31. Stylish Mani For Birthday Celebrations

future, we have another fashionable mani that is perfect for a birthday. This time we have long coffin nails. All of the nails have a unlike design including french tips, french ombre and even a charming multi tone color. We love that coloring material because it looks like it would be seen on a mermaid or unicorn. This is just a trendy and beautiful mani that reflects the especial occasion .
Stylish Mani For Birthday Celebrations

32. Gorgeous and Glam Nails

The adjacent collar idea is another gorgeous and glam one ! These nail feature of speech unlike designs including ombre, rhinestones and lots of sequins in different shapes such as butterflies. It is a sandbag mani and it is perfect for a birthday princess ! We actually love how one nail is a stiletto supreme headquarters allied powers europe as that gives the mani a trendy boundary .
Gorgeous and Glam Nails

33. Candles and Sparkles

Love cute cake complete art ? If so, check this out. here we have inadequate nails and most of them are covered in pretty pink glitter. There is besides one accent smash that is white with colored birthday candles ! It is a a playfulness and bold mani that will suit everyone. You can hand-paint similar candles and there are tutorials online .
Candles and Sparkles

34. Trendy Mani with Initials and Age

next, we have another one of our darling nail ideas. This one is so trendy and playfulness. Each nail down is a bright pink with whiten artwork. The artwork includes Old English initials with the numbers 21 for the senesce and there are even flames and stars besides. It is a gorgeous nail estimate and flame nail art is a must-have right now. You can recreate this with any senesce.

Trendy Mani with Initials and Age

35. Nails with Colorful Stars

Be a star on your birthday with a breeze through purpose like this one. here we have long bare coffin nails. Each one has besides been decorated with bright and colorful stars in different shades such as pinko, yellow, blue and purple. It is a fun and statement making mani. You can recreate this yourself with a few vibrant colors and star collar stencils which can be bought on-line .
Colorful Stars

36. Happy Birthday To You

The next nail mind is another one with a glad birthday message. This meter the nails are blue and have unlike pinpoint art such as balloons, cake and a felicitous birthday to you message. It is a fun and bold nail design that tells everyone it is your birthday. You can recreate this or use any balloon and cake design .
Happy Birthday To You

37. Fun and Trendy Birthday Mani with the Year

There are unlike ways that you can add your age to your birthday nails. You can have the actual act or you could try something like this and have the year you were born rather ! here we have clear nails. One pass features pink heart artwork with rhinestones and the other hand spells out 1999. It is a playfulness mani and it will let everyone guess your old age.

Fun and Trendy Birthday Mani with the Year

38. Sparkly Nails with a Number

next, we have more birthday nails with a number. This clock time the nails are all light pink with colorful glitter ombre. There is besides on stress nail that features a aglitter phone number 4 rather of ombre. It is a beautiful, bluff and bubbling design which is perfect for a birthday. You can recreate this look with any number .
Sparkly Nails with a Number

39. Cute Balloon Nail Art

Love balloons and bright colors ? If so, this is arrant for you. hera we have purple nails and one silver dialect pinpoint. Each nail down is decorated with different art such as balloons, bunting and more. It is a fun and beautiful look. The mani was created with Depend Cosmetic Rachel Got Off The Plane, Big Night Out by H & M, felicitous Birthday-02 stamp plate by MoYo- London and stamping polishes by Maniology in shades Ducky, Prancing Pink and Turquoise.

Cute Balloon Nail Art

40. 3D Cake and Treat Nails

If you love your birthday cake and fresh treats like donuts, then this is for you ! This mani features hanker coffin nails and each one is a bright purple color. not entirely that, but the nails are besides decorated with 3D slices of patty, donuts and rhinestones. This is an amaze mani that is perfect for birthday celebrations. You can find many tutorials online for 3D art precisely like this .
3D Cake and Treat Nails

41. Glitzy Nail Design with Rhinestones

Bring the bling to your birthday with a mani like this one. For this look, each nail is decorated with lots of sparkling rhinestones in different shapes and sizes ! It is such a glam, dazzling and statement make expect. You can find a tutorial for this mani design on the pinpoint artist ’ sulfur page by clicking the connection below .
Glitzy. Sparkly Design We hope you have been inspired by these birthday nails !

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