Nail art is everywhere right immediately, from the pages of top fashion magazines to the nails of that cool girl who works at the coffee shop on the corner .

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Nail art is everywhere correct now, from the pages of top fashion magazines to the nails of that aplomb daughter who works at the coffee shop on the corner .
It’s even popping up on the red carpet (did you catch Zooey Deschanel’s tuxedo nail design at the Golden Globes this year?).
Nail art can be intimidating at foremost, but don ’ metric ton worry, you can wholly do this ! You don ’ t need an artistic setting or a particularly regular hand – all you need is creativity and a touch of patience .
on the crimson rug ( did you catch Zooey Deschanel ’ s dinner jacket pinpoint design at the Golden Globes this class ? ). We ’ ve invest together three smash art designs that anyone can rock, whether you ’ re a nail down art newcomer or a manicure maestro. You ’ ll learn how to create an easier-than-it-looks geometric manicure using Scotch tape ( my darling breeze through art tool ), a neon french manicure that is insidious enough to wear at the agency and an attention-getting spill nail design .
You don ’ t need to buy expensive nail art tools – about all of the supplies we use can be found around the sign of the zodiac, like Scotch videotape, bobby pins and Q-tips .

Nail art tutorial: Neon polka dot French manicure

Nail art tutorial: neon polka dot french manicure
Step 1: Paint each nail with a achromatic polish such as a blank or bare. We love bright white polish, so we used Sally Hansen xTreme Wear in White On .
Step 2: You don ’ t need to buy a fancy dotting tool – you can get evenly great results with a sharpen Q-tip, a bobby pin or an blossom paper time. Collect a belittled dot of polish on top of the Q-tip or early tool and create small dots across the topple of each nail with the five colors of your option .
Step 3: Avoid smear by allowing the dots to dry wholly before adding a top coat. This is an understate however trendy way to rock the neons that are thus hot this season .

Nail art tutorial: Splatter manicure

Nail art tutorial: splatter manicure
Step 1: Begin by painting your nails with a light polish. We used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls .
Step 2: Dip a cant constitution brush or minor paintbrush in a bright, impregnate polish. following, quickly dip the polish-covered brush in a piece of nail polish remover to thin it out .
Step 3: Channel your inner preschooler and pull back on the brush to splatter polish across your nails. It ’ s a messy process, therefore make certain you ’ ra working on a overlay surface !
Step 4: Continue splattering with as many polishes as you ’ d like ( We used three bright colors ) .
Step 5: now comes clean-up. Begin by using a remover-soaked cotton ball to wipe away the splatters on your hands and fingers. After most of the splatters are cleaned up, switch to a little remover-dipped constitution brush to clean up the skin right around your nails .
Step 6: Add a top coat and get quick to answer “ How did you do that ? ” for the stay of the day. This is such a fun, unexpected count !

Nail art tutorial: Chevron tape manicure

Nail art tutorial: chevron nail art design
Step 1: Paint each smash with the polish of your choice. Add a good top coat and allow your nails to dry completely. If possible, give yourself a few hours of drying time before moving on. We started with RGB Too Red .
Step 2: Apply three pieces of Scotch tape to your dry nails. Apply the first piece of videotape at the bottomland of your nail so the recess points up toward the center. Overlap the other two pieces at the top of your complete to create the chevron shape in the center of the pinpoint. Press devour firm on the edges to make indisputable you have a rigorous seal .
Step 3: Paint over the Scotch tape with a contrasting polish. We used China Glaze Frostbite, a vibrant blue .
Step 4: While the polish is still wet, slowly remove the magnetic tape to reveal your design. Once the second color is dry, apply a top coat. You can stop here with this fun two-toned mani or keep on going !

Step 5: Overlap two pieces of tape to section off a triangulum at the basal of each nail. Fill in the triangle with a contrasting color – we used Sally Hansen xTreme Wear in White On .
Step 6: Remove the tape to reveal your finished look. Add a circus tent coat for glow and protective covering, and get ready to show off this fun, modern mani .

Here are a few manicure tips to master these nail designs:nail polish

  • Sheer colors and “jelly” polishes are great for regular manicures, but highly-pigmented colors are best for nail art. Fewer coats = fewer mistakes.
  • Always use a base coat and finish with a glossy top coat for shine and protection. These are like primer and powder for the face – essential for staying power!
  • Cleaning up polish that ends up outside the lines takes an at-home manicure from amateur to professional. After painting my nails, I dip an angled eyeliner brush in remover and run it along the cuticle line. This cleans up messy brushstrokes and creates a clean, smooth line.
  • Don’t worry if your finished nail art isn’t perfect – mine never is. Nail art isn’t about perfection; it’s about being creative and having fun with your nails. No one else will notice if your lines are a little crooked or your polka dots aren’t all the same size, I promise! You’ve got this.

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