Nail Effect In Summer

Weather is entering summer days, pulling nails and skin care should also be interested in the right way. Summer often cause local disease, skin chapped hands, peeling easily lead to nail damage. Here are some ways to manicures, pedicures effective in summer days will help women owning strong nails and smooth skin.

You should cut nail file once every 4 days and cutting toenails 1 week 1 times. Your toenails are not too sharp, too long but instead is look neat and clean.

Do not abuse the paint
You should not paint the nails regularly, because there are many types of paint containing toxic substances greatly affect your nails. Occasionally up to nails have time to rest before continuing polish.

Use moisturizer
Dry skin, peeling will appear in the summer. Let soak hands and feet in warm water, rinse and wipe dry, then apply moisturizer to hands and feet before going to bed. Doing this will help keep hands girlfriend, soft feet and nails strong as desired.


Nail Effect In Summer

Bouts of summer heat will make your skin darken. This time the sunscreen is “weapon” for you in the field trips, cruises in the summer it! Regular sunscreen helps protect your hands, your legs do not darken, prevent skin aging process effectively.

Whiten nails with lemon or orange

Nail Effect In Summer

You can soak the hands, feet or rub the nail on the oranges, lemons to nail clean and whiter. Manicure or pedicure will lessen the unnecessary yellow stains. Soak nails in lemon juice can help restore the natural health and beauty surface of the nail, which you own the beautiful nails and nail samples extremely seductive.

Select All & Footwear

Nail Effect In Summer

Some people still choose shoes all lined cuff comes to avoid the sun when traveling far away or at sports. Whether what, you should also choose shoes appropriate bit, not too tight easy to affect the legs. All should be good sweat absorbent type to protect your feet are always dry and clean.

Summer is the time needed for the care of nails and skin, because the weather can dry out your skin cracking, flaking or losing vitality sparkling. Hygiene and care for hands, feet properly is essential to help girls get beautiful skin and nails.

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