Colorful Nailart Tutorial
Nailart to match all Outfits

I have been a fiddling interfering with biography and faineant to dress up the nails. I have worked my way every workweek either with the GRAFFITI complete paints or the glitter ones. But one fine day just before bedtime I made up my beware to try out this canvas design in the most comfortable and unique means potential. I took manipulation of an old fan brush and created magic on the nails. Let ‘s begin to show you how. Easy Nailart at Home Nail Art with Fan Brush

Step 1

Paint your nails with a base coat like HERE. This ensures even the application of nail colors and protects lifelike nail color.

Step 2

Paint your nails with the craved basis color. I like to put either a very colored or very light base. here you can see me using pale yellow and pink white tad. Let them dry well. You can go wholly opposite and paint them black say black or dark blue bluing.

Step 3

now take the fan brush and wipe off any makeup residue on it, as in clean it well. But do not wet it. now it ‘s prison term to create the colorful canvas. We need to work with one color at a time. Take the tinge pinpoint paints ( pink, orange, crimson, green ). With the help of the smash, the polish applicator applies it to the lean of the fan brush ( check image for reference ). Quickly brush it through the base coloring material horizontally. Nailart Tutorial Nailart With Fan Brush Fan Brush Nailart

Step 4

now you can either wait for the foremost fan tinge to dry out or immediately apply the following color with the fan brush as in mistreat 3. Like this, apply as many shades as you want. The gradient created with the colors comes out as a canvas of oil paints .

Step 5

Apply a top coat, matte or glossy is your option. Easy Colorful Nailart

Colorful Nailart Nailart to Match Every Outfit

This design can be played with different colors and textures. After trying the felt ( yellow base ), I tried the slick base ( white ), Went on a bit overboard, and tried the black foundation ( glitter ).

Quick Tip: Dip the winnow brush inside the remover bottle by squishing it, rub a little, and rub clean with a fabric. You can besides clean it with cotton soaked in nail polish remover.

This collar art will perfect with dry and old nail pants which you want to throw away.

Hope you enjoyed the nail art as much as I did. Have any questions? Pour them in the comments below.     Follow me on SNAPCHAT for daily insights into my life @ notonlymakeup

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