Nail art consists of some of the prettiest, most intricate designs that you can do to your nails. And with its ever-growing popularity, there is a design and manner for everyone ! We at LeSalon can confidently tell you that, once you ’ ve entered the world of nail down artwork, there is barely no going back .
so whether you ’ re a minimalist who likes to keep it bare or person who loves intense colors and designs, the nail down art global will always have a look for you. The best separate ? Nail art is impermanent ( normally lasting about 2 weeks ) so go crazy ! You have all the fourth dimension in the populace to try every style you want .
If you are looking for some inhalation for your following manicure ( even pedicure ) session, then you came to the good topographic point ! Check out our circus tent 10 nail art Instagram pages that will be certain to give you your following big nail divine guidance !

DRYBY London

We absolutely love the minimalist and fashion-forward nail art that DRYBY London provides. With their wide use of nude, gold, argent, and white elements, their alone style and pallette never seems to disappoint. Perfect for all you minimalists out there !


We are obsessed with the London-based, superintendent talented nail down artist ( who is besides one of our Salonettes ) ! This page never fails to inspire us with new ideas and creativity. Edyta always manages to mix creative with twist with the end result being nothing short of fabulous ! With CND Shellac polish normally being her secret weapon, you never leave her without stunning, classical, and glossy nails !


Focusing more on bright colours and fun designs, Chelseaqueen is a page you can scroll through for hours ! It ’ south hard to go more than 5 minutes on this page without getting inspiration ( and a sudden urge to ledger a mani appointment ) ! If you ’ ra looking for daring and fun, she ’ s your girlfriend .


Another one of our Salonettes ( and we ’ re glad she is ) ! Deonna takes simplicity and class to a unharmed new floor with her choice of fun and stand-out colors, the perfect middle between elementary and daring ! Her smash art intrigues as it shows that elementary can besides be attention-getting, we think that ’ s the perfect jazz band. english eminence : she besides has a bent for eyelash extensions *wink wink* .


New York City-based and it shows ! This page will give you serious Big Apple vibes the moment you go on it, kind of like a capital escape but with breeze through art ! The use of adept techniques ( while keeping nail simple and playfulness ) in every word picture are shown and will leave you credibly thinking “ I want that, veracious now. ” As an editorial smash artist, you can bet that you ’ ll see raw levels of creativity in every post, we can ’ thymine stop scroll !


Looking for something a little more boldness and boldface ? We got you ! Wah Nails, a London-based salon, delivers on daze respect and attention-getting manicures. If you want crazy pinpoint divine guidance, this is decidedly the place to look. We love the singularity of the designs adenine well as all the fun colours and techniques used. so much playfulness to look at !


very trendy and fashion-forward, Mynx London is a nail polish brand with no lacking of skill in the nail art department. We love how they can switch from bold and daring to simple and classic, all while keeping it high fashion !


While their style could be considered dim-witted, we have to say that their bet on coloring material and function of pattern will leave you remembering who they are. We could stay on their page for hours due to their attention-getting dash !


Non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free ? How perfect can a pinpoint page get ? We are in love with the organic and natural feel that this page gives off, simplistic and beautiful. Sundays Studio in truth shows you that less is more in the most gorgeous way possible. Let ’ s mention again that it ’ s more environmentally-friendly and health-friendly ! This is every minimalist ’ second dream.


Finishing off our list strong with more of a “ wild-card ” ( literally ), Lady Fancy Nails ! This NYC-based salon will cure all boredom and spark nail divine guidance within 5 minutes of being on the page/ not to mention that all the designs are super fun to look at ! We are just mesmerized by all the fetid designs and can guarantee that you will be besides .
After scrolling through all of these pages we have no doubt that you will be inspired to get your nails looking gorgeous as well ! That ’ s where we come in ! alternatively of running to a salon, just book a manicure with us through our app ! We come directly to you, wherever you are. So what are you waiting for ? Get beautiful nails from the ease of your own home with us nowadays !

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