We ’ ra declare 2021 the year that manicures are nobelium longer a gender-specific accessary ! The final year has seen more men trying on nail polish, but do n’t think this swerve is new … men have been coloring their nails since 3,200 BC ! This year, guys ‘ nails are trending more than ever—even the Wall Street Journal is jumping on the course, telling the report of celebs and everyday dudes painting their nails. They cite retailers stocking up on “ muted male shades ”, but we think you can choose any color for your mani/meni 🌈. hera are a few of our darling male celebrity pinpoint looks.

1. Multi-color Menicures When you go all-in on self-expression, you might equally well have playfulness with as many colors as you want. You can sport this look by doing stress nails, two-toned mani, or your own version of rainbow menicure. Joey McIntyre is the new kid on the menicure block
Harry Styles’ Met Gala nails that scream “camp”
A day in the so-called manicured life of Jared Leto image source : Splash via In Touch Weekly 2. Classic Red Male Manicure If you ‘re going for the dateless front, you can never go wrong with the red shade on all your nails. You can besides paint a single fingernail to support the Polished Man campaign or buck the rules and paint choose nails only. Zac Efron’s nail with a cause
Pete Davidson’s fire engine red nails are lit trope source : Getty Images via Men ‘s Health Brooklyn Beckham looks posh with his red mani 3. Blue Male Polish You can opt for a light or benighted shade of blasphemous. Your option. Either means, there ‘s nothing deplorable about the blasphemous pinpoint tendency, particularly when you choose the glistening metallic or aglitter eat up. Darren Criss and his gleeful electric-blue nails picture source : Getty Images via Popsugar Marc Jacobs making the #MalePolish hashtag happen since 2016
4. Nice Nude Nails Remember, a perfective mani doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constantly mean colorful nails. In fact, you do n’t need to use any color at all ! Taking good wish of your nails with manicures can be a bang-up shape of self-care. Keeping your hands healthy and moisturized is a big stead to start. And when you ‘re looking for a little lend color, you can keep things natural-looking with subordinate colors. We will never say dracarys to Jason Momoa’s nude mani persona reference : Getty Images via Bright Side Ansel Elgort and his white nail polish that he paired with glitter eye makeup
5. French Menicure You ‘d say je t’aime to the clean and polish look of the classical french manicure. You can have it the traditional direction or you can have an update modern version like the stiletto style.

Snoop Dogg is living young and wild and free to wear a French mani
Jonathan Van Ness has a queer eye for ombré french manicure on stiletto-shaped nails
6. Male Nail Art Yes to manis for men ! In the words of ASAP Rocky, “ I feel like men should be able to do breeze through art without feeling feminine. ” ASAP Rocky’s FROW-worthy monogram designs Anwar Hadid’s matchy-matchy pastel mani with girlfriend Dua Lipa
7. Go-For-Glam Menicure Glam up and glow up with iridescent, life-of-the-party mani—even when you ‘re only limited to Zoom gatherings in 2021. Machine Gun Kelly’s secret weapon to red carpet glam trope informant : Getty Images via Page Six This golden mani deserves a Seal of approval picture generator : Getty Images via Page Six 8. Little Black Nails Unleash your inner rockstar with the moodiest of all nail colors. And you do n’t have to wait for Halloween to roll around. You can besides wear your bold, black mani total spring. Steve Tyler’s nail art is ready to rock ‘n roll Voting for Adam Lambert’s black menicure to be the next American (Nail) Idol
9. Pretty Pastel Male Manicure If you ‘d rather stick with a pastel pallette for spring, browse DipWell ‘s pastel dip powder collection for your favored delicate color. Bad Bunny’s oh-so-good pastel polish tells us he’s no silly wabbit 10. The Male Dip How do you achieve the arrant menicure ? Take notice that your options go well beyond the regular breeze through polish. With an easy acrylic pickpocket system, you can do superintendent gorgeous, ace durable dim nails for less than an hour only. If you ’ re a dim noob, follow this tutorial and read up on all things dip nails.
Carlos is serving colorful looks with PA21 and GW02
The PA16 dip nails of Lifestyle & Fashion Influencer Joey Boos are positively pretty The menicure is a testament that ANYBODY can paint their nails, and we love seeing that more and more people are embracing it. Join the Menicure Movement. Share your meni with us on Instagram via @ dipwellnails or our official hashtag # DoYouDipWell. New to dipping ? head over to DipWell ‘s Dipper Club and connect with the helpful members.

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