips first. Colorful french manicures have been having a major moment for a while now — they ’ re a fun, low stakes means to experiment with the shade.


Smiley Face Nails

Smiley front nails will cheer you up again and again. Plus, the plan is such a atavism to the ’ 90s and easy to recreate with nail down stickers.


Solid Mustard

“ Mustard yellow is always a fall reach, ” Robinson says. Dive veracious in and wear the tad solo, or use it as an accent shade ( Robinson says the mustard is a great complimentary imbue ) against other wintry nail polish colors like slate or burgundy.


Marigold Accents

If you want to use jaundiced as an stress shade, incorporate another warm yellow shade like marigold to your manicure. Paired with contrasting colors like a muffle pink, it creates an unexpected jazz band that looks fresh.


Negative Space Designs

Who doesn ’ thyroxine love a good negative space manicure ? According to Robinson, you can ’ thyroxine go wrong by playing about with yellow negative space nail designs. Take it to the next level and add geometric lines in a dark shade for a bold count that ’ mho perfect for winter.


Asymmetrical Clouds

here ’ s another great invention to try if you ’ re feeling apprehensive about rocking yellow nails. A cloud-like design in a piano pastel polish is a great theme.


Color Block Nails

chicken makes a statement on its own, but combined with the other two basal colors ? It creates an artsy, graphic look that ’ s sol pretty it belongs in a museum.


Deep Tips

here ’ s another style for retro french manicure lovers. These deep tips play on minus distance, and are the perfective purpose to show off lots of bluff shades like yellow.


Dainty Floral Details

Pastel nails shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just be reserved for strong days. A soft buttercup yellow is besides pretty not to wear all year rung. Add neutral-colored minimalistic details to create a nail look perfective for any affair.


Half & Half

This strip design is a capital way to introduce yellow to your manicure. It ’ s a major drop nail art tendency, not to mention ace DIY-friendly .

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