Lady Gaga Nail Art Lady Gaga inspired nail down art.
photograph : Splash News/Courtesy of Polished Paws Up Ladies, there ‘s something UH-MAZING happen on the interwebs, and we need to talk about it, like, right nowadays. And, since it ‘s # ManicureMonday, we ‘ll give you three guesses as to what it ‘s about… SPOILER ALERT : It ‘s about nails. actually, REALLY good nails. We ‘re constantly ( and we mean al-ways ) on Tumblr drooling over the leading nail artwork that fills our splashboard on a day by day basis, but we stumbled upon something outstanding in one bitty, bantam corner of the web that we literally could not stop “ oooh-ing ” and “ ahhh-ing ” over. Everyone, meet Polished Paws Up. Polished Paws Up, meet everyone. This nail down art Tumblr is run by one of Lady Gaga ‘s small Monsters who creates original ( and BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED ) nail down designs based off of Lady Gaga ‘s ensembles. I KNOW, I KNOW, it sounds amazing, and it is, but one of the best parts about this Tumblr is that she makes smash art we ‘d actually want to recreate on our own REGARDLESS of it being an court to the Gags. Back in June when Mother Monster was on her vintage Versace kick, she was spotted in a bluff red, blue, bluish green, orange, and aureate batwing button-up shirt, brilliantly crimson lipstick, oversized green encircle sunglasses and matching bright teal bobtail. The amazing coloring material combinations of Lady Gaga ‘s ensemble basically screamed, “ Haiii, make me into nail artwork, pleasssee, ” and that ‘s EXACTLY what happened .
Since Gaga ‘s Versace print shirt is actually quite intricate, it would take a extremely skilled breeze through artist to recreate this on a bantam breeze through canvas tent ( although we wo n’t stop you from trying ! ). then to get an equally amazing but more nail-friendly purpose, the dame behind Polished Paws Up decided to do a marble effect with the exact lapp five colors from Gaga ‘s silk peak ( which actually is quite simple to do if you have a bowl of water and a toothpick. Watch a television tutorial here ! ). To get the touch Versace chain print front, she used, well, an actual chain. Genius. We ‘ll betcha a million bucks if you dig through your previous jewelry you ‘ll find an honest-to-god gold necklace chain that ‘s knotted, tangled and ready to be reborn again into beautiful smash art. Cut the pieces to fit each breeze through diagonally, use comic strip of nail glue, and urge on the range lightly until it dries. To finish your Gaga nail count, paint your stress nail the same undimmed bluish green as Gaga ‘s wig for a exchangeable pop of shocking color, and VOILA ! You ‘ve got Mother Monster Versace-inspired nails.

Lady Gaga Nail Art Lady Gaga inspired nail down art.
photograph : Getty Images/Courtesy of Polished Paws Up

If you want to go for something a little less edgy but still SO Gaga, try recreating that ‘dorbs mint green and white intertwine ensemble that we spotted on Monster Monster last month. Her voiced minty hair whipped up into a high bun paired with flowery whiten frames and a white lace snip is just BEGGING to be turned into a sour of nail artwork. Start off with a nude polish free-base and let it completely dry. Using a complete artwork playpen or toothpick, recreate Gaga ‘s braid dress with a series of circles and dots as seen above. Finish off the look by sweeping a pilfer of mint green on the tips. For the stress finger, paint the integral pinpoint the same shade of mint green that you used on your tips. ( To see what exact colors she used hera, check out her Tumblr post. ) When it ‘s wholly dry, use the white polish from the lace design and paint the polish onto a leech ( or paper towel ) and lightly press down on the tip of the pinpoint until you have enough coverage. Do n’t saturate the sponge or paper towel TOO much with the blank polish or else you wo n’t get that great spot quick study effect. Finish with a clean exceed coat and you ‘re donezo ! now you have two great reasons to put those ( polished ) paws up, small Monsters !
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