Anyone who follows my blog knows how much I love nail inspiration. Nail trends change amazingly fast, so I try to keep up with the latest styles here .
today I decided to step extinct of my element and write a station about purple nails .
I generally don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate choose to do purple nails very often because they ’ rhenium hard to do in a classy means, but some of these inspiration photos decidedly changed my mind !
here are 50+ purple nails divine guidance photos, including everything from a ace light lavender to dark imperial colors.

Purple Nail Trends:

Although I love purple nails all the fourth dimension, nail trends actually do change according to the color and year .
Some of my front-runner purple collar trends are :

  • Multi-Colored Nails (especially each finger a different shade of purple)
  • Marble Designs
  • Butterflies
  • Flower Designs
  • Purple Tips
  • Purple Ombre
  • Cloud Designs

Purple Nails Inspiration:

here are some of my favored purple nail manicures. Feel release to save any of these photos for later !
good press down then click save to camera roll. enjoy !

Gold & Purple Marble

Silver & Purple Swirl

Clouds & Butterflies

Purple Mermaid Nails

Clear Butterfly Design

Speckled Accents

Purple Ombre

Multi-Colored Shades

I love motley nails ( one on each finger ) and this jazz band of ashen, pinko, and purple nails is barely excessively cute .


This is a fun, felicitous imperial color that would cheer anyone astir .

Multi-Colored With Sparkles

Again, I ’ m obsessed with unlike colored nails on each feel, but I specially love these bubbling purple nails. They ’ ra classy and trendy at the like time !

Muted Purple

This is a mauve purple color that ’ s ace understated and upscale .

Dark Muted Purple

These black imperial nails are perfect for the cold months and decidedly go on my winter collar list .

Light Purple

Muted Light Purple

Blue Purple

This is a cryptic periwinkle color that is so alone and gorgeous .

Super Soft Purple

Muted Shades Of Purple

I love how these nails are not only slightly different shades but have equitable a bite of glitter. Everything about these purple nails is understate yet stunning !

Light Purple

Light Periwinkle

Bright Shades Of Purple

Shimmery Purple

Double Accents

Accents With Silver

Pale White-Lilac

I actually found this nail inspiration photograph under bridal nails. It would be sol cool to do super easy purple nails for a marry, but these nails are ace gorgeous any day .

Soft Lilac With Beads

Bright Purple

Soft Purple

True Purple

These shimmery pinpoint remind me of fairies and fairy-tales .

This is a big Easter pinpoint color, but it ’ south honestly beautiful any time of the year ! You could do it shiny or matte for excess oopmh .

I ’ thousand loving ombre nails recently, and these purple ombre nails are particularly aplomb for any consequence or party .

‘These nails are so darling! I’m thinking these daisies are stickers that you can buy, but you’ll want to finish your nails with a top coat to seal everything in.
‘ These nails are so beloved ! I ’ molarity thinking these daisies are stickers that you can buy, but you ’ ll want to finish your nails with a top coat to seal everything in.

This design is so cool. These are most probable press-on nails or are done professionally ( I mean come on, these look superintendent unmanageable ) but I personally think it ’ second worth it !

I ’ molarity think these are stick on nails or professionally done vitamin a well. These flowers are so intricate, but are decidedly something I want to try !

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