Let ’ s take a expression at some cartoon nail art designs !
After the extreme boredom of lockdown, we all need a small bracer. I ’ ve got barely the thing .
This post is broad of bright, happy, aglitter fun, and nostalgic nail art that ’ s guaranteed to tip your prettiness scale into overdrive ! I ’ molarity gon na show you the most colored, creative, and gosh-darn cute nails out there.

From Adventure Time and anime-inspired designs to your favored Disney characters and some surprise throwbacks like Scooby-Doo and… well you ’ ll have to wait and see ! ready for a major dose of cartoon prettiness ?


1. The Powerpuff Girls.

Wow, it ’ sulfur hard to believe that this show started waaaay back in 1998 !
It ’ s now 15 years since the Powerpuff Girls final episode aired back in 2005 .
But who could forget the usher that spread such positive messages of amour propre and female authorization ?
We ’ rhenium absolutely loving this portrayal of Buttercup, Bubbles, and Blossom .
Can you remember which color is which ?

2. Minnie and Mickey mouse.

here ’ s a couple of faces I ’ meter certain you ’ ll accredit .
Say hello to the populace ’ s most celebrated mouse – a la nail artwork !
I ’ m loving this extremely sophisticated bold and modern take on Disney nails !
Simply stunning, they ’ rhenium giving me very-grown-up-but-still-in-touch-with-my-inner-child vibes .
You can ’ t have a list of cartoon breeze through art designs without Mickey and Minnie !

3. Spirited Away.

Who says a list of cartoon complete art designs can ’ t include anime ? No-one !
I absolutely adore this intricate nail down art purpose which is based around Miyazaki ’ sulfur classical 2001 anime movie, Spirited Away .
It incorporates many of the memorable characters, like no-face and Boh .
But I peculiarly like the short blacken carbon black sprites .
They look so cunning against that aglitter background of colorful stars !
here ’ s a better painting of the other hand, which shows Haku the graceful white dragon – barely beautiful !

4. Pink Panther.

“ Pretty in pinko ”, the panther said with a wink…
This gorgeous purpose is perfect for those who have fallen in sexual love with the world ’ s most charming panther .
This charismatic character has stood the trial of time .
Dating all the way back to the early 1960s, and still going solid today, the pink panther has captured all of our hearts for the best part of the survive 50 years .

5. Adventure Time – Lady Rainicorn featuring Marceline.

Isn ’ metric ton this one of the cutest cartoon nail art designs you always saw ?
We ’ ve thrown a few venture time designs into this post plainly because there are precisely therefore many amazing ones to choose from !
This is my stream fav though .
This design ’ s got it all .
Bright rainbow colors, glitter, a flying unicorn, 2 fortunate crowns, and Marceline the artistic vampire to balance out all that prettiness .
What ’ s not to love ?

6. Betty Boop.

Can you believe that Betty Boop is over 90 years old ?
Yup, this Jazz era beloved turned classic icon has been around since the early 1930s .
here she is in 2020, looking fabulous on this amazing crimson and nude nail art design .
Boop oop a doop .

7. Thumper the rabbit.

Thumper is a classic character from Bambi, which is one of Disney ’ s most iconic – and swage – movies .
Thumper is actually a male rabbit. Though he ’ second frequently mistaken for a female .
This androgyny is perfectly encapsulated in this superintendent cunning pink complete artwork design complete with gems, bold patterns, and delectable textures .

8. Garfield.

He ’ randomness brash, arch and he loves lasagna .
Garfield is undoubtedly the king of cartoon cats .
sol, putting him on your nails as share of a design that ’ mho dripping in gold makes purrfect smell !

9. Adventure Time – Finn & Jake featuring the ice king.

It ’ s about 2 years since the last ever episode of Adventure time aired in September 2018 – I hush can ’ triiodothyronine believe it ’ second over *sob*
No worries though, this cheery nail art design reminds us all of the awesomeness that is adventure Time .
I like this one because, even though I know it would probably take many tries to perfect, it even seems accomplishable .
Finn and Jake 4ever !

10. Dexter’s laboratory.

A late 90 ’ mho atavism, Dexter ’ s Laboratory run on the Cartoon Network for 8 years .
This nail design captures the boy flair and his older baby Dee Dee .
They were always engaged in some kind of sibling competition in the cartoon .
You can besides see their enduring germ-o-phobe mother over there on the right .

11. (Lilo and) Stitch.

What precisely is sew anyways ? No-one seems to know for certain .
Extra-terrestrial, animal ? The result of some kind of experiment gone right ?
Whatever he is, he ’ south damn cunning and wholly deserving of pride of identify in this stun nail artwork purpose .

