If you ’ re looking to switch things up from your typical breeze through polish color palette, embrown happens to be a chic and versatile option. Whether you opt for a chocolate, caramel, brittle, or cream tone, there are countless brown smash ideas that ’ ll upgrade your manicure game. Neutral, earth tones, and muted manicures have been trending as of deep — just look at the fingertips seen on the runway during New York Fashion Week. And, according to Chelsea King, Los Angeles-based nail artist and celebrity manicurist, brown hues count as an elevated railway so far subtle color choice. “ I love brown polishes because they are a way to wear a inert smash, but make it a moment more singular, ” King tells Bustle. They besides happen to be retro-chic : “ Brown nails are besides a fun nod to the ’ 70s, which is trending right now, ” adds King. Celebrity manicurist Kait Mosh says brown university nail polish shades are besides the perfective pick “ for the monochromatic minimalist, ” since they ’ re not excessively brassy or distracting. If you never thought you could rock a embrown mani, Mosh notes it ’ s all about matching the polish to your skin tone : She likes taupes for honest to medium clamber tones with red undertones, while warm skin with chicken undertones may want to opt for caramel colors. For iniquity skin and cooler undertones, King fancies deep, ample browns. While you can wear embrown polish with any nail shape, both artists say rounded tips and almond shaped-tips are still reigning sovereign as a favorite among their clients. still, french tips, coffin nails, and public square sets could all surely show off your mocha-colored mani.

Keep scroll for super cute brown nail ideas to bring to your future salon appointment.


Matte Taupe

For a muffle take on the brown nail course, consider a flatness fuscous set like this one. The square shape adds to the classical and cleanse appeal.


Chocolate French Tips

You can ’ triiodothyronine go ill-timed with a french manicure, which can be worn in countless ways. One on-trend option ? Chocolate-dipped fingertips with a plain basal. The espresso brown is the perfect contrast to the indulgent pink beds.


Groovy Multicolored Brown

similar to a french manicure, this retro-inspired design uses two different bold brown tones and separates them with an attention-getting super-fine white line.


Geometric Shapes

King is responsible for this manicure design that features gradient graphic squares that are decidedly giving hot chocolate with whisk skim vibration.


Glossy Beige

This super long beige set proves that you don ’ t need a forte color to make a statement. Top a creamy beige polish with excess polish for a gorgeous glitter.


Leopard Print

Take your brown-colored manicure into a bluff collar art kingdom with animal print details. The graphic lines in this determined add a modern refer.


Gold Accents

Add a touch of gold to a chocolate-covered almond manicure to give a elementary design more texture. This one proves just two stripes of metallic polish can make a big ( and swoon-worthy ) impingement.


Power Clashing Textures

Who says your nails have to be painted in precisely one finish ? This almond-shaped flat manicure with bright brown tips is ultra-modern and perfect for every day.


Toffee Lengths With White Trim

Outline a long, square set with sharp white lines on the edge of your fingertips for a graphic contrast to a cedar or brittle brown polish.


M&M Manicure

Can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate choose one nuance of brown university ? No worries : Incorporate them all into a manicure like this one where the shades gradate with each complete, going from cream to espresso. Consider it an M & M adaptation of the ever-popular Skittles mani.


Floral Decals

welcome spring with a groovy ’ 70s-inspired manicure like this almond-shaped french set with bantam floral details and deep brown tips.


Chocolate Checkerboard

While you can wear the super-trendy checked manicure design with any color jazz band you ’ d like, this bent shows that brown works as a gorgeous and retro-chic option .

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