pink and purple long nail design long nail designs are the absolute best. sure, you may not be able to open the car door or take out your contacts, but it ’ sulfur worth it for all that extra space .
In fact, the retentive, the better, and we ’ ll prove why. Check out these 15 long pinpoint designs you can ’ thyroxine not go steady .

1. Malibu Barbie

Short nails, who ? Medium nails, what ? This hanker nail design has everything we always wanted and more .

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2. acquit neon

Can you good imagine how deplorable this invention would look on unretentive nails ? You ’ d entirely get like, half a whirl, and that ’ s precisely not adequate .

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3. Pink πŸ„

Bigger international relations and security network ’ thymine always good, but in this character, it is. We ’ ll take an outsize πŸ„ on every collar. Plz and thank you .

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4. Green & Yellow Glitter Nails

Go long or go home. That ’ s the saying, right ? Either way, we ’ re all about this k and yellow glitter bombard .

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5. Blinged Out Princess

We can ’ t all be princesses, but we can all have princess nails. And tbh, that ’ s better anyways .

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6. Cotton Candy Nudes

Pink, lavender, and nude has got to be one of the greatest color jazz band, like always. specially when that nude is shimmery and specially when those nails are long .

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7. 70s Vibes

sure, this design would look good on short-change nails but would it look as good ? credibly not. # longnailsdontfail

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8. Kawaii Me Up

There is literally no direction you could pull this off on short circuit nails. Long breeze through designs make this incredibly delicious design possible.

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9. Windy Rainbows

You can Roy G. Biv long complete all day long, and they ’ ll look good 10 times out of 10 .

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10. Peachy Pink & 3D Flowers

These claws deserve a full-page dispersed in Vogue, and we ’ vitamin d happily buy every return printed .

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11. Pastel Polka Dots

Multiple patterns, colors, and styles combine to form one epicly perfect long nail down design .

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12. Snakeskin & Rhinestones

Snakeskin nails with rhinestones might sound over the top and a little bum, but they ’ re somehow not. β€˜ impress ’ would be an understatement .

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13. half and one-half

Minimalist collar artwork meets long smash designs. We ’ ra not drooling. You are .

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14. Pastel Tips with a Nude Cover

A bare cover charge is the best way to elongate your nails in a natural and beautiful room. Top that off with pastel tips and you got yourself some gorgeous daggers .

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15. Neon minimalism

We love neon nails, and we love them even more when they ’ re pulled off in a minimalist fashion. These nails are absolute stunners .

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