Who does not love newly manicured nails ? But with getting them done by a master international relations and security network ’ t an choice for most people due to the lockdown. sol, take this opportunity to level up your manicure game by adding a few new manicure techniques to your arsenal. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have a firm handwriting or access to fancy manicure tools ? Fret not, you don ’ t need those. These five nail art techniques that we ’ re about to show you are super easy to create and can be done using tools lying about in your firm. Excited ? Let ’ s begin .

1. Splatter nails

01. Splatter nails

As the identify suggests, this pinpoint art purpose involves splattering one color over a neutral base to make it look like a exploit of art. And guess what, the only tools you ’ ll necessitate are an old soup-strainer and your favorite nail paints. Simply paint your nails with a whiten base, dip your soup-strainer in any bright pinpoint semblance, and spatter it for a flying and simple manicure design. trope courtesy : @ triplethreatsalonllc

2. Geometric designs

02. Geometric designs This is one of those techniques that can be used to recreate multiple designs using just one promptly available joyride – magnetic tape. Start by painting your nails in the base color of your choice. then, use tapes to create any model you like and apply another nail rouge of your choice on the areas not covered by the tape. Once the polish dries down, simply strip off the videotape and voila ! you ’ ll have a geometric masterpiece fix to be flaunted. trope courtesy : @ theretreat.toronto

3. Gradient effect

03. Gradient effect

All of us have scraps of quick study lying around the house. Why not use them to create chic ombre designs ? Simply apply a midst level of two or more colours horizontally on the sponge. Press the sponge on your nails to create a quick and pretty, gradient nail art design. image courtesy : @ deananailenvy

4. Polka dots

04. Polka dots If you want to give yourself a ace promptly manicure, then let the classic polka dots lead the way. All you need is two contrasting nail down polish colours and a bobby pin. Start by painting your nails with one of the two colours you ’ ve picked and allow it to dry completely. future, dip the turn tip of the bobby pin in the early color and apply it to your nails to create polka dots. It doesn ’ t get any easier than this.

5. Marker art

05. Marker art If you have markers lying around in the house, you can use them to create designs on your nails. Apply white pinpoint key as the infrastructure color to make your design pop. You can draw stripes, cute flowers or even create a gradient effect using two or more markers.

visualize courtesy : @ nailsdidbyliz Main trope courtesy : @ polished_yogi and @ gosiapio_nailart

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