Do you want to get elegant and gorgeous nail art with foil by spending a little money and campaign ? You must try the nail foil that will provide you a pretty nail design in a few minutes. how to use transfer foil on nails
Using nail foil has a lot of advantages that if we start to write, it won ’ t finish in some words or lines .
With some little staff, you can transform the elegant designs of the thwart on your nails. To apply breeze through hydrofoil, you will need a foundation coating, gel breeze through polish, a pinpoint hydrofoil adhesive, nail foil, a greatcoat.

how to apply nail foil

How To Use Transfer Foil On Nails ? – step By pace

In this article, I will tell you respective steps of how to apply nail foil. Let ’ s bring started .

Step 1.

Buff And Shape Your Nails

At first, shape your nails in your craved size and buff them. normally, applying nail foil on the longer nail looks a lot reasonably than inadequate nails .
After shaping the nails, use a buff to buff the nails to make them smooth. By buffing, nails will get more durable .

Step 2.

Apply Base Coat And Nail Polish

Most of the nail art routine has this step, applying a basal coat. Basecoat protects the natural nail bed and protects them from damage. besides, the base coat helps to adhere to the nail polish absolutely .
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then apply a single or a couple of coats of gelatin collar polish. Apply a discolor that matches with the thwart you are going to apply .
If you apply collar polish on the nail down before applying foil, your nails will be more attractive after applying nail foil .
As you are using mousse nail polish, you have to cure your nails by an LED light for 30 seconds after the application of each coat.

Step 3.

Apply Nail Foil Adhesive

If your complete polish is excessively muggy, then gently wipe your nails with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton diggings. ( Do not wipe the nail polish forcefully, it may ruin ) It will help to adhere the thwart more efficaciously .
Apply pinpoint foil glue on the complete. You can cure it into the Led for 30 seconds or delay for 1/2 minutes until it dries mechanically .
Remember the nail glue must be nail foil adhesive. Any nail glue will not give perfect nail art, and that may not be able to adhere to the foil.

Step 4.

Adhere The Foil

now it ’ sulfur time to apply your favorite breeze through thwart. Apply a assemble of foil on your nail and lightly press the foil to line up. When the foil is in a perfect side, rub it with a dry rub.

Try to rub the hydrofoil cursorily and forcefully. You can use the thick side of the epidermis pusher to get a more effective leave. Remove the foil and see the perplex transformation on your nails. Try to apply thwart nails one after another collar .

Step 5.

Use A Top Coat

To make the foil nail glossy and classy, use a greatcoat. A greatcoat increases nail foil ’ sulfur lastingness. It is the auspices of the nail down foil. If you use a greatcoat, it will provide chip-free nail art for a long prison term .
Reapply a layer of greatcoat after 3/4 days of nail down thwart application. then, you can get chip-free nails for some more days .

Can You Use Nail Foils With Gel Polish ?

Yes, You can use foils with gel Polish. Using smash foils with mousse polish ensures a permanent manicure rather than average collar polish. At First, you neet to apply a base coat, then get one level of gel polish on the nails. Cure it for 30 seconds under LED .
After cure, it put on another layer of gelatin polish and cure it like ahead. then use smash foils on that and cure it under LED around 30 seconds. finally, use the top coat and remedy for 1 moment. Use a mousse cleansing agent to clean up brassy residual surrounding your nails and have a illusion nail .

How To Use Nail Foils With Gel ?

Nail foils constantly may not cling on brassy gel nails. It could help to adhere if you use foil adhesive to prevent it from going off. I will explain the summons how to do foil nails with gel-

  • Prepare ( file and shape) your nails to make them ready.
  • Apply a layer of base coat, then apply two gel coats (optional) over it. Each layer must cure for at least 30s under LED or 1 minute under UV, then go to the next.
  • After that, apply foil adhesive on gel and cure under UV 1-2 minutes or LED for 30-60s until it dry to turn into a clear layer. After being dried, this adhesive layer stays gluey enough to hold the foil decor.
  • Stick the foil carefully on gluey gel nails and scrub it gently from the top to accelerate transferring the impression from foil to gel nails.
  • After that, you have to apply a top coat on it, covering all the edges perfectly, and cure for the 60s under LED or 2 minutes under UV Best to apply a two-layer of topcoat.
  • Pour gel cleanser solution on a cotton pad, wipe off residual gel surrounding the nail to get a flawless look.

How To Use Nail Foils Without Glue ?

Nail foils hardly cling without glue. We can not give you a guarantee that it will stay farseeing. But without glue and greatcoat, your collar foil may last for a few moments, not being fade .
The tacky gel can hold the pinpoint foils but not much as foil gelatin. The process of applying nail down foils without glue is more or less the same as with glue. If you are not using foil glue, then you have to be slightly slippery .

  • Prepare nail and apply base coat; make it dry as with foil glue.
  • Apply colored coat- gel polish/nail polish. After that, put on a double coat and make it partially dry Using UV or LED as before with glue.
  • A partial dry color coat, especially the gel coat, acts as a sticky substance to privilege nail foil transferring. Then paste the foil on tacky nail gel.
  • Finally, make an overlying coat using watercolor polish; don’t miss to overcast the edges.
  • You can apply the top coat in a single or double-layer or avoid using the topcoat according to your choice.

NB. A combination of foil glue and proper top coating can make the nail down foils last up to two weeks. So it is up to you what are you willing for .

What Can I Use alternatively Of Nail Foil Glue ?

You can find many alternatives to nail foil glue, but they would not serve the same. Though collar glue, glue stick used for crafting, eyelashes glue, brassy mousse, or overcast coating is not the complete interchange of smash foil glue. Some of them may be toxic or can cause skin discomfort ; not fruitful as smash foil glue .

Is It Safe To Use Foils On Nails ?

Nail foils made of aluminum is not so insecure in normal condition. But when it is warmed or hotted up, the tracing aluminum can leach out, which is slightly alarming .
Another thing to be concerned is about foil glue. Most of the nail glue is made of ethyl cyanoacrylate/Hydroxypropyl methylate/Citric acid/ BHA, resulting in clamber and eye discomfort. Some of them are neurotoxins that can affect your health .
Investigate the ingredients list before having smash glue and choose for a non-toxic one.

In Conclusion

This superintendent easy smash art technique is getting excessively conversant day by day. people fond of finding the easiest and less time-consuming direction of the collar art technique .
The complete thwart process is an easy and effective way to get elegant and fashionable nails in a shortstop fourth dimension. The good news is that it lasts retentive for more than one workweek .
If you are strange about how to use nail foil then, follow our steps cautiously and use quality based products. You will be surprised to see the result. Your nail will be attractive as a salon manicure .

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