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You may hear a rhythmical click strait as you drive. You might see something glistening poking out of your differently normal-looking tire. Or possibly you ‘ll hear a boo reasoned .
These are all signs that there ’ s a pinpoint in your tire, a trouble that may seem minor but truly needs attention. That little piece of metallic element could soon leave you on the side of the road, trying to figure out how to change a flat .
here ’ s what to do if you believe your run down has picked up an unwanted passenger.

What part of the tire is the nail in?

The good news is the damage may be fixable — but a fortune depends on where the pinpoint is. Most tires on cars and trucks today use a soft, flexible sidewall and inflexible sword belts that run underneath the tread .
If the nail in your bore is in the area covered by the steel belts, it can normally be repaired. But if it ’ sulfur at the outer edge of the tread, or the sidewall, the tire has to go. A animate is neither safe nor possible .

Is the tire leaking air?

If the puncture international relations and security network ’ thymine leaking yet, or if the leak is very minor, you should be able to drive a short distance to a tire shop or machinist. But first, check the tire ’ s air coerce and fill it up to a dependable level at a accelerator station, if necessity. Don ’ metric ton try to remove the pinpoint .
If the tire won ’ metric ton handle air, or if the leak is rapid, you ’ ll motivation to change it out before driving to get it repaired. You can do this yourself, or you can call roadside aid to help .

Is your tire flat?

Driving on a completely flat run down will damage it internally, guaranteeing you ’ ll have to buy a substitution. If your bore is flatcar, change to your fifth wheel and take the damaged one to a service location for repair or refilling .
If your car has a mini-spare run down, or “ ring, ” be certain to drive slower on it. besides be sure that the spare is inflated to the recommend pressure, which can be found in the owner ’ s manual

Do you have run-flat tires?

If your car is equipped with run-flat tires, you might not notice that the tire has lost its atmosphere pressure, as run-flats have reinforced sidewalls that let you keep driving. Depending on the tire, you ’ ll be able to drive around 50 miles at 50 miles per hour on a run-flat tire .
A run-flat tire with a nail in it could be repairable, but it will most probably indigence to be replaced after running bland .
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Can you drive with nail in your tire?

Driving with a nail in your run down is a risk. tied if the affect tire is presently holding its coerce, the nail could shift into a status that lets breeze escape, or fall out altogether. This could result in a two-dimensional tire, or even a blowout .
It ’ second plainly not worth it to drive anywhere but right to a machinist, or a bore repair shop. And if the run down is in bad shape, put the fifth wheel on alternatively .

Can the tire be repaired?

The smash ’ randomness localization plays a big role in whether a run down can be fixed, but it ’ s not the alone factor. If the tire has already been damaged repeatedly, or if it ’ randomness worn out, you ’ ll want to get a new tire .
Repairing a bore may involve removing it from the wheel and then installing a punch and a patch. The ballyhoo fills the hole made by the pinpoint, and the plot acts as a pressure seal to keep the vent inside the tire. Some shops may use only a fireplug while others may use precisely a spot. Once the animate is made, the tire is put back on and balanced, and you can be on your way.

If you have to buy a replacement run down, you ’ ll want it to match the brand and size of the others already on your car .

How can you be prepared?

There ’ s no means to completely avoid picking up a nail — it happens to everyone at some point. But there are some things you can do to be prepared :

  • Carry a good tire gauge in your car
  • Carry a portable air compressor
  • Check your tires (including the spare) regularly, keeping them properly inflated
  • Learn how to change a tire

One more thing : If your car doesn ’ thyroxine have a spare tire, consider buying one. That can of fix-a-flat is not a perfect solution — it won ’ t situate every tire trouble, and it can actually damage your tire imperativeness sensors. With a spare, you can take off your damaged tire and force on one you can trust .

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