Unleash your inside prima donna with nails that scream power and intensity. Long pinpoint designs that add this cutthroat touch to your stylus will give you that edgy glamorous look that ’ ll suit your dash perfectly.Whether square, round of golf, almond, or stiletto. Long nail art designs will add that solid feminine affect that we all dwell for, a design that suits day and night occasions, normal and special events.

Creative Long Nail Designs

Achieving the nail length you desire is never easy, grooming, pedicure, and moisturizing to get those gentle well pedicured long collar. Going above and beyond to maintain their length and strength… Whether you wan sodium observe this accomplishment, or you ’ ve failed and directed to artificial collar extensions, you would wan na show off your hanker nails with colored polish and artistic designs. here below we ’ ve showcased 85 long pinpoint designs to inspire you.

#1. Long Coffin Nails

long coffin nails

#2. Long Pointy Nails

long pointy nails

#3. Long Toe Nail Design

long toe nail design

#4. Long Acrylic Nails

long acrylic nails

#5. Long Nail Design with Diamonds

long nail design with diamonds

#6. Clear Long Nail Design

long clear nail design

#7. Shimmering Nude

Shimmering Nude long nail designs for women If you want an effortlessly elegant acrylic long nail design, slick nude breeze through polish is your go-to color. Help this style pop out evening more by splashing a finger or two with colorless-glitter polish, allowing you to stand out from the push .

#8. Daring In Blue

Daring In Blue long nail idea

How long can you go ! An concern choice of distance emphasized by these boisterous shades of blue. finally, contrast this retentive nail down design with a feminine touch of a floral blueprint .

#9. White Marble

White Marble long nail designs for women so, confused ? White smash polish or a grey one ? Don ’ triiodothyronine get frustrated, don ’ t even think of an answer, barely try this marble white pinpoint design to get an attractive easy-to-do long smash expressive style. Accentuate it with sprinkles of gold flakes to give the concluding resultant role a hypnotic effect .

#10. Ombre in pink

long nail with Ombre in pink color Get a flatter aphrodisiac spin to your long nail with this degradation of baby pink and splashes of argent glitter to match that diamond ring !

#11. Class With Strass

Class With Strass long nail you like Rock your farseeing nail down design with these gold and baseball diamond gemstones, to add that glamorous touch to your long flatness beige square nails .

#12. The Zebra Effect

long nail designs 6 Get creative with a thin brush on this french long nail invention, and unchain your inner animal with this zebra inspired stripes .

#13. Geometric Long Nail Design

Geometric Long Nails your favorite Stripe it all the way with these gold tape stripes to create a geometric effect to your bright nail polish choices .

#14. Nude Stiletto With Gems

long nail designs 7 If you ’ re endeavor for a gracious manner that reflects your hard but flimsy personality, obtain it by these embroidered gems on french white and pink-orange beige felt stiletto long smash design .

#15. Black Sky Nails

Black Sky Nails long nail designs You wan sodium know what the stars are hiding for you ? While waiting for an answer invest your prison term and manicure your long hook nails .

#16. Greek goddess

long nail designs 9 If you ’ re sick of knit one colored base coats, get bold and try this long nail design. Add an ancient greek charm with this golden radiation pattern to make your nails speak elegance !

#17. Royal Purple

long nail designs 10 The Royal but aggressive design reminds us of Disney ’ s evil queens with their colored elegance. here, not entirely represented with this flatness deep purple on precipitously pedicured nails but besides with a imperial pattern on the index fingers to claim everyone ’ s attention !

#18. Pink Vision

long nail designs 11 “ The eye is the key to the soul. ” And in this case, the eye is the identify to a dazzle long nail design .

#19. Bloody Perfect Long Nail Design

long nail designs 12 When your evil soul is bored with black, replace it with the darkest wine polish you can get your claws on !

#20. Rose Fusion

Rose Fusion long nail art for girl What girl doesn ’ thymine adore pinko ! Or all 50 shades of it ! Mix them all up with your aesthetic brush and add a 3D touch to your traffic pattern and make it come to life to get this stimulate cool long nail design .

#21. White Rock Star

long nail designs 14 Yes, I ’ m a daughter. Yes, one hour I ’ thousand calm and peaceful and the adjacent minute I wan na cry and screech. This long nail design says it all. Who are you to judge ? ! Who are you to judge ? !

#22. Blue Sky Nails

long Blue Sky Nails “ good good morning cheerfulness ”. What a better way to start up your sidereal day than with these soothing blue nails with a simple bright yellow sunflower purpose .

#23. Nails’ Beast Mode On

long nail designs 16 address your inner animal with this tiger practice matching your contrasting blacken studded nail polish, your bare one, and your shining gold one. Creating a fun contrast that ’ ll suit your modern style perfectly.

#24. Simply Gold

long nail designs 17 You will love this trendy twist to everyday ’ sulfur basic nude hanker complete design, adding that girly stamp you wish for .

#25. Devious Black

long-nail-designs-18 There ’ s a way to wrap the crowd around your finger, or should I say around your complete ! With this edgy long almond black and grey collar design, you will always be the center of every crowd .

#26. Gold And Coal

Gold And Coal long nail designs If you ’ re looking for a classy lady-like appearance, you can always go to black farseeing nail down design, whether glossy or matte. Or, you can go with a glitter-gold manicure. Or, you can simply mix it up and apply them all !

#27. Rhinestones All The Way

long nail designs 20 What could enrich your long nail purpose more than diamonds themselves ? declare your nails as your wealth with this dazzling invention .

#28. Black French Long Nail Design

long nail designs 21 Display your farseeing squared nails with this modern french style with black polish on your pinpoint tips. Showcase your daring personality by giving this design an extra depth with these bold white brushes .