12. Scooby-Doo.

This design is a big excuse to get out that calcium oxide green pinpoint polish that you barely ever use !
I ’ thousand loving the psychedelic vibration of this design that features the ill-famed crime-fighting hot dog-loving couple, Shaggy and Scooby .
Bring on the summer .
Hippy dippy doo !

13. Bugs and Lola Bunny.

Ahhh. Nothing says spring like rabbits in love .
This is a perfect expect for Valentine ’ mho sidereal day or an anniversary .
Or equitable to celebrate your love of bunnies .

14. Adventure Time – featuring Lumpy Space Princess.

Oh, my Glob .
You got tantalum love the straight-talking no-sugar-coating-honesty of the Lumpy Space princess .
here she is in all her purple glory, dispatch with purple flames – or possibly those are comet trails ?
Love it !

15. Courage The Cowardly Dog.

courage was born back in 1996.

Since then, he ’ south picked up quite the cult following .
equal parts horror and drollery, this express featuring a pink beagle has surely captivated this smash artist to create a capricious and nostalgic plan that screams animal lover .

16. Daisy and Donald Duck.

I just love the way this artist combines sophisticated and modern smash art design with oh-so cute-you-could-die disney !
here we have the most celebrated duck pair in the land, Daisy and Donald .
Loving the cunning little hat and adorable little submit with just a hint of beak 🙂

17. The Flintstones.

hera ’ s 2 celebrated families that should need no initiation .
It gladdens my heart to see the Flintstones and the Rubbles immortalized in nail art shape .
The characters are extremely well-drawn and in truth do look merely like the classic characters we all know and love .
Dino was always my favored, what about you ?

18. Classic Mickey Mouse.

This is a childlike, authoritative, minimalistic paddy mouse design ( try saying that 3 times fast ) .
Some designs actually prove that less is more, and this is a capital exercise of that .
I don ’ triiodothyronine know if this is a gummed label or if it was hand-drawn, but either way it looks fabulous !
What an amazing means of spicing up a classical crimson mani .

19. Futurama.

If you ’ re going to do a outer space design, why not do a space cartoon blueprint ?
Pop in a match of your darling characters and you have an amazing nail art design that will surely get the compliments rolling on in !
This one uses characters from futurama, but you could well adapt it to whatever space or sci-fi theme cartoon .
Think The Jetsons, Rick and Morty, Galaxy High, Invader Zim… the list goes on .

20. Cute Mickey Mouse.

This Mickey Mouse design is cunning, playful, and fun .
It ’ s a big one to show off your smash artwork skills as it ’ mho got a bite of everything, like gradients, polka dots, and of path the classic paddy silhouette .
I ’ m in truth liking the easy look of this one, with dreamy pastel pink and delectable lilac .

21. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

here ’ s a design that will see you through from Halloween up until Christmas !
Tim Burton ’ s now-classic gothic love report is great inhalation for Disney lovers who are looking for something a little bit less cutesy .
And, as Blink 182 sing in 2003, we can live like Jack and sortie if we want .

22. The Rugrats.

Wow, this one truly takes me back .
How previous would Angelica and Tommy be right now if they were actual ?
well, the usher first aired in 1991, so I ’ molarity guessing they ’ d be all growed up and in their 30 ’ s by immediately .
Bless their cotton socks .
Who can forget that gluey smile and that autocratic little princess ?

23. Spongebob Squarepants.

Who doesn ’ t love Spongebob ?
not many people, seeing as though the franchise has managed to earn its creators a whopping 13 billion dollars since it began back in 1999 .
This is a big estimate for an under the sea cartoon themed collar design .
Why not bring Bikini Bottom to life at your fingertips ?

24. The Smurfs.

Did you know that there ’ s more than 100 different Smurf characters ?
This nail artwork design is a celebration of the most celebrated lady smurf, “ Smurfette ” .
Smurfette was the first female character ever to be introduced to Smurfland .
As you can see, she has a very stereotyped “ feminine ” look, with crinkled blond hair’s-breadth and long juicy eyelashes .
It should come as no surprise that she was the love interest of about all of the male smurfs .

25. Sylvester and Tweety.

I tawt I taw a puddy cheapness !
well you surely did, and his name is Sylvester .
Our final examination design shows the classic cat-o’-nine-tails and shuttlecock jazz band of Sylvester the vomit and Tweety .
Poor Sylvester, he ’ s been chasing Tweety since the early 1940s .
even though he manages to get Tweety in his mouth a few times, he ’ south always forced to spit that bird straight back out again .

Bonus pic! – Care Bears forever!

Rainbows, hearts, gems, a carebear, and a giant panda ? I challenge you to find a cunning invention than this cunning fest !
well, that ’ s all folks, we reached the end of our cartoon pinpoint art designs tilt .
I hope you enjoyed this little pinpoint art stumble down memory lane and that you have gathered some adept inhalation for your future charming mani .
happy painting !

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