marble nail down art has become very popular. This is no surprise as marble nails look extremely fashionable and chic ! There are so many ways to use marble art in nails. You can wear it with any color, add glitter, gems and more. To get you inspired, we have found 43 stunning marble nail ideas for you to try. We have something for everyone, from boldface colors to elegant metallic designs .

1. Elegant, Purple Marble Nails

The first design we have to show you are these beautiful purple marble nails. Most of the nails are a light purple shade with one gem and one marble stress nail. The marble is white, imperial, black and silver. These nails are thus pretty and stylish. Wear on any smash length or shape .
Purple Marble Almond Nails

2. Marble Accent Nail

marble nail art looks so chic and it works beautifully with glitter. here we have a stunning case. Some of the nails are black and aureate glitter but there are two accent designs. One is gold glitter and one is marble with a gold ornamentation. These are gorgeous nails that would look amazing for a particular occasion .
Black and Gold Nails with Marble

3. Matte and Marble Coffin Nails

Make a statement with our next nail estimate. The nails are a bright and vibrant tone with two accent nails. One is glitter and the other is marble with amber stripes. You can buy gold complete tape to create the streamlined and neat stripes. Recreate the hale front or use a different boldface breeze through color of your choice.

Matte and Marble Coffin Nails

4. Pink Nails with a Marble Accent Nail

As marble smash art is frequently white and grey, these designs go with about any color. here we have a beautiful light pinko estimate. The nails are a soft pink with a marble emphasis nail down. A design like this is pretty and will suit everyone. It has been created on short nails here but you can use any nail duration and shape .
Pink Nails with a Marble Accent Nail

5. Sparkly Marble Nails

Our next marble mind has lots of sparkle ! Two of the nail down feature the marble design and the others are a mix of grey, glitter and beautiful gems. The gems very glam up the marble and create a shimmer collar design that will make a instruction. You can recreate the whole expect or precisely possibly use grey, gems and marble.

Sparkly Marble Nails

6. Stylish Marble Nails with Glitter

adjacent, we have a fashionable marble and glitter nail art theme. Most of the nails are whiten and bootleg marble with one flatware glitter accent nail. We love this nail purpose because the marble art is bolder than some of the others. There are lots of tutorials online to help you create cool looking marble like this .
Marble Nails with Glitter Accent Nail

7. Marble Nails with Gold Stripes

Gold stripes are identical popular in nail artwork, particularly on marble nails. here we have a trendy exercise. The nails are quite hanker and most of the nails are chic white with two marble accent nail designs. There are two gold stripes on the stress nails. Gold precisely very jazzes up the design and this look is simple to recreate.

Marble Nails with Gold Details

8. Glam Marble Nails

Looking for a glam nail estimate ? then these nails are for you. The nail feature of speech a stylish polish with gold foil art, gems, embellishments and marble art. Nails like these are perfect for when you want to make a statement ! We love this translation of marble art because it is white rather of the classic grey or black which gives the overall manicure an elegant expression .
Glam Marble Coffin Nails

9. Purple, Marble and Glitter Nails

Our next idea is cute and stylish. These nails are a light purple ghost with one marble stress pinpoint and one glitter nail. All these designs work beautifully together and the gold is featured on the marble art which co-ordinates the count. You can use purple and recreate the look or use a different light shade .
Purple, Marble and Glitter Nails

10. Rose Gold and Marble Nails

aureate and silver look beautiful with marble but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget about rose gold. Rose gold is a ace stylish metallic nuance that has become a must-have in nail art. here is a sandbag model of how to add rose gold to marble nails. One nail is shimmering rose gold while the lie are white and grey marble with hints of rose gold. This is a gorgeous complete design and it will work for any occasion .
Rose Gold and Marble Nails

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