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Welcome to The Nail Salon at Dante ! Our complete care services are offered in our intimate nail salon setting where you can get away from the bustle & bustle of everyday life. Our humble scale nail department provides clients with a quiet, safe, relaxing, clean environment where you can be convinced that you will receive ace services !

We hold a bounty on cleanliness & thoroughly sanitize before and after each customer. Our stations have partitions between them & we have dividers between you & your breeze through technician. Our stallion staff is vaccinated & for good meter, we always wear our masks. We never double dip with our paraffin treatments or waxing services & we always use pedicure liners .

We offer a wide array of collar services & with global class collar technicians, our nail department creates an oasis for all your manicure & pedicure needs !

Our breeze through salon is a belittled scale private haven where you can escape from the busy over crowded smash salons. We have a 7 day guarantee on all of our collar enhancement services .

*Please note, classical nail polish removal is included with all of our fully service nail salon services. For gel polish, SNS, or any other collar enhancement removal extra charges may apply .


classical Manicure – $ 25.00
cream, petroleum, or lotion is applied to the cuticles beginning, then your hands are placed into a smasher of warm water for about five minutes to soak. Your nails will be shaped and cut to your preference. then you will receive a hand and forearm massage followed by an optional classical breeze through polish application with the color of your choice ( if you choose to wear polish ) .​
organic Manicure – $ 40.00
A authoritative manicure featuring 100 % all organic products .

Ultimate Spa Manicure – $ 45.00
An Ultimate Spa Manicure is a must for anyone with dry or overwork hands. This is a classical manicure but besides includes a paraffin wax handwriting treatment covered with hot towels used to infuse the peel with instantaneous moisture, leaving it smooth and lissome. It besides includes a induce hand massage and finishes with a chic basic manicure polish look. The paraffin discussion includes assorted oils, like grape seed, for supernumerary moisturizing benefits .

Lavender Ultimate Spa Manicure – $ 55.00
Everything included in our Ultimate Spa Manicure but infused with lavender all-important oils & all lavender products !

nail down Enhancements : “ No Chip ” Manicures

Gel Manicure ( Shellac ) – $ 45.00
This “ NO CHIP ” manicure includes everything that our classical manicure does, but it uses a special mousse polish that requires curing under LED fall to lock in permanent results. A gel base coating, coloring material coat ( second ), & top coat are applied & cured between each level to “ lock the semblance in ”. This manicure lasts weeks longer than the polish used for a classic manicure, and is less prone to chipping .

SNS Manicure- $ 60.00
SNS stands for Signature Nail System- it is the original & initiate of ” gunpowder dim systems ” and remains the gold standard of “ dipping powder manicures ” in the complete diligence. It ’ mho fantastic because it ‘s a durable manicure ( up to 2-4 weeks with proper caution ), and fortified with vitamins & minerals to help keep your nails healthy & strong- make it a great option to gel, shellac, or acrylic nails .

The process : Your nails are prepared the lapp way they are for our authoritative Manicure- if you have existing polish on your nails, your nail technician will start by removing this & will go on to clean + shape your nails, once prepped & clean, a base coat is applied, then dipped cursorily into the color powder of your choice, which is then repeated several times, and finished with a greatcoat to create a long persistent result. No curing under a alight or dry time required .

smash Enhancements : SNS + Nail Extensions/Tips

SNS Manicure/Full Set with Tips ( Nail Extension ) – $ 80.00+
Healthier alternative to acrylics ! SNS with tips is a perfect alternative to traditional acrylics because it ‘s way better for you, your nails, and the environment ! We never use a coarse drill on your nails, and avoid the harsh chemicals & smell of acrylic powder by opting for SNS powderize rather ! You get the same results or better with SNS + tips, they are good as strong & farseeing persistent but without the unpleasant smack of acrylic fiber while getting them done … It ‘s such a great option that we are an acrylic free nail salon !

Includes : polish removal, complete reduce, shaping, yellowish brown, carapace care/push cuticle down/cut, complete extension application & formation, base coat, color powder coats, top coat, lotion massage, and finished with carapace vegetable oil .

Fills are recommended every two weeks- factors such as life expressive style & length of fourth dimension between fills can have an impact on whether a tip needs to be changed or filled. If you wait longer than 2 weeks for your meet, a new Full Set may be required to maintain the integrity of your manicure. *Additional charges may apply for extra enhanced distance or design .

SNS Fill ( for SNS with Tips ) – $ 65.00+
Fills are recommended every two weeks & are typically $ 65 for a fill on SNS ( with tips ). price may vary if a newly nail down tip/extension is required. Factors such as life dash & length of meter between fills can have an affect on whether a lean needs to be changed or filled. If you wait longer than 2 weeks for your fill, a fresh Full Set may be required to maintain the integrity of your manicure .

other Types of Nail Enhancements

Gel Manicure with Tips – wide Set starting at $ 90.00 / Fills $ 65+
nail enhancements are attached to the natural nails giving them length and a gel polish that requires curing under LED light. This lasts days longer than the polish used for a basic manicure, and is less prone to chipping.

diamond Manicure ( with or without tips ) – full Set $ 90.00 / Fills $ 60.00
diamond nails are a sophisticated form of nail enhancement. Diamond powderize nails, while alike to SNS, add matchless forte to your nails than any other dip, gel, or acrylic fiber manicure. The addition of diamond gunpowder adds an element of luxury to your self-care experience with us & gives you the strongest breeze through enhancement ! They are strong and durable and is applied by brushing a base coat to the nails and then dipping the nail into diamond gunpowder. It is about odorless and can be applied over the lifelike pinpoint or any collar point. Diamond nails can be worn with or without polish .

