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second in the early days of my blog, I was painting my nails every workweek, in about every tinge under the sun – from a bright gold yellows and multi-dimensional corals to edgy united states navy and blacks. These past few months though, I ’ ve been sporting bare nails the majority of the time, with the occasional nude polish thrown into the shuffle. possibly my act changed out of a subconscious desire to live more minimally ( I have been slowing scaling down my polish collection, and opting for clean, lower sustenance looks recently ). Or possibly it ’ s due to laziness. I like to think it ’ s a combination of the two. πŸ™‚ Either way, here ’ s a look at my most current nail down manage routine…
Julep Vanish review
Step 1:Β  Clean ’em upΒ 

The first step is to prep the nails, starting with a flying clean-up of the cuticles. I ’ ll grab one of my favorite cuticle softeners/removers – either Julep ’ s vanish or this one from Sally Hansen – add a dismiss on each smash, massage the drops in, and then gently push back the cuticles using my own nails ( I feel like that gives me the most control versus all the tools they have out there ). The solutions instantaneously dissolve any skin that ’ south grow over my breeze through, while making the remainder soft and easier to push bet on. I don ’ t typically cut them since the cuticles are there for a reason – to protect your nails and reduce the risk of infections – however I will trim any loosen skin around the sides with bantam scissors .
Step 2: Trim & file
next, I ’ ll do the usual – a good spare with my favored collar clippers that I picked up on Amazon. Boy do they beat out all the ones I ’ ve ever bought from a drugstore. They feel solid, the top knobby thing doesn ’ triiodothyronine detached every fourth dimension I take them out, and the cutters are straight, sharp and cut cleanly with fiddling force. Yes, a modern pair of cutters can be life changing ( at least during our manis ). πŸ˜›
To smooth out the edges, I ’ ll use one of the best gifts my Grandma always gifted me ( in terms of what I ended up using the most throughout the years ) – a diamond nail file. Before, I used to use those cheaper, rougher files that felt like sandpaper. They ’ d tug and pull on my nail and never quite give me a fluent edge. The diamond file on the other hand, files super finely and smooths in seconds, plus they seem to last everlastingly ( I ’ five hundred had mine for 7+ years ) .

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Step 3: Buff
I never used to buff my nails until I was sheepishly drawn in by one of those salespeople at those plaza stands selling handwriting & torso care kits. They took my hand and after about 30 long seconds of them rubbing some magic trick jam on my nails, they had me inspect them and I was slenderly wowed – they were super fluent and glossy. I ended up grabbing a buff stick for myself, and now I use it before every mani ( i.e. about one a calendar month, not excessively often – you don ’ thyroxine want to over file your nails, only smooth out the ridges a sting ). purportedly this helps your collar polish final long. And of course, a smooth surface and a little extra shine helps elevate the expression of publicize nails .

NCLA So Rich Vitamin E-Infused Cuticle Oil review
Step 4: Moisturize
following, I ’ ll moisturize the nails using NCLA ’ s So Rich Vitamin E-Infused Cuticle Oil, which smells amaze – very warm and comforting – and works immediately to soften my cuticles and re-hydrate the entire breeze through area. For the hands, any old moisturizer does the antic. I have about 5 tubes lying all around my apartment at the moment ( thanks Winter ! ) so I ’ ll catch whatever is nearest to my ever changing manicure place – my work desk, living room coffee postpone, bedroom nightstand – they ’ re all stocked. Once the hands are lotion-ed up, I ’ ll relax for a few minutes and give everything some prison term to soak in. then before moving onto the following step, I ’ ll wipe my nails with a little polish remover .
Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat review, before & after

Step 5: Treatment & (Maybe) Polish
ultimately, I ’ ll make the decisiveness on whether to go completely publicize or add some polish. If I go bare, I ’ ll add a immediate coat of Perfect Formula ’ south Pink Gel Coat ( besides available here and hera ). I got this in a Glossybox last year, and every time I reach for it, I ’ meter always impressed by how well it brightens and whitens my nails. To top it off, it besides smooths everything out and adds a glossy gel-like coating. It ’ s like a mini mani in a bottle ( and works great as a base coat besides ) ! here ’ s a short before & after, using just one thin coat…
Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat before and after
Perfect Formula ’ south Pink Gel Coat before ( correct ) & after ( left )
If I ’ megabyte in the polish climate, I ’ ll grab a nuance from my little collection of Salon Perfect ’ mho Naked Nutrients. I good discovered Salon Perfect last class and have been fabulously impressed by their formulas. They apply smoothly and evenly with virtually no mint, they ’ re incredibly pigmented ( even with the abstemious colors/nudes, I entirely need to use 1 to 2 coats soap ), and they final a commodity workweek on me without chipping ( assuming I ’ molarity not handwash loads of dishes and β€˜ acting like a dame ’ for 7 days straight – no batch bicycle or putting IKEA shelves together ). My go-to shades from their naked Nutrients solicitation include Whipped Cream Kisses and Sea Shell Sweetie ( the one I ’ meter wear here ). They seem to only sell these in stores at Walmart, so they ’ re a bit unmanageable to find. however, if you always do come across them, I recommend grabbing a few !
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Layered wrap bracelet from Victoria Emerson
thus that ’ s my nail care routine ! Sounds a bit drawn-out, I know, but it typically only takes me 15 minutes, and leaves me a short less self-conscious about showing my nails in my blog and Instagram photos. πŸ˜›
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bracelet from Gorjana, rings from Baublebar
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What does your nail worry routine spirit like ? Have any long-time merchandise favorites ?

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