Nail art techniques are gaining hell lot of attention these days. They are trending and are a part of vogue ! It includes paint, taping, drawing with brushes, and many more. so, this season, if you want to jazz up your nails, try out these amazing so far easy collar art techniques !

1. Sponge Bobbing Nail Art Techniques

Sponge Bobbing Nail Art Techniques Image Source: style-pics

sponge bobsled is one of the easiest yet coolest ways to stylus up your nails. You can use any kind of sponge according to the design ; it may be constitution, art or paint sponge ampere well. For this, inaugural, you need to apply the free-base coat, then sponge with your darling colored breeze through paint. You can apply the sponge on nails swiftly arsenic well as softly depending on the design you want ! therefore, if you are looking for some simple complete art proficiency, then use this method and get stunning nails !

2. Taping is Not a Task, It’s An Art!

 Taping is Not a Task, It's An Art! Image Source: stylegirl

Taping is a pinpoint art proficiency through which you can create many designs and shapes. For this, beginning, you need to apply a base coat, then cut bantam pieces of tapes according to the blueprint which you want to create, now apply another different colored nail polish  over it. immediately, let the nail paint dry and then lightly remove the videotape. You ’ ll find a beautiful colorful design. This nail art technique can be used be it a party or an informal event .

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3. Stencil Method Nail Art Techniques

Stencil Method Nail Art Techniques Image Source: ytimg

You can besides use the stencil method acting and can get your desire nail art design  in just a few seconds. Simply apply some base coat and put your darling designed stencil over it and apply some unlike color pinpoint paint. then gently remove the stencil. You ’ ll find a beautiful pattern invention on your nails ! finally, if you want a radiance on your nails, equitable apply a shiner or a transparent nail polish and flaunt your beautiful nails !

4. Stamping Looks Stunning!

Stamping Looks Stunning! Image Source: weebly

Who doesn ’ triiodothyronine want fetid beautiful designs on their nails ! This smash art proficiency is one of the easiest ways to get an persona printed on your nails. For this, plainly apply a basis coating and then choose your favorite image pigeonhole which you want to get printed. now roll the stamper and get a systematize visualize on your nails. You can get diverse alluring designs and images to experiment with in this technique .

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5. Airbrush Nail Art Technique

Airbrush Nail Art Technique Image Source: ytimg

Airbrush smash art technique is quite a rage these days which involves drizzling paint on nails. To get the desire spirit, they are frequently combined with stickers or stencils. For this, you need to apply a basal coat and then apply your favorite designed stencil on your nails. And then use an airbrush machine to obtain a coveted design. Once you ’ re done, gently remove the stencil and get an amaze design on your nails !

6. Nail Art Stickers and Decals

Nail Art Stickers and Decals Image Source: pinimg

Nail art stickers are the modern tendency which give your nails an amazing fancify look. It is quite an easy pinpoint art technique which can be done by using varieties of decals and stickers. guarantee to place the stickers and decals appropriately on your nails to get perfect design .

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7. Hip Looking Splatter Nail Art Techniques

Hip Looking Splatter Nail Art Techniques Image Source: ytimg

If you want to get flamboyant and cool nails, then try out this nail art design. For this, use sports fan brush stroke thus you can well achieve spatter nails. If you don ’ t have fan brush, you can besides use your previous toothbrush to get the same consequence. You can get a graffito look with this nail down art technique ! How artistic !

Get stunning nails with simple yet breathtaking nail art techniques and get yourself ready for simply any occasion or celebration!

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