25 Easy DIY Nail Art Hacks That Can Be Done At Home For Beginners

Getting your nails done perfectly, all by yourself at your home is quite impossible. But, if you know the correct tricks, there ’ randomness nothing more fun and satisfactory than doing the nails on your own. Read on to find some clever nail down hacks that you would decidedly thank us for. Take a search ! ad

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#1. Creating perfect zigzags

perfect zigzags nail paint design ad


Image Courtesy: Stylemotivation.com

Create perfectly balanced zigzags or stripes using guileless cello tapes. It is a very simple collar hack to create perfect stripes .

#2. Want lace nails?

lace nails paint design ad

Image Courtesy: Weddbook.com

Wrap a piece of lace cut-out around your newly painted smash. Use a toothpick to press it onto your nails. Once it dries up, apply a layer of top coat for a slick look .

#3. Getting striped nails was never so easy



Image Courtesy: YouTube

Have a fan brush ? Use it to get dilute stripes over your nails in any color you wish. Dip the base of the bristles in the hope color and brush over your nail horizontally .

#4. Use bobby pins to make perfect dots.

bobby pins to make perfect dots nail paint ad .

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Polka dots not lone look cunning on a snip or shoes but besides on nails. here is a perfect way to get polka dots on nails- consumption the end of a bobby personal identification number or toothpick. Also Read: Nail Texture And Colour: 6 Things Your Fingernails Can Tell You About Your Health ad


#5. Create snakeskin nail art using a loofah

snakeskin nail art using a loofah

Image Courtesy: DIYcrafts.com

Wrap a assemble of loofa tightly over your nail down and use a quick study to dab another color over it. ADVT

#6. Mini polka dots with band aid

Mini polka dots with band aid

Image Courtesy: Urbanshowbiz.com

Take the hole contribution of the band-aid and stick it on your nail. rouge over it and peel off when it ’ s dry. Ta-da, there you have perfect mini polka dotted nails. ad

#7. Use matte eyeshadow to make your own matte nail polish at home

matte eyeshadow to make your own matte nail polish at home ad

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Take a clear pinpoint polish, add your broken, crumbled or leftover eyeshadow to it and mix. now, you don ’ t have to contribution with your front-runner eyeshadow precisely yet. You will get the most perplex matte effect on your nails in no time. Recommended Read: 10 Unusual Ways You Can Use Nail Polish Remover To Make Your Life Easier

#8. Want to turn your nail polish matte?

turn your nail polish matte ad

Image Courtesy: Pixel.brit.co

One of the simplest method is to mix equal parts of the bleached pinpoint polish and cornstarch in a modest container. And, there you go. That ’ s all !

#9. Easy cleanup with petroleum jelly

Easy nail cleanup with petroleum jelly

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

fair rub a piece of Vaseline or petroleum jelly onto your messy fingers and wipe off the excess pinpoint polish with a cotton testis.


#10. Remove glittery nail polish in seconds

Remove glittery nail polish in seconds

Image Courtesy: wackylaki.blogspot.com

Paint your nails with any clear, non-toxic and washable glue as a base coating. Paint your glitter smash polish over it. And peel it off when you want to get rid of it. Also Checkout: 14 Things All Girls With Perfect Nails Do Every Day; Nail Care Tips For Beautiful Nails

#11. For a professional finish to your nails

Image Courtesy: USC.co.uk

Dip a lip brush in a bottle of collar polish remover and draw a clean line along the edges of your nails .

#12. For drying nail paint quickly

drying nail paint quickly ad

Image Courtesy: Lifehack.org

Quick dry your smash paint by submerging your nails in ice coldness water for 3 minutes. Voila !