#29. Cookies And Cream

long nail with Cookies And Cream color nothing says fall such as these two colors brown and beige. Match the falling leaves and your warm sweaters with this retentive nail style .

#30. Princess Pink

long nail designs 23 In certain situations simplicity speaks louder than any complicated blueprint, such a screaming color needs nothing but its gleam to shine .

#31. Floral French

long nail designs 24 There are no doctor of osteopathy and don ’ metric ton when it comes to french hanker nail style, you can always get creative and add a little artistic something to personalize your nails .

#32. Steaming Red Nails

long nail designs 26 If you think cherry long complete plan is hot enough, think again. Try and add these placid black and eloquent lines randomly and you ’ ll find your nails steaming hot ! long nail designs 27 Get this everyday blueprint by this assuasive voiced pink basis coat on your egg-shaped hanker collar. Contrast this calm attract, with crisp architectural lines on your finger and ring fingers to express your womanly fierce personality .

#34. French Chevron

long nail designs Chevron nails are the drift everyone is dying to master, girls have been going brainsick trying this breeze through art with each and every polish discolor all since 2015. however, rare of them found out that french design suits chevron styled nails perfectly .

#35. Patterned Elegance

long nail designs 29 Aspire elegance and class by this metallic shine polish varnishing your long pinpoint design.Get it by applying a slick patterned design in black and ash-grey silver medal .

#36. Magical Black

long nail designs 30 “ And above all, watch with glittering eyes the wholly world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most improbable places. Those who don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe in charming will never find it. ” Get this charming long nail down design by drawing popping gold mystic signs on your glossy blue hanker nail .

#37. Girly-Girl Long Nail Art

long nail designs 31 When you ’ re a “ girly daughter ” and wan na show that quartz glass clear, go fetch all your favorite nail accessories and throw them on your beautiful long pinpoint art… Splash them with pink, add some floral paintings, and stack them with all the dagger gems you ’ ve got in your draftsman.

#38. Navy And Cream

long nail designs 32 Glam your almond nails up with this dark blue and beige textured nail art design .

#39. Tribal Long Nail Design

long nail designs 33

Showcase your long nail with this tribal design on a transparent base coat, followed with a azure blue sky, and a concluding dip of light purple on the tap of your nails .

#40. Bedazzled tigress

long nail designs 34 Add the always stylish leopard design to your casual long pinpoint design using your brush, and bedazzle them with shimmering rhinestones and bows using your tweezers .

#41. Modern Red

long nail designs 35 A modern futuristic invention with these diverse red and white complete arts in merely one invention. Create a assortment of creativity in this one of colors on your pedicure cycle long nail design .

#42. Cream And Sky Blue Nails

long nail designs 36 Cream beige and sky blue shades on farseeing squared nails, to create a chevron blueprint using gold striping tapes. last, dazzle them with bantam gems at the end of the nail of your choice .

#43. Blushed Nude Matte Nails

long nail designs 37 A fashionable blush tiptoe of a color with rhinestones on flat nude nails, best desirable for a quixotic date or a sophisticate gathering out in the township .

#44. Simply Unique

long nail designs 38 A uniquely tattoo hand needs nothing but a simpleton iniquity salmon pop of color with a silver embellishment to showcase it .

#45. Diamonds And More

long nail designs 39 “ Diamonds are nail ’ sulfur Best friend ”, therefore get generous with those rhinestones and the flatware glitter polish that mimics the tiniest diamonds. A true bolshevik carpet worthy long pinpoint design !

#46. Creative Mix

long nail designs 4 Get your stencils, all your nail polishes, your rhinestones, and release your creativity !

#47. Elegant In Black

long nail designs 40 never forget that black is the color of elegance, so yes a dim-witted coat of this dazzle glossy black polish is enough to put your long nails in the foreground .

#48. My Little Pony Nails

long nail designs 41 Bring back those sweet childhood memories out of your diary, with this “ My fiddling Pony ” smash art design on taffy-pink stiletto farseeing nail invention .

#49. Glittered Claws

long nail designs 42 Glitter glitter glitter you ’ ll never have adequate. With this design, your long stiletto nails will swirl the crowd in black and silver-glitter nail down polish option !

#50. Black Coffee, OR With Cream?

long nail designs 43 Express your mania for fashion with this stylish however very basic black hanker nail design, with a singular accent cream varnished nail down .

#51. Personalized Pattern

long nail designs 44 Personalize the tiger radiation pattern with the colors of your choice, and empower your nails with the color of creativity and wisdom ; greenish blue .

#52. Artistic Mania

Artistic Mania long nail designs for women All these gorgeous long breeze through designs needed to be a dab of shimmery colors, an artistic brush, and 3D embellishments to make them perfect .

#53. Deep Burgundy

long nail designs 47 Have fun with your gold brush above this dark burgundy bubbling polish, and let ’ s see what your aesthetic skills are made of.

#54.Holiday Long Nail Design

nice red long nail design your all time favorite All I want for Christmas is long nails… You ’ ve already got that ? then show them off and celebrate this vacation temper with these shimmering aglitter crimson nails .

#55. Naturally Chic

Naturally Chic long nail idea for girl Let your ellipse long smash design address chic by alternating gold flakes with this natural colored establish coating.

No count, if your struggle to maintain your long nail ’ distance pays off or not. If you choose to have real natural nails or get artificial ones. You can ’ thyroxine dismiss the fact that complete design art is an accessary substantive to your vogue, to complete your equip. therefore, wear ’ thyroxine limit your options to plain basic coats, but open up to the world of pinpoint artwork that comes with loads of potentials to unleash your stylus and creativity.

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