The holidays are about here ! And for many women, this means an apology to shop for new outfits and try out some unique hairstyles for those approaching holiday parties. As you plan to look your best this holiday season, however, preceptor ’ thyroxine forget about your nails ! We have some fun snowflake nail art ideas that you might want to try recreating for yourself ( or asking your collar artist to do for you ) .
Simple Silver Snowflakes
This blueprint is arrant for winter and the holiday season, combining a simple whiten base coating with aglitter, silver snowflakes on top. Easy enough to do on your own with the right tools and a steadily hand .
simple snowflake

Fun With Flakes and Snowmen
Take your holiday-themed nails to the future level with this playfulness design that incorporates snowflakes and cute little snowmen !
nailart snowman
Pretty in Pink With Sparkles
If you ’ rhenium looking for something a little more feminine and attention-getting, this one ’ south for you. A one white snowflake is layered on top of a picket pinko color, with white and ash grey sparkles on the nails to either side .
pink snowflake
Blended Blue Snowflakes
This unique design is a claim on the french manicure, but alternatively of flannel tips, it incorporates a fade into a deeply blue color along with some fun and bantam snowflakes .
blue snowflake
Elegant Gold and White Flakes
You can ’ triiodothyronine go wrong with this simple and elegant nail down design that involves layering gold, shimmering snowflakes over a bare white basecoat. This is an excellent choice that will go with fair about any of your vacation outfits .
gold snowflakes
Snowflakes and Reindeer

Snowflakes aren ’ t the only symbol of the vacation season ! Reindeer adorn this cunning complete blueprint. You can besides switch up the snowflake colors if tap international relations and security network ’ t your top choice. A nice bluff red or even a frigid blue would be a great option here !
reindeer snowflake
Cute “Frozen” Snowflakes
Does your darling Disney movie come to mind when you think of the vacation temper and snowflakes ? Same here ! This adorable nail invention incorporates your front-runner “ Frozen ” characters with cute snowflake designs. adorable and surprisingly easy to pull off !
frozen flake
Unique Dripping Icicles
For a sincerely different attend that ’ ll have everybody detect, try out this cunning snow bunting and dripping icicle design. barely be prepared to allow a snatch of time for your nails to dry !
dripping icles
Blue  Ombre   Glitter Flakes
Ombre is a identical democratic style for smash artwork these days, making these blue ombre glitter flakes a perfective option for your approaching vacation party. Visit your local pinpoint artist to pull off this look .
blue ombre flakes
French Manicure With Snowflakes

nothing could be more traditional and elegant than a fashionable french manicure adorned with some dim-witted snowflakes. This design has one fingertip in red for a touch of singular color that stands out .
French snowflake
With all these adorable snow bunting pinpoint art ideas, which ones will you try out for yourself this approaching holiday season ? Be sure to schedule your appointment with Bellezza Spa to ensure you look your best at all your vacation gatherings, besides !

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