#13. Get the super-easy marble effect

Get the super-easy marble effect

Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan.com

All you need is a spoon and two differently coloured nail paints for this pinpoint art. Take a spoon and pour drops of two differently coloured pinpoint polishes on to it and swirl it with a toothpick or bobby pin. now roll your smash over the edge of the spoon and voila, it ’ s done ! Also Read: Bridal Beauty Treatments That Should NEVER Be Done Before Wedding Day

#14. Make your own glitter nail polish

Make your own glitter nail polish

Image Courtesy: Bankanita.blogspot.com

Apply a clear coat of polish on to the nails and dip them one by one in a pot of your leftover loose glitter eyeshadow or craft glitter. Wipe off the overindulgence. The end consequence – gorgeousness multiplied by ten !

#15. For smooth nail paint

For smooth nail paint

Image Courtesy: Tipsforher.com

Apply some white vinegar on your nails to make your breeze through polish go fluent and last long .

#16. Discoloured nails?

Discoloured nails

Image Courtesy: Wackylaki.blogspot.com

Use a whiten toothpaste to remove any stains from your nails. Recommended Read: 9 Smart Beauty Uses Of Q-Tips That You Have Never Heard Before

#17. Nail polish to remove nail polish

Nail polish to remove nail polish

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to get rid of collar polish when you don ’ t have a nail down polish remover is to use another nail polish. Apply a coat on your nails and immediately wipe it off with a cotton musket ball .

#18. Use your deodorant to remove nail polish

Use deodorant to remove nail polish

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Have some bare can of deodorant, don ’ thyroxine throw it off just yet ! spray it on your nails and wipe it off with a cotton ball. It ’ randomness that easy .

#19. DIY Ombre nails

DIY Ombre nails

Image Courtesy: noemihk.com

Take two complimenting colours and apply the lightest one on your nails as a base coat. Apply the polishes next to each other on a makeup leech and blend them together using a complete polish brush. nowadays dab the leech on your nails until you are satisfied with the results and finish off with a clear top coat. Also Read: 5 Beauty Treatments When Done Regularly Will Do More Harm Than Good

#20. Velvet nails

Velvet nails

Image Courtesy: Sparkleandfuzz.com

Take some flock powder and cover your newly painted nails ( in a tinge similar to the powder ) with it. Use your fingers or a tong to set the powder. immediately take a powder brush to remove the overindulgence and ta-da your velvet nails are ready to be flaunted .

#21. Water marble nails

Water marble nails

Image Courtesy: Nailpolishrehab.com

Apply a clear infrastructure coat on your breeze through. Take a newspaper cup or small methamphetamine bowl and fill it up with warm water. Take two different coloured complete polishes and drop each semblance on the surface of the water one by one. Once you are done, move a toothpick through the circles to create a practice. now dip your fingers one by one for more than 30 seconds and apply a peak coating for a arrant finish .

#22. Easy French manicure at home

Easy French manicure at home

Image Courtesy: DIYcrafts.com

Use ring support stickers to give yourself a perfective french manicure correct at your home. Place the gummed label on your complete, and paint the tip of the nails with the tinge you want and peel off the poser. Also Read: 7 Beauty Secrets That Can Actually Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age

#23. Get neon nail polish pop out

Get neon nail polish pop out

Image Courtesy: Forcreativejuice.com

Get a beautiful pop, out of your neon nail polish by applying a white base coating .

#24. Marble nails in a minute?

Marble nails in a minute

Image Courtesy: Topinspired.com

Yes, it ’ randomness possible ! Paint your nails with a base color. now take a formative wrap and crunch it up. Paint the second semblance onto your nails and dab on it lightly with the plastic envelop and your marble nails are ready !

#25. Use a toothpick to make a cute heart

Use a toothpick to make a cute heart

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Take a toothpick and dip it in the breeze through polish. Make two adequate sized dots next to each early and drag them down at an angle to meet at the bottom. That ’ s all, your hearts are quick ! Recommended Read: 7 Simple Ways To Use Orange Peels As Your Beauty Booster Don’t forget to try these amazing nail hacks at home and give an all new look to your nails. Do share with us in the comments section if you have already tried a few of them!

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