Silk Wrap Nails ( overlay ) – $ 60.00+ / Fills $ 45.00+
A Silk Wrap Manicure is pretty much precisely what it sounds like ! A wrap surrounds your nails with finely applied silk that creates a lengthen, strengthened nail with shininess and a beautiful result !
*Price varies by service supplier. Please call for more detail price .

Silk Wrap Nails with Tips – $ 80.00
*Prices submit to change based on distance desired. Please call for more detail information .

classic Pedicure – $ 50.00
A classical pedicure is the most common type of discussion for your toes. This method acting starts with a warm foundation souse and a foundation scrub. It is followed by clipping your nails, shaping or filing the edges, pushing of cuticles, foot massage, moisturizing and applying a nail polish if you wish. This type of pedicure is desirable for people who prefer a dim-witted and send sustenance treatment .

Hot Stone Pedicure – $ 70.00
A watering place grade pedicure with longer massage time & paraffin followed by an stretch foot & leg your serve provider will incorporate hot stones .

Gel Pedicure – $ 75.00
Includes : polish removal, nail snip, shaping, buff, warm water soaking each foundation, carapace care/push cuticle down/cut, callus removal, aloe ocean salt cancel, leg wash, warm towel, lotion massage, alcohol removal, gelatin al-qaeda coat, gelatin main coat, gel top coat, LED lamp to dry, lotion and vegetable oil .

Ultimate Spa Pedicure – $ 75.00
An Ultimate Spa Pedicure is besides like to a regular pedicure but with extra services and benefits. The treatment is longer and includes a hot towel wrap, cooling marine mud mask, methane series wax treatment, and a longer massage. This is a more expensive treatment but your feet will feel more pamper and deluxe after getting an ultimate resort hotel pedicure. This type of pedicure makes your feet feel relaxed and rejuvenated particularly after a long day .

Lavender Spa Pedicure – $ 80.00
Includes… classical nail polish removal, nail down snip, shaping, buff, detoxifying infantry intoxicate, cuticle care- pushing of cuticles & trim, enhanced callus removal followed by a deluxe lavender infused foot scrub, lavender mud hydrating infantry & branch masquerade wrapped with hot towels, cleanse with warm towels & wash, enhanced massage with lavender cream infused with essential oils, lavender hydrating paraffin masquerade treatment with electric booties for add moisture & relaxation leaving dry feet baby soft !

Organic Spa Pedicure – $ 80.00
This health spa pedicure features 100 % all organic products including a detox eucalyptus bathe fail, enhanced callus removal, an extend foot and leg scrub, followed by a cool marine mud masquerade, a 10 min. hot stone and metrical foot and leg massage, and warm paraffin discussion .

Zero Gravity Waterless Steam Pedicure – $ 85.00
Our zero gravity pedicure chairs allow you to recline 100 % all the way down & feature a 48 point acupressure massage function. The zero graveness pedicure will give an alone feel of rest as a consequence of feeling weightless in the chair. In the arid pedicure we use a pedicure barrel to steam the legs and feet. This is not lone very relaxing but it is considered the most hygienic imprint of pedicure available. After the legs and feet have been steamed for 10-15 minutes, the remainder of the classic pedicure is performed as the client is wholly reclined !

Zero Gravity Waterless Steam Spa Pedicure – $ 95.00
All the indulgence of the Zero Gravity Waterless Steam Pedicure with an promote foundation & branch scrub, cooling marine mud masquerade, hot stone foot & leg massage and a ardent methane series animal foot treatment .

New Service offer …

All Natural Volcanic Collagen Pearl Spa Pedicure – $ 110
Includes herbal heated neck & shoulder envelop, flower petal foot soak followed by our detoxifying volcanic crystal foot bathroom while you enjoy a acupressure massage in our massage pedicure chairs followed by classic nail polish removal, collar trim, shaping, buff, carapace care- pushing & trim of cuticles, enhanced callus removal followed by exfoliating volcanic foot scrub infused with a blend of agio oils, foot & branch collagen masquerade wrapped with hot towels, cleansed with warm towels & rinsed, enhance massage with collagen massage cream followed by hot rock massage with all-important oils, finished with moisturizing methane series masquerade treatment with electric booties for add hydration & easiness leaving dry feet smooth & supple !

Add-On Services

Nail Design – start at + $ 5

Gel Removal – $ 10.00+

french Tips ( on authoritative or gel ) – $ 10.00

french Tips ( on SNS ) – $ 15.00

Paraffin Treatment – $ 15.00
A strong wax treatment masks the clamber to help penetrate oils into the skin & rise moisture levels immediately. A bang-up rescue for over dried or cracking hands/feet

accessory Hot Stone Foot & Leg Massage – $ 15.00
Add to any pedicure to enhance relaxation & to release tension, during the regular massage prison term your service provider will incorporate hot stones

30 Minute Hot Stone Foot & Leg Massage – $ 55.00
This is an a-la-carte avail that may be added onto a regular pedicure to extend common massage times or may be booked as a resort hotel service

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