I Fell For The Nailboo Dip Powder Nails Instagram Ad

Nailboo dip nails
In a moment of weakness, I fell for the Nailboo Dip Powder Nails Instagram ad.
I tell you what, those Instagram ads are sol darn accurate it ’ sulfur chilling !

And I ’ five hundred be a big fatness liar if I said this was the first meter I fell for one 😉
It all happened in September while The Cowboy was gone Elk hunting. I had been contemplating what to do about my nails for an approaching event .
It has been years since I have consistently had gel nails, and while naked nails don’t bother me, when I have an event I like to take my look to the next level.
normally I spend about an hour doing my nails myself ( it takes so long for them to dry ) and I carefully fourth dimension it so that they will look good for the event. sometimes I can even get a day or two more with no chips, but normally, after about 3 days I have to clean them off .
So…when I saw the Nailboo ad for their kit, and they talked about how easy it was, and I watched a few YouTube video I decided I would try it .

The first time I did them ( in truthful go big or go home Prairie Wife shape ) I tried to do an ombre spirit .
They turned out okay but not amazing…and lasted about a week before one chip .
The future time I tried them, I kept it dim-witted with one color on each pinpoint and used a few tricks ( I ’ ll leave them at the end ) and they lasted around two weeks with no issues .
Removal was a annoyance in the butt…but not any worse than gel nails, so I decided to get very invested in these and bought a few more colors .
As of right now I ’ ve been using this product for over 6 months and loving it .
I’ve received multiple messages asking me about the product, so I thought I would share it with you here. I am NOT an affiliate or a partner with Nailboo.

My Nailboo nails last a solid 10 days, and sol do Cowgirl G ’ second. Depending on how OCD you are about chips or growth I feel comfortable saying that you can maybe flush get 2 or even 3 weeks out of this intersection .
I haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seen any damage to my nails and I normally keep them naked for about 4 days to a workweek in between using this product .
It takes me around 30 minutes start to finish to do my nails and plan on an hour for removal ( I told you it ’ s a pain ) .
What I’ve Learned:

  • Take time to rough up your nails.
  • Clean them with rubbing alcohol after you rough them up and before you apply your base.
  • Cap the edges and corners. Don’t know what that means? This link tells you.
  • Let them sit for a few minutes before you brush off the powder especially if you used a thick coat.
  • Do two coats of colored dip powder, and use the second one to fill in any spots you missed.
  • When your nails are coated with the color dip powder (but before you activate them) you can use an orange stick to even out your sides and the cuticle area. The dip is still a bit soft so you can push it or scrape a bit off.
  • After you activate the first time and let it sit for three minutes use a rough nail file to really even out the top of your nail. This is the time to get rid of any bumps or unevenness that may have occurred. Don’t be afraid to go to town 😉
  • They really are ready for you to use to do anything (yes even shower or do dishes) about three minutes after you put that shiny topcoat on!
  • After you are totally done you can use a nail file to round off the cuticle areas or smooth the edges if they are bumpy.
  • Just use an orange stick to scrape off any extra residue on the skin under the tips of your nails.
  • I usually use a file to clean up the edges after about a week of growth to keep them looking neat.

Don’t count on perfection the first time you do this, but by the third time, you should have the hang of it.
so far I ’ ve loved all the colors we ’ ve bought, with my favorites being the indulgent grays and pinks…and the white was reasonably amazing besides .
Questions about the product I didn ’ t answer ?
Ask them in the comments !
bill : The best way I have found to remove this product is Mini Mani Moo Gel No More. It will take about 3 layers and 30 minutes but it is by far the best way to remove your Nailboo nails and is causes NO damage to your nails. Make certain you get the quarrel joyride besides .

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