When the newest means to consume cannabis first made its way onto the view in the late 2000s tools and accessories were limited. Artists and engineers called on their ingenuity to create designs from sources that supported the high temperatures needed to properly vaporize concentrates .
nail styles and materials have come and gone over the stopping point decade of dabbing. But, titanium nails are one material that has stood the test of time. Ultra-durable titanium nails are a solid choice for dabbers who have butterfingers, multiple rigs with different joint sizes, or use an electronic nail .
titanium nails come in tons of different styles but the most popular are domeless titanium, and extremely commodious, universal joint 6-in-1 and 4-in-1 domeless nails that can be configured to fit basically any trailer truck with adaptability to morph into a 10mm, 14mm or 19mm joint that is either male and female. This vogue allows you to use one nail down for all of your fishing gear ! spill about cost-effectiveness .
If you ’ re newly to dabbing, TI nails, or just doing a little research to see which reference material and expressive style collar is best, we ’ rhenium hera to help. This guide will educate you on the TI experience and ownership, from purchasing a titanium pinpoint at your favorite smoke denounce to enjoying it in your front-runner smoke spot.

Considerations to make when buying a titanium nail

Although it ’ s a relatively low-maintenance choice, there are a few things to consider before you buy your titanium collar. Don ’ thymine good scoop up any erstwhile titanium on the internet. It ’ second authoritative for your personal health and condom to understand what you ’ re buy and why timbre is important .

Stick with grade 2 titanium (or better)

There are multiple grades of titanium out there. Because your Ti complete is used for consumption at high hotness, don ’ thymine cut costs and dip below Grade 2. Grade 2 is normally used in the medical and food industry, so it ’ s safe for dabbing. Lower quality titanium is frequently desegregate with early metals and fillers that not lone cheaper the product but can produce toxins when heated and increase your chances of inhaling touch amounts of toxic heavy metals every time you dab. No thanks !
buying a Titanium Nail If you ’ ra not sure about the quality of your titanium complete, keep on the lookout for signs that you might be dealing with an inferior merchandise, like oxidation, discoloration, corrosion, flaking and pitting.

Buy from a trustworthy brand

Before you buy a nail down, research the caller to make indisputable its legit. Be sure that the brand you choose to buy from is a trust titanium smash distributor, and if possible, ask for proof that their nails are grade 2 titanium. Any reputable company should be glad to parcel their titanium authentication forms with you. These forms will declare the amount of iron, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen found in the titanium tested by a third base party. Although true grade 1 titanium nails are importantly more expensive, buying a quality product ensures your safety. so, it ’ s wholly worth it.

How to season your titanium nail

You barely spent a good sum of money on a high-quality titanium smash, and you want to take care of it, good ? The benefits that come from seasoning a titanium nail down before its first base use is similar to those that chefs are after when they season a new cast-iron frying pan. The process ensures that any polish, residuals, or other products that could possibly remain on the surface from the manufacture process are wholly removed. It besides helps to seal the surface of the titanium, allowing you to maximize the spirit of your concentrates .
how to season ti nail

Different ways to season your titanium nail

Method 1

  • Grab a glass of water, your titanium nail, a butane torch, and some pliers for holding the hot metal.
  • Gripping the dab nail with the pliers, light up the butane torch and start to heat the head of the nail until it is red hot.
  • When the nail is glowing red, dunk it into the cold water.
  • Remove the nail from the water and give it a gentle shake to remove any water.
  • Repeat the process a few times until your nail is properly seasoned and ready for use.

Method 2

  • Grab your ti nail, butane torch, and some concentrate.
  • Heat the nail until it is red hot.
  • Drop a small amount of medicine onto the surface of the nail.
  • Repeat the process 3 – 5 times until the nail’s entire surface has been ‘seasoned’ with wax.

How to clean a titanium nail

Now that your nail is seasoned and ready for regular use, let’s talk maintenance. Below are a few popular ways to keep your ti nail nice and fresh.

1. Torching method

This is the easiest and cheapest means to care for your nail. After some use, the wax will start to build up. Don ’ thymine worry – this is an easy fix. Just take your torch and heat your nail down as you normally would. The excess residue should burn off easily. For the neat freaks, this method can be used after every tap to keep the collar pristine .

2. Water-dipping method

identical like to seasoning your breeze through, the water-dippin ’ method ( as we like to call it ) is merely what it sounds like. Heat your smash as you normally would for a dab, and, with a pair of tongs, place your titanium smash in a bowling ball of room-temperature water. This method is effective in removing the white oxidation residue that may build up on your nail over time or from heavy use .

3. ISO rub method

normally known as rubbing alcohol, ISO is very effective in removing the sticky residue left over from concentrates .
There are two ways to rock this method. Some people prefer to just throw their Ti collar in some rub alcohol ( occasionally with a short act of add salt ) and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Others prefer to dip a rag or paper towel in ISO and clean the collar by hand. Both methods work well, but be certain that you season your nail after cleaning with ISO. If you don ’ metric ton, you risk ingesting fumes from the rubbing alcohol, and that ’ s never good.

You may come across some dab connoisseurs who claim they never clean their nail, and you might think that ’ mho arrant or precisely not true. well, it ’ second possibly that they actually don ’ t. many dabbers see their titanium nail the way a chef sees their hurl iron frying pan. They believe that after many uses, the titanium will acquire a neat season, and with every dab, it gets good. This international relations and security network ’ thymine necessarily untrue. Some people steer clear if ti nails because they complain of a metallic taste that interferes with the on-key taste of their concentrates. If you ’ re getting a metallic taste, this might be a specify .

Now that we’ve covered pros and cons, best purchasing practices, before-use care, and regular maintenance, it’s time to test out a titanium nail and let us know what you think in the comments below. Which method did you use to season your ti nail, and how do you keep it clean? We want to know!

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