glitter and pink nail design It ‘s no secret that we are huge fans of pink nail designs here at Kiara Sky. We do n’t just wear pink nails on Wednesdays – we wear them all day, every day .
But what are some of our darling pink collar designs ? Let ’ s take a spirit at 19 right field now .

1. Pink swirls

We love this pink breeze through design because of how well the textures and colors enhance the unlike tones of pink. Gold, white, and glitter are perfect add-ons .

Get The Pinks: Rose Gold Chrome + All I Can Pink Of + Pink Tiara + Pinkaso  

2. Pink patterns

Throwing together a assortment of patterns and pink shades into one spirit international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine just ace cunning — it ’ s a unharmed lot of fun .

Get The Look: Wifey Material + Do n’t Pink About It + Black To Black + Pure White

3. Pink flames

adenine far as pink nail designs go, this look is fire. literally .

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4. Pink cartoons

How could you not like this cute face ? specially when it ’ sulfur paired with a flatness pink and a shimmery cover .

Get The Pink: Eyes On The Prize  

5. Hot pink tips

Bling or not, we absolutely adore a classical plant of french tips in a strickle hot tap .

Get The Look: Power Move + Sugar High

6. Pink nail designs with swirls

Swirls are great. But they ’ re even better when they ’ re neon .

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7. Multi-toned pink hearts

This pink complete purpose gives us all the heart eyes, and the insidious summation of red, white, and nude makes us fangirl all over the invest .

Get The Look: Gel Art Collection

8. Pink nail designs with chrome gunpowder

Chrome and pinko are a match made in nail heaven. You literally can ’ metric ton name a better couple, so preceptor ’ thymine even try .

Get The Look: I Do + Don ’ triiodothyronine Pink About It + Hypnosis + Rose Gold Chrome

9. Pink marble, glitter, and ombre

Can ’ thyroxine decide what pink breeze through purpose to get ? Get them all .

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10. Pink clouds

What looks better than a amobarbital sodium and whiten flip ? A pink and white flip. Don ’ metric ton fight us on it.

Get The Look: Cotton Kisses + Dress to impress

11. Textured pinko nail designs

There ’ s a batch to take in with this pink smash plan, but we simply can ’ thyroxine experience over those textured tips. They ’ re to die for .

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12. Pink & green neon

It ’ s not the first discolor jazz band we would think of, and pity on us. This color jazz band is straight up goals .

Get The Look: Pinkaso + Out Of Monet

13. Pink gradient

When you can ’ thymine choose one pink, you choose them all. And then you lay them out in the most arrant vertical gradient ever .

Get The Look: Pink Gel Polishes + Pure White + Velvet Matte Top Coat  

14. Pink overawe print

Is this a wyrd concept ? Yes. Do we inactive love it ? besides yes .

Get The Look: Dark Pink + Cherry On Top + Pure White + Velvet Matte Top Coat

15. Pink and chrome swirls

You know how we feel about swirls, and you know how we feel about pinko and chrome together. In other words, this spirit is absolute perfection .

Get The Look: View our chrome smash powders

16. diaphanous pink waves

This pink collar blueprint reminds us of a 1980 ’ south dance party, and we ’ rhenium completely hooked on it .

Get The Look: Miss Candied + Dress To Impress  

17. Pink neon hearts

Pink hearts are bang-up, but pink neon hearts are even better. Bravo. 10 out of 10 .

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18. Pink ombre

This ombre is special because it ’ mho temperature-controlled. That means you get multiple shades of pink depending on where you are and what you ’ re doing.

Get The Color Changing Polish: Two Faced Pink

19. Pink ombre tips

Speaking of ombres, a horizontal ombre is always a solid option in our book ( particularly when it ’ mho pink ) .

Get The Pinks: Don ’ thymine Pink About It + Frenchy Pink + Pink Powderpuff + Rural St. Pink

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