We independently inquiry, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a deputation. ready to become your own nail technical school ? Scroll down for the best acrylic complete kits money can buy. Whether you want a solid hue, ombre nails, french tips, pared-down short nails, a act more distance, or a natural-looking finish up, the correct kit out is all you need to go acrylic fiber. These at-home sets come with dip powderize, liquid bonders, sealers, activators, monomers, and top coats, plus files and buffers for that smooth-as-glass stopping point. Some come with tips besides. No matter your skill level or budget, there ‘s a kit out out there for you. In the senesce of DIY, you do n’t have to head to a salon to get pro-level beauty treatments—including durable manis and pedis. Gel and shellac may have taken center stage in holocene years as go-to ‘s for chip-free digits, but the acrylic fiber manicure is n’t going anywhere. Beloved by many, the dip-powder approach to augmented nails is more accessible ( and low-cost ) than you think.

once you get into a groove and run extinct of powderize from your original kit out, replenish your hoard with a few pots of OPI Powder Perfection. “ The OPI system is big because you ‘ve got the excerpt of colors that are well known and loved, ” says Doan. “ It ‘s actually easy to use, and so is removal. ” Get your glitter on with the Coscelia Acrylic Nail Kit. With 12 bubbling dip powders, two packs of rhinestones, and enough glue to nail—pun intended—any look, this system was made for the glamorous among us. Listen, french tips are back. If you like the natural-inspired but obviously fake look—no pity ! —the GHDip Dip Powder Kit has your name on it. It comes with 12 neutral colors, including classic white, plus yellowish brown, fuscous, bloom, and early tip-worthy tones. Pink nails are seasonless, and this acrylic powderize kit has the prettiest shades, all easy to use and fast-drying. You ‘ll get a pale blush, a ballerina-inspired hue, and a aglitter tap with flirty flecks. Use them individually or combine them for an on-trend ombre look. Those who gravitate toward neutrals will love the Azure Beauty ‘s Nude Kit. It comes with eight dip powders, ranging from chic brown to blush pink to tawny taupe, and offers a fresh-from-the-salon end for two wholly weeks. If you ‘re thinking of trying your hand at professional nail art, commit at dwelling with the Morovan Acrylic Kit. This pro-level system includes 15 powders, a generous bottle of monomer, tips, glue, a gelatin basis, a top coating, a bunch of handy tools, and even a drill finger. Heads up—you ‘ll need to buy a UV easy individually. The Rossi Dipping Powder Kit is ideal for anyone curious about going the DIY route. It comes with all the essentials, including a powder pot and three liquids, and will hardly make a incision in your bank score. If you ‘re new to the DIY acrylics game, your best count is the Serendipity Dip Kit. It comes with three powder colors, plus a liquid bonder, activator, and finish gloss—all free of formaldehyde and phthalates. The easy recipe goes on easy, dries immediately, and lasts for up to three weeks. This professional manicure system by Mia Secret checks all the boxes. You ‘ll get a full bent of false nails, plus all the tools and treatments you could need to create a custom-make look. Yes, Cuticles Need Moisture Too—Here Are the Best Cuticle Creams to Use If you normally hit the pinpoint salon every couple of weeks, splurging on an acrylic kit will actually save you money in the long run. “ The Kiara Sky System has a recycling system that allows for a single use of the product per person application, so you can discard the idle products after and by rights sanitize the container for far use, ” says collar artist Christine Doan of Gloss House. For babes on a budget, we recommend Kiss Salon Dip. It comes with a dim powder, a brush-on gelatin, an activator liquid, and a determine of each white and natural tips. It ‘s super easy to use—no light necessary—and lasts for a solid two weeks. The Starter Kit is user-friendly enough for beginners, but advanced dippers should n’t shy away. With this salon-level system, your manicure will last for up to six weeks—expect your nails to grow out faster than they chip. What ‘s more, each batch contains adequate powder for 30 broad sets, all the formulas are low-odor, and your nails will cure without UV light. DipWell ‘s uber-popular Easy Acrylic Dip System pulls out all the stops for fresh DIY nails. You ‘ll get two little pots of dip powderize, a free-base and a eat up powder, five liquids ( a bond, a base, an activator, and two sealers ), plus a buffer, a file, and a epidermis creature. If this sounds like besides many things, do n’t sweat it, because as the list suggests, it ‘s designed to be easy-peasy.

Final verdict

The best option overall is decidedly the DipWell Easy Acrylic Dip System Starter Kit ( position at Dipwell ). It ‘s easy to use, comes with two powders and five liquids, plus all the essential tools, and lasts for six weeks. however, if you want something a bite cheaper, the Kiss Salon Dip Professional Dipping System ( opinion at Amazon ) wo n’t disappoint. For aspiring breeze through artists and anyone looking for a few more bells and whistles, we recommend the Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit ( view at Amazon ) .
Truong ’ s biggest piece of advice : Be patient. “ A full hardening of nails for a novice can take up to two hours. Professionals average about 45 minutes to an hour. ” So make certain you have the time to practice and put on.

What to Look for When Buying an acrylic Nail Kit

Dip Powder

All acrylic nail down kits come with dip powderize, which is basically a powdered class of acrylic. With the help of a bonder and an activator or a monomer, it solidifies into a shape determine. basic systems will come with one or two colors, but you can besides find more robust kits with a range of impersonal and bright hues and even some glitter powders .


additionally, acrylic fiber nail down kits come with liquids that typically look a bunch like regular smash polish bottles. While each arrangement is different, they much include a base, a bonder, an activator or a fluent monomer, a sealer, and potentially a acme coat. To avoid damaging the collar beds, Doan says to look for an EMA ( ethyl methacrylate ) monomer liquid .


As mentioned, each acrylic nail kit is unlike. Some call for a more involve manicure process with several steps and sometimes a dry lamp, while others are quick-drying and require merely a few steps. “ traditional salon acrylic manicures are not the easiest [ to accomplish at base ] or user-friendly, so I would recommend a dip arrangement that allows a better user know, ” adds Doan .


  • How do you use acrylic nail kits?

    All acrylic breeze through kits follow roughly the same methodology, though they vary in terms of steps and the harden march. Having said that, it normally goes something like this : push your cuticles back, buff your nails, attach the tips with glue ( optional ), apply the primer, activator and/or monomer, coat your nails with drop powder, allow them to set, then shape them with a file .

  • How much do acrylic nail kits usually cost?

    Acrylic nail kits cost anywhere from around $ 10 to roughly $ 100. Budget-friendly systems ( between $ 10 and $ 40 ) typically come with the basics : one to three dip powders, three to five liquids, and potentially some tools. Pricier kits ( in the $ 50 to $ 100 range ) much include more dip powders, tips, nail glue, extra tools, and sometimes a drill finger .